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April 29, 2021
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Although it has been around for a good number of years, camming is becoming very popular lately, especially during the pandemic. Camming is a cross between modeling, acting, and performance art, with flair to the sexual. Customers pay to have girls perform sex acts, in front of a webcam. As technology has improved, and the world has gotten more locked down by the pandemic, the conditions are ripe for camming to flourish.

What is camming?

Cam models use webcams in the comfort of their own homes to interact with viewers. In the past, viewers only had porn to lean on. However, businesses like LiveJasmin and Streamate set up platforms to bring together adult actresses with the consumers who love them so much. These customers can peek into the lives of these new-age camgirls through a much more intimate lens and even go so far as to engage in private chats and pay-per-minute personalized experiences. Other sites, like Chaturbate and MyFreeCams, are live cam sites where thousands of viewers enjoy the show, sometimes sending tips. Camming girls spend a lot of time and energy trying to find a way to entice big tippers. Whales are considered big tippers who spend $1,000.

What does camming offer to the girls?
Camming is much safer for women than traditional porn. The women are more actualized to do what they want and in a safer environment. They are free to build their online world as they see fit, to create a persona and the situation to go along with it. Camming puts the girls in control. They can plan the show, they only have to answer to themselves, and if someone gets out of control, they just have to turn the camera off.

Many girls perform on live sex cam sites to pay for tuition and build their lives in a positive direction, and they see it as a means to an end. They are also helping clients who often are lonely or figuring things out in a difficult time in their lives. There are so many reasons why clients might seek out a camming girl instead of a ‘real relationship.'

Camming is a safe environment for adult film workers. Most platforms provide support and a team for the models to lean on without feeling trapped into the many pressured situations that normal porn sets lend themselves to. This pandemic has shown us how baldy we crave connection, so camming is a win-win for both the models and viewers in that sense (throughout the pandemic and beyond)

Although it may sound counterintuitive, camming is about building relationships, and girls learn very quickly if customers are there for an emotional or physical need. This deeper sense of connections and relationship building often has nothing to do with sex. The girls provide a valuable service as they build these relationships, and the clients are the recipients of many positives.

How is Covid Helping?

Because of the lockdowns, the in-person side of the sex industry has been halted, while the camming side has picked up speed. With many people locked at home and their usual avenues to sexual pleasure shuttered, camming has taken on a larger role in the sex industry.

With social distancing requirements in place, traditional porn is not being filmed, and in-person sex work has also taken a back seat. But women can use their skills in pleasing clients from their homes. People are lonely. It is difficult to meet people in a pandemic, and camming girls can offer what is lacking for many peoples’ lives.

The camming industry is also helping the cam models, many of whom were knocked off balance by the pandemic. This is a way to take charge of their lives and make some money to support themselves. Additionally, because sex work is so highly stigmatized within society, camming provides a legal and more acceptable way for sex workers to make a real (often lucrative) living.

As part of the sex industry, camming girls are taking on a more vital role during the pandemic. This is a win-win situation, as they have more autonomy and are able to be more self-actualized than in other parts of the sex industry. The customers benefit too, as the cam models fill an emotional or physical need for them. And at the end of the day, the lights and camera go off, and both the camming girl and their clients return to their daily lives.

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