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Last Updated on Jul. 12, 2024




  • Large Video Collection
  • Decent User Experience
  • Sexual Orientation Tabs


  • Mediocre Indexing System
  • Lots of Clips
  • Lots of Duplicates


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DrTuber Free Porn Tube

While certainly not one of the first porn sites, DrTuber has been around for over a decade. In that time, the site has accumulated an impressive catalog of videos to watch. However, more than ten years is also more than enough time to make your site one of the best around. So, why hasn’t DrTuber done that yet?
Sure, for certain purposes, DrTuber is one of the better sites around. If you’re interested in vintage amateur content, there are not many other sites that can compete. But if you’re looking for consistency in virtually any fashion, DrTuber lags far behind many of its better-known peers.

However, with over 1.5 million different vids on hand, DrTuber likely has at least a few videos that would tickle your pickle. Of course, you have to sift through the virtual mountain of content to find them. On the other hand, if you’re more of a “browser” who just looks until you find something, DrTuber can work out just fine.

First Impressions

Messy User Interface

Porn sites aren’t necessarily known for being the cleanest, most well-designed websites on the internet. At the same time, there are plenty of different porn sites that do their best to alleviate that issue. Granted, it can be a bit tricky when you need to highlight all the different videos available.

Still, there are plenty of ways to design a porn site that make it easy to navigate and nicer looking than it would otherwise be. Unfortunately, DrTuber doesn’t do the best job with that aspect, opting for maximal display. This porn site takes this to such an extreme that the video links even wrap through the sidebar.

While this design allows DrTuber to display more videos than some, it also leaves the pages extremely cluttered. On the positive side, at least DrTuber starts with a black background, so you don’t have to worry about an annoying white glare. Unfortunately, this kind of issue shows up elsewhere as well.

Iffy User Experience

A big part of what makes one porn site better to use over another is the “user experience.” In this instance, the user experience (or UX), is all about letting you do what you want to without issues or hiccups. Sadly, as a site focused more on quantity than quality, DrTuber drops the ball with its UX.

Aside from the fact that a messy display makes it inherently more difficult to navigate, DrTuber doesn’t do you any favors behind the scenes either. However, it’s not all bad as DrTuber at least provides just as expansive a list of different searchable terms as it does porn in general, making sure you can at least find what you’re looking for.

However, the sheer number of different categories and tags can be a bit daunting. It also doesn’t help that the videos themselves aren’t well-indexed either. Though, that has a bit to do with the fact that the content is user-submitted. So, if the submitting user doesn’t tag the video properly, then there’s no recourse.


Mostly Clip Vids

As mentioned prior, most porn sites either focus on a niche or pitch a big tent to appeal to the largest number of people possible. With DrTuber, the site takes the latter approach, but it’s all that the site does to appeal. While this site certainly provides a large selection, it’s still somewhat narrow in its own way.

To wit, DrTuber should best be understood as a clip site. While many of the bigger porn sites out there can be considered “clip sites,” DrTuber isn’t big enough to justify that. The number of full-length releases is pretty slim. Remember that DrTuber has over 1.5 million videos, but upwards of three-fourths of those vids are under 20 minutes in length.

On top of that, while DrTuber doesn’t have a technical specialty, it does tend to lean towards amateur content. Granted, chances are that the amateur leaning has a lot to do with the fact that the site relies on user-submitted content. That said, DrTuber is one of the porn sites out there with a lot of the “early” amateur content.

While it might seem ubiquitous today, there was a time in the internet’s history when amateur content was harder to come by. Before the days of AdSense and other payment plans, amateurs had to make and post porn for the love of the game. And because of its user focus, DrTuber hosts a lot of older amateur content.


Mostly Smooth Playback

While it’s nothing to write home about, DrTuber provides a surprisingly capable video player. Granted, it’s not one of the more advanced players out there. It doesn’t have annotations or scene selection or timestamps. However, it also doesn’t run into nearly as many buffering issues as some of the other players.

That said, playback can be a bit hit or miss with most of the hits coming from SD content and most of the misses coming from HD content. Although, it’s worth noting that even the HD content still plays reasonably well. The only real issue is if you skip around an HD flick and expect immediate playback.


Uninspired User Community

Given how big DrTuber is, you’d expect it to have a robust and healthy user community. In some sense, that’s an accurate assessment since the overwhelming majority of the new videos are user-submitted. However, if you’re looking for more than videos with a source, you should probably keep looking.

That’s because DrTuber doesn’t boast any kind of user community that can connect beyond words and groupings. Other large sites often have numerous tools for users to connect– not the least of which is their profile page. While DrTuber technically provides a profile page, there’s not much you can do with it.

With most other larger competitors, the user profile page is where you can host your own amateur content. While that may be possible with DrTuber, you’d never be able to tell by looking. With so many videos uploaded by users, the fact that few of them are personal seems a bit unexpected.

What makes this dynamic even more unusual is that DrTuber provides surprisingly solid user search functions. With the ability to search by gender, orientation, age, and other factors, it seems a real missed opportunity. Even with the ability to leave each other direct comments, there’s not much going on.

What makes this even more of a head-scratcher is that DrTuber has a content partner program that lets you earn money for posting videos. Of course, if you earn money for posting any video, there’s not much reason to do the extra work of actually filming it too.


  • Extremely Large Porn Database
  • Sexual Orientation Porn Filters
  • Large Litany of Categories
  • Lots of Live Cam Rips
  • Solid Video Player

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, DrTuber is an established site with an extensive catalog of videos that grows each day– in large part due to the community uploads. However, DrTuber can be a maddeningly frustrating site for people who know what they want. In that instance, the hard part will be finding it.

Still, if you like amateur content, there aren’t too many competitors that can match what DrTuber offers. On top of that, the video player is decent quality– even if it has the same skipping to the load point issues that most do. However, even the HD content loads quickly– often quicker than other site’s players do.

But, there’s still a good chance that after poking around for a bit and browsing, you’ll get your fill of DrTuber before too long. Without a thriving community or sophisticated indexing system, there are easier sites out there to use. So, unless vintage amateur porn is your bag, you might want to keep looking.


  • Large Video Collection
  • Decent User Experience
  • Sexual Orientation Tabs


  • Mediocre Indexing System
  • Lots of Clips
  • Lots of Duplicates