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Last Updated on Jul. 12, 2024

VISIT 91Porn

VISIT 91Porn


  • Decent User Interface
  • Excellent Video Playback
  • Solid User Interactivity


  • Smaller Content Catalog
  • No Full-Release Videos
  • No Indexing System


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91Porn Chinese Porn Site

As you can see, 91Porn is far from a perfect site and has significant strides to take and changes to make before it rises too much further above being rank-average. To make matters a bit stickier, 91Porn presents a story of extremes with the highs being particularly high but the lows dragging down to or near the bottom.
This makes 91Porn an intriguing, if ultimately flawed, option with lots of room to grow but plenty of issues to dissuade you from visiting until it does. It wouldn’t necessarily be that big of an issue except for the fact that some of the issues show themselves in the most important aspect of any porn site: the content.

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Thankfully, the issues with the content aren’t insurmountable, just a bit limiting, and with great connectivity, doesn’t prevent you from enjoying what 91Porn has to offer. And while you might have some difficulty finding specific types of content, you should have no issue with the layout– both in terms of comfort and navigation.

First Impressions

Good User Interface

While nothing spectacular, 91Porn does an excellent job providing a clean user interface that’s not only easy to understand but easy to navigate. However, this is more a matter of web page design as much of the site’s content features titles written in Hanzi characters which can be tricky if you’re not fluent.

Ya, the site is fucking ugly but the content is decent…

Granted, the thumbnails also include English translations of the Chinese titles, but, as with most translations between languages, the results can be a bit odd. That said, each page only features a few more than a dozen thumbnails, so it’s enough to browse but not so much that it overwhelms.

Even better, the site utilizes the page approach, rather than the infinite page scroll, making it much easier to find content already passed over. As a bonus, 91Porn uses a black background rather than the blinding bright white that many others do, ensuring you can surf in comfort and privacy.

No Indexing System

So, this is something of an extreme rarity. No matter how well or poorly executed, almost every other porn site on the internet has some form of an indexing system. Granted, 91Porn almost certainly employs some form of indexing system on the backend to help organize the content, but none of that makes it to the user’s screen.

As such, there’s no way to properly navigate the site in terms of keywords: whether niches and categories or meta groupings like source and models. The singular potential way to find more similar content is to click the name of the submitting user. Though, the value of that approach depends on the user in question as they don’t necessarily specialize in uploading specific types of content.

Iffy Content

Particular Focus

Like a lot of porn sites that don’t already have a massive back catalog or an established audience, 91Porn seeks to enter the industry by appealing to a niche. Though, it’s likely more accurate to say that 91Porn appeals to a couple of different niches– even if it is as a matter of necessity rather than preference.

So, not only is the content decent, a lot of it streams in HD…

To wit, China doesn’t allow the production or distribution of porn making “Chinese Porn” an extremely unreliable term. Consequently, 91Porn’s focus on Chinese porn also comes with the caveat that it’s all amateur– by necessity. These factors almost certainly combine to limit 91Porn’s back catalog as well.

That said, while it’s technically impossible to confirm if the models in the videos are actually Chinese or not, the content does seem to be amateur with attention paid to protecting the identities of those filmed. So, if the models aren’t Chinese, they take plenty of steps to keep up the charade.

Potential Issues

So, based on the content rating, it should be fairly apparent that this quality is not necessarily 91Porn’s strongest suit which can be particularly troublesome for a new site. Of course, some of these issues come about due to the site’s focus which is also one of its strengths, making it a bit of a mixed bag.

Aside from the fact that 91Porn sports a fairly small back catalog, its focus on exclusively amateur content also means that you won’t find movies from major studios or models. That said, part of the reason the content is exclusively amateur in the first place comes as a consequence of professional pornography being illegal.

That said, most of the videos tend to run shorter than a full-length movie since it’s almost always amateur content, so it’s a bit easier to keep track of on the backend. This also applies to the fact that, even though 91Porn boasts a lot of HD movies, that’s simply a playback feature that may or may not line up with the video’s actual resolution.

Great Connectivity

Considering that the content is a bit lackluster, it becomes incumbent on the connectivity to carry 91Porn through by ensuring that whatever content is there at least play without issue. Thankfully, 91Porn met this need without fail as you can do pretty much anything you want without impacting the site’s playback.

For instance, skipping around, both forward and backward, as well as to the edge of the preload doesn’t present any significant issues. In fact, after stress-testing dozens of videos in various ways, none of them even took longer than a few seconds to recollect– let alone crash altogether or fall into an endless loading loop.

This sits somewhat in opposition to a lot of other sites specializing in different east Asian niches which regularly struggle with connectivity. As such, when you consider that the content may take some time to get properly settled, this aspect provides a sense of assurance that the site at least has a good base from which to work.


So, this aspect is a bit opaque as you must be able to read and write Chinese Hanzi characters to use it given that’s the language it uses. As such, the overwhelming majority of western users will likely not be able to gain any value from this feature, though there’s no reason to expect it to stay the same should the site grow.

If more and more western users engage with 91Porn, it seems reasonable to expect the site to include different language formats depending on the user’s location (something already done with other porn sites). That said, until such time, it is a decent feature for those who can use it but fairly limited to the average western audience.


  • Browse in comfort with a good user interface
  • Skip around freely with excellent connectivity
  • Connect with like-minded people in the forum
  • Enjoy full access with a good video player

Final Thoughts

As we can see, 91Porn is a perfectly functional porn site, though much of the functionality heavily depends on your preferences and education. If you don’t read Chinese Hanzi characters, then there will be huge chunks of the porn site and its accompanying forum site that remain opaque blocks of text.

This aspect applies doubly to the site’s accompanying forum, making 91Porn’s interactivity almost wholly dependent on your fluency with Hanzi characters. That said, you shouldn’t otherwise have issues navigating the site’s solid user interface, though its absence of an indexing system certainly doesn’t make anything easier.

And, while the website might not boast one of the larger catalogs available, it’s also only been around for around a year. Granted, even within a year, only posting a few hundred videos over 4k is disappointing. However, a fair bit of this limited back catalog likely comes about from the content being exclusively amateur.


  • Decent User Interface
  • Excellent Video Playback
  • Solid User Interactivity


  • Smaller Content Catalog
  • No Full-Release Videos
  • No Indexing System