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October 5, 2023
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Ah and we're back with another sexually devious mission. There is something about rainy cold places that make me imagine sitting in a hotel room all nice and cozy and wanting to have company come through those doors just like the maids in my fantasies. Can you blame me though? A walk through London's Borough Market has woke up my senses for some indulgence. You know what I love about London tho? It's a hub for beautiful women and men escorts of different ethnicities giving me a taste of the strange I crave for…The smell of their hair while they go down for the first time…Last time it was some beautiful indian girl. These girls are harder to come by in the states so that's why i travel to London for that sort of taste…

When I'm looking for girls to hook up on the casual and don't mind the bs that goes along with it, then I guess these review websites could work. We know that those are not without troubles too such as leo's, setups, flaky dates, ect. I compare those sites with a street food vendors, you never know what you're going to get. So it can be frustrating and some days i don't want to deal with all that bullshit. That's why I optin going for a elite experience with an agency that meets my standards and while in london I read all of the London escort agency reviews and the peoples experiences that get posted on the boards.

Anyhow, what's good going with an agency a head of time, when you land your itinerary is in order and the girl vetted, scheduled and ready to go. The service you're getting is also classy, upscale and elite and it feels good. The type of fine girl that would go around town with you, have some glasses of wine, eating sushi and heading back to the room to see what this part of world has to offer. What's nice about these agencies is that the girls are vetted, so it's a white glove service and they have access to ton of a different girls so if you have a certain fetish for a type of girl, then you're more likely to find what you're looking for have your nice late night.

They have different ways you can book, through email, a members section or just picking up the phone and giving them a call. This sort of experience is perfect for professionals that are seeking exclusive travel companions. There are some fine men and women that have made this a hobby and collect experiences as chips on their shoulders. If you have the means to push something like this around then contact a nice agency, get a tailored experience, sign some nda's if you need to enjoy their premoim experience. There are different ways to experience what a city around the world has to offer in the escort world…I don't know about you but im vibing in London.

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