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July 26, 2022
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Onlyfans has become mainstream over the last few years. Its simple business model allows hundreds of thousands of content creators to monetize and make serious dollars. The opportunity to make money through selling content has never been so easily accessible and many are looking to get on board.

There are however some creators who don't want their family or peers to know they are selling content on Onlyfans. Often embarrassment is felt by those who first start Onlyfans, with a constant worry of people finding out.

This opens the question, can you make money on Onlyfans without showing your face? And if so, how?

The short answer is yes, and in this article, we will explore the different ways you can anonymously promote your Onlyfans account. Keeping your identity and face concealed while promoting and earning on Onlyfans.

Let's go over the different ways you can make money on Onlyfans without showing your face.

Consider Using a Sexy Voice Changer

If you are trying to hide your face, we imagine you want to hide your identity completely. Well, a creative option to help do this is to utilize a voice changer! You can purchase these with different voice tonality meaning you can put on a sexy character voice, keeping your subs intrigued and your identity unknown.

Use a Mask and Work Angle

Another creative way to conceal your face is using a mask! There are multiple different masks from a variety of genres, meaning you can constantly use and change masks for your content. Not only is this creative it will create an aura of mystery.

Camera angles are a photographer's secret weapon and with a quick google search, you can learn simple tricks that will produce amazing photos that don't include your face.

Don’t Show Your Tattoos or Birthmarks

If you want to keep your Onlyfans identity a secret then it's important to be extra vigilant, meaning you should opt to conceal tattoos or birthmarks! These are often easy identifiers of any individual and will most likely lead to exposure of your identity, especially if someone knows you well. Tattoos and birthmarks can be covered with makeup, with multiple videos online showing you how to do so.

Sell Feet Pics

Often, it's common for creators to believe they need to sell content that includes their faces and private parts. However, there is a booming shadow economy in which women are selling foot-related content on Onlyfans! This can be as simple as taking & selling photos of your feet, to more creative video content involving your pretty toes. If you are someone who has concerns about what content to produce when not showing your face, foot content can be the answer.

You can take this advice and do other body part-focused content! Much like feet, there are other body parts that have fetish-based followings that you can hide your face and capitalize on.

Utilize Directories and Third-Party Onlyfans Sites

Using Onlyfans search directories such as XFans Hub can help you anonymously promote your account to thousands of daily visitors! Simple to use, directories that offer Onlyfans promotion require you to sign up and share details about your account. Here you can put into practice what has been spoken about above, using a stage name, and photos that don't contain your face or tattoos. Remember, a mask can be a creative & sexy way to hide your identity!

New Social Accounts

Social media platforms such as Snapchat, TikTok and Instagram are still the best sources to drive traffic and gain new subs. If you want to start an Onlyfans without using your face or identity, it's important to create brand new social accounts under a character name (think of it like strippers using a stage name) with photos that utilize the points we have discussed above.

Once your new social account is complete you can follow traditional online marketing techniques to promote your account. This can include paying other large Instagram accounts to promote you to their following via stories or posts, often this is a one-time payment and varies based on the number of followers and engagement.

Faceless Success Stories

As mentioned above selling feet-based content can lead to big dollars, and to make it even better you don't need to include your face. Shae Peach is a great example of someone who is following the outlined advice and killing it on Onlyfans! She only sells foot-related content at $20 per month. With over 15k likes and over 2.4k photos, it's safe to say Shae is taking home high five figures each month.

By joining Shae's Onlyfans account you will notice the artistic approach she takes with her content. Not just quick snaps of her feet, she clearly put time into producing creative and interesting photos by utilizing angles, props, and lighting. Shae Peach is a great example of how to make money on Onlyfans without showing your face so it's worth checking her account out.

What Other Privacy Measures Can You Take?

If you want to take your identity privacy to the next level, consider using tracking & geo-blocking technology. A simple VPN can hide your IP address when using the Onlyfans platform and there are multiple free plugins that can be used.

Onlyfans also allows you to block certain people on Onlyfans via their country & region. It does so by recognizing their username as well as IP address, allowing you to simply block the individual from your account.

This is easy to do, go to the settings section of your Onlyfans account, then the security section. From there you can place the IP address or area you would like to block from viewing your account. This is a great trick that you can utilize to block out people from your local city or town.

If you are looking to make money on Onlyfans but want to keep your face and identity hidden just follow the steps outlined above. With some creative content and dedication to communicating with your following you too can build a successful Onlyfans account without showing your face.

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