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Last Updated on Jun. 6, 2024

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  • Escorts in the US and Worldwide
  • Many Different Girls
  • Any Kind of Service


  • Some Fake Ads
  • Limited Search Feature
  • No Messaging on Site


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EscortsLiaison Escort Directory

EscortsLiaison is a site that makes it easy to find hot escorts in your area who want to give you the very best sexual experience that they possibly can. There are lots of different cities all throughout the United States so you’re always going to find someone close by. There are also global locations to keep you in pussy, no matter where you are.

Most of the ads are real, although there are some that are clearly fake. It’s easy enough to avoid them as you make your way around the girls. Simply look for ads with specific locations listed and you’ll be all set. It’s one of the best ways to get laid when you need it.

Simple Layout

Color Scheme

The layout of EscortsLiaison is extremely simple and easy to use. The site’s background is white with the names of cities in black. Each state name is in purple and each country is listed in blue. It makes it very easy to read and you don’t have to strain your eyes on any device you use.

The logo for the site is also in purple and the color scheme stays the same all the way through the site. Individual ads have black text descriptions with titles in purple and blue. Some of the same scheme also finds its way into the text on images.

Escorts Liaison reminds me other directory listings…

Top Toolbar

The top toolbar for EscortsLiaison is very barebones and lets you do just a few things. The upper right-hand corner has a dropdown menu with three lines. You can click on that to get a few different options.

The very top of the menu has a button to post your own ad. It’s in a square box, so it’s impossible to miss. It makes it really easy for girls to post their personals, so you’re always going to have someone new to check out when you visit the site.

Right below that are three more buttons for you. The first one is the Home button, that will take you back to the first page. The next two buttons are there to let you login to your account or create a new one and sign up for the site.

The site logo is right next to the three lines for the dropdown menu. It has two hands in the shape of a heart with the words EscortsLiaison next to it. It’s all in purple to go along with the overall color scheme of the entire site.

The upper right-hand corner is another blue button to post new ads. They seem to want to make it as easy as possible for girls to advertise their services. The rest of the homepage is dedicated to content.

Main Page Content

The majority is the homepage is a very simple list of locations all around the world. You’ll be able to see six columns with places all throughout the United Sates and the rest of the world. There are roughly 765 different places to find escorts, so it’s much more involved that most other escort sites.

The very first location is the United States. You’ll see every single US state listed after that with lots of different cities in each one. Many of these cities are smaller than you would normally see on the competitor sites.

New York, for example, has Albany, Buffalo, and all of the burrows of NYC. They also have Catskills, Utica, Oneonta, and Elmira. That means that you can find an escort pretty much anywhere in the state.

There are a few of them with no actual cities listed, though. These states are typically pretty small with a lower population than normal. These states with only one page of escorts are New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and Delaware.

The international locations come next. First up is Canada with all of its provinces and their cities listed for you. Then you get to Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and many countries from Asia. It makes it possible to use EscortsLiaison whether you’re at home or traveling around the world.

Escort Pages

Limited Search Feature

Once you click on a location, you’re going to see the list of ads posted for it. There’s also a search bar at the top of the page. It’s fairly limited, so you won’t get much use out of it.

It only searches through attributes listed by the girls. These are things like their ages, boob sizes, eye colors, and some others. You won’t be able to search by service, though. If you type in Anal or Facial, you won’t get any results to use at all.

They have different types of escorts service providers…


You can find all of the local listings right below the search bar. You’ll be able to see a thumbnail of each girl as well as part of her post. You can easily see the title she chose along with a snippet of her larger post before you check out her full ad.

Each individual listing has a collection of pictures on the left side. You can view them all as a slideshow to check out the girls. There’s a mix of nude and non-nude photos, so you never really know what each girl is going to have up for you.

You’ll be able to read about her to the right of that. Her name is at the top of her ad with Quick Facts below it. This is where you can see her age, height, hair, bust size, ethnicity, availability, and many other things.

It looks like local massage parlors are also advertising here…

About Me

Right below that is the About Me section. This is where you can read the actual ad that the girl has posted to EscortsLiaison. It’s where you’ll be able to find out what she offers and how much she costs. These are all uploaded by the escorts, so each one is going to be different.

Most of the escorts will tell you exactly what they offer for their services. Cindy from Adelaide, for example, offers naked body to body massage, showers, kissing, oral, and sex in various positions. Tatianna from Maine offers sensual touch, arousing touch, and full body nuru.

You can find the number for each girl to the right of the section. All you have to do is click it to send a text or make a call. It’s the easiest way to immediately book your appointment with the girl that turns you on the most and also offers exactly what you want from her.


  • Find escorts in any area all over the planet
  • Browse by city for local escorts
  • Pictures are provided to show you the escorts
  • Contact providers directly through links with phone numbers
  • Many smaller cities you can’t find anywhere else
  • Link to report suspected trafficking


EscortsLiaison is a great escort site that has many more locations that most of the competition. You’ll be able to find a hot escort, no matter where you happen to be in the world. It’s very easy to send out a message so you never have to waste any time here.

There’s a girl for every desire and you can find someone offering exactly what you want from them. All you have to do is spend some time browsing around the ads to find them. The more time you put into it, the better your chances of getting exactly who and what you want are going to be, no matter where you are.


  • Escorts in the US and Worldwide
  • Many Different Girls
  • Any Kind of Service


  • Some Fake Ads
  • Limited Search Feature
  • No Messaging on Site