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August 7, 2023
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I find myself in a situation whilst traveling to LA this summer for work. I am fucking lonely and horny staring at the walls of my hotel room. There's gotta a be way to lighten this situation up a bit. Hell, getting some fresh, strange pussy would be nice, wouldn't it? The plot calls for a night of unexpected connections. As we know LA is huge but one thing is for sure, it's a vibrant diverse area with a bustling nightlife and hot California girls. So I start wondering if I can find a girl that can accompany me for perhaps a dinner and drinks and if we vibe then we can come back here in my hotel room and liven it all up in here. But I regress, I was on a phone conversation with a friend a few weeks back and had told me that he had found some legit girls on this site called, Slixa that specifically covered the Los Angeles area pretty well. So as anyone in my situation would, I fired up Chrome on my phone and searched the listings for Los Angeles Escorts. At first glance the pictures look authentic and girls were attractive. With that said the selection was fairly slim for such a large geographical area and the reviews are sparse. So I ended up finding something I like here but I had to do some screening. Look, you need DYOR anyhow and YMMV. This Slixa site probably has the most features out of all of the other escort sites I've visited. I really liked that we can look for different types of services such as in person or even virtual. So, a virtual visit at first could be a nice ice breaker for someone a little shy or weary at first. Anyhow, other features I liked was that we could add the model to our vcard so we can start curating a list of potential dates for the future. Access to the models twitter account and webpage also adds more legitimacy to the models and assisted with my search. Of course, the detailed escort bio's also help to see if the person is a good fit for me or not. The kink for me is to know that with a little search I can have a beautiful random girl at my disposal for a night full of debauchery. That aspiring LA model or actress for now, is my muse. I think I'm going to Palm Springs next for my next adventure and I wonder what kind of experience that will bring. Either way I feel the excitement in my bones. I've also done a full review for Slixa for you to check out for additional information and as well as other escort sites just like it…Be safe and have a great time, because why the fuck not.

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