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AdultDVDTalk Forum

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AdultDVDTalk Forum; Porn Discussions

AdultDVDTalk Forum revolves around topics such as porn movie releases, pornstars news, and porn bargains. Therefore, you will come across porn movies, scenes thumbnails, and a huge pool of newest pornstars' galleries. However, this is but a forum for discussions, and these are only allowed for illustrative purposes. If you were hoping to get some hardcore or softcore scenes to get off to, this might not be the place for you. It is also essential to understand that the site only shares coupons to help you get porn videos and premium porn at a discounted price. They, however, do not encourage members to share their personal collections in the forums.

Porn Movies

The forum features new porn releases, the porn movies deemed to be coming soon, top-rated movies, porn reviews, must-have movies, top 50 movies, and previews for all of the porn movies listed. Among the greatest porn DVD studios you can expect to find listed around here include: Blacked, Deeper, Tushy, Vixen, Porn Fidelity, Forbidden Fruits Films, and a few others. This basically means that AdultDVDTalk Forum users are always up to speed with what porn movies are trending, recently released and upcoming, and where to find them. Individuals who have watched the films also provide reviews that assist fellow members in choosing what DVD porn movies to purchase by declaring which ones are worth watching and not.

Your Favorite Pornstars

The forum has a section solely dedicated to interviews done by your favorite pornstars for you to read. This way, you get to understand who your best models are, why they do what they do, and what their personal interests are. Browse all the new and existing pornstars free galleries alphabetically and get a list of their movie listings, official websites, and related forum discussions. Even better, they have listed female pornstar sites and those of men who are members and non-members of the forum. There are 71 pornstars who are members of the forum. Users get to interact with them in various porn threads. The men among them are hunks like Brandon Iron, Jack Lawrence, and Manuel Ferrara. Just so you know, you can find all the porn movies and erotic photos featuring a certain pornstar on their official sites. Also, new porn consumers are provided with a list of the top 100 pornstars. A click on their profiles gives you access to their porn movies, their reviews, galleries, and the forum topics about them or those they have participated in.

Porn And Beyond Porn In The Forums

There are so many discussions revolving around porn on the 5 main porn forums on this site. They consist of:
The porn pool; features general discussions on all things pornography, Adult movies, porn websites, and porn videos.

Star crossed; hosts all discussions pertaining pornstars news, performances, etc. Here members can freely chat with their fans over various issues.

The feature side; here, members highlight unique classic porn films, thrilling porn parodies, must-watch sci-fi porn movies, softcore porn, erotica content, and couples porn that's worth watching.

Gay DVD Talk; the forum does not discriminate against sexual preferences; hence gay porn general discussions, gay porn videos, and websites can be found.

Porn News – press releases; catch the latest news about everything and anyone in the porn industry on this forum. Pornstars' appearances and what porn movies are scheduled for release can be found here.

Beyond Porn Forum; here members get advice about real-life sexual practices, share lessons you have learned along the way, and ask questions about anything you have always wanted to know about sex and everything surrounding it.

Where To Shop For Everything Porn

AdultDVDTalk Forum provides its members with information on where to go for porn movies shopping based on members' reviews and favorable pricing. These are some of the best adult DVD movie & VOD websites, and sex toy shops across the internet. Some of these include; Hot Movies, Empire Unlimited, and The Sex Toy Chest. Remember to check for porn movies bargains and coupons to the various sites for better deals.

Members Of AdultDVDTalk Forum

Currently, there are about 55,840 active members on AdultDVDTalk Forum with at least a single post each. There are six types of members, though, and it is vital to understand where you fall when signing up for membership. The following are the available classifications:

Stars; these are the pornstar members of the forum who enjoy taking positive criticism from their fans. There are 1434 of them presently with the most popular ones being Abigail Mac, Angela White, Mia Malkova, Whitney Wright, Jessy Jones, among others.

Directors; these are members who direct porn scenes productions across the industry. Most of them might not be household names yet, but the common ones are bravomodels, MissaX, Kevin Moore, jhpfilms, Mrsiren, PornDirectorPodcast, etc.

Reviewers; are mostly opinionated individuals who are bent on sharing their thoughts on various porn movies & scenes and various pornstars performances.

Studios; these are the porn production companies presented as members on the forum. Some of the top names you can expect to be rubbing shoulders with are JulesJordan, Evil Angel,, Popsicle Queens, among others.

PR Reps; these are the personal representatives of various pornstars, porn studios, directors, etc. who are present as members on the site to get feedback on their clients' content.

Others; all the other forum members who do not fall under the above members' classifications fall under this category.

Register To Post And Participate In Forums

AdultDVDTalk Forum is by far the most active porn lovers' community. If you consider yourself a porn enthusiast, there is a place for you on the forum. However, to actively contribute to the diverse porn topics threads doing rounds on the site, you will need to be a registered member. There are six steps to achieving this, and hence, it might take a little bit of your time. Also, there are rules that govern the forum interactions that you are required to read and commit to fast forward before beginning the registration process. Among them, the most eminent are do not; advertise, talk about escorts/prostitution, use rude language, talk about Pornstars, directors, or producers if they are not members of the forum. You are also not supposed to post images that you do not own copyrights over, among other rules. Failure to follow these guidelines might lead to account deactivation.

Easily Find Your Way On The Site

Well, there isn't much to admire about a typical forum design and a bright background that is bluntly unforgiving. However, there are more than a few sorting options on the site that users will totally appreciate. An advanced search option allows you to search for content regarding porn actors, directors, movie titles, forums, and reviews. Then, the chat features that assist users in interacting with fellow members and their favorite pornstars. Apparently, most chat action goes down on Wednesday nights, although the chat feature is accessible to all for 24 hours. For shortcuts to all movies, pornstars, talk, and shop related sections, utilize the buttons on the menu for more direct access.

What We Liked About AdultDVDTalk Forum

AdultDVDTalk Forum gives all porn enthusiasts a platform to share their opinions on various porn movies, scenes, and sex toys and be heard by responsible parties in question. Not to mention, they get to interact with each other over general topics surrounding sex and pornography. Being a forum member means that you get to stay up to date with the latest porn movie releases, pornstars news, appearances, upcoming performers, etc. Besides, you gain insight on what porn movies are worth your money, where to purchase premium porn movies, and toys at a bargain, among other things.

What We Didn't Like About AdultDVDTalk Forum

Unfortunately, AdultDVDTalk Forum is all talk about the perpetrators of porn and their productions. The site doesn't feature any porn videos or scenes you can get off to. Also, the membership registration process is one heck of a procedure and might take some time to come together. Not to mention, the site hosts an overwhelming load of content that will take forever to cover, even with the use of all the available user features. Moreover, there are no pagination buttons, and the content is arranged from the oldest to the newest, making browsing even more complicated.

Final Notes

There are very few platforms like AdultDVDTalk Forum that allow you to interact directly with your favorite porn performers, producers, or even studios. There are also lots of news regarding the porn industry doing rounds and the latest porn releases and their reviews. Find the best deals in terms of premium porn, sex products, and Porn DVDs. More importantly, get to put your head together with thousands of other porn lovers across the world over sex, porn, and general topics for free!


  • Moderated Forum Interactions
  • Safe Space For All Things Porn
  • Unrestricted Posting For Members


  • No Actual Porn Content Posts
  • Threads Open From The Oldest Posts
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