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Last Updated on May. 12, 2024

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  • Comfortable Dark Background
  • Convenient Content Bundles
  • Photos and Videos


  • Malware Pop Ups
  • Infinite Scroll Design
  • Poor Indexing System


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FindHerName OnlyFans Leaked Videos

It doesn’t take a genius to look at FindHerName’s ratings and see that something’s amiss. More often than not, even a porn site with serious functionality or design issues can still earn an average score by providing plenty of good content as well as a reliable video player to make watching the content a smooth experience.
That said, many of the new influencer porn sites seem to put in far less effort than the more established legacy porn sites– especially the tube porn sites. Perhaps in a rush to put the site online, a limitation in webmaster skills and capabilities, or just plain apathy, a lot of these sites come with major flaws that make using them frustrating.

However, the overwhelming majority of these sites at least seem like they’re genuinely interested in providing influencer porn to like-minded individuals. Unfortunately, not everyone feels this way, and some porn sites (regardless of their focus) can go down the darker path of predatory behavior.

First Impressions

Iffy User Interface

Not everything about FindHerName’s user interface is bad as it, at least, uses a dark background so you don’t have to worry about a disturbing bright light when watching. On top of that, FindHerName also uses large, high-quality thumbnails and labels the content links with large, easy-to-read font.

Unfortunately, that’s about the end of what FindHerName does well concerning its user interface as the page includes several header and sidebars with thumbnail links as well. Beyond this messy web page design, FindHerName also employs the infinite page scroll over the numbered page structure which can make finding content you already passed pretty tricky after scrolling for a dozen “pages.”

No Indexing System

It’s not uncommon for new influencer porn sites to struggle a bit on the backend, whether from a lack of experience or just trying to fix something that was never broken, to begin with. However, the most common issue with new influencer porn site indexing systems is either a lack of terms or hyper-specific terms.

Unfortunately, FindHerName “outdoes” the competition by not bothering to include an indexing system at all. This is particularly unusual because, even in systems with minimal category tags (generally focused on the sites the leaked content comes from), most of these types of sites include something.

Plenty of Content

Different Formats

One of the few things that FindHerName gets unequivocally right (especially as it relates to influencer porn) is that it includes multiple formats of content. This means that you can expect to find both photo and video content on FindHerName with a surprising amount of both types– though it’s far from equal.

Still, there’s no getting around the fact that FindHerName contains more video content than a lot of its competition and does so without having to sacrifice the photo content. That last bit is important as influencers tend to produce significantly more still and photo shoots than they do videos.

Content Bundles

Another quality that FindHerName borrows from other new porn sites centered on influencer content is bundling the content in large drops. While this can make knowing what to expect a bit tricky (as the thumbnail caption rarely gives you more than a general idea) it’s still pretty convenient– especially for photos.

Of course, even here FindHerName manages to be inconvenient by regularly burying the video in the middle of the bundle. Though, most of the videos sit at the beginning or the end of the content bundle.

Unsafe Content

This is the big problem with FindHerName– big enough that it potentially threatens the entire site… assuming people have enough sense and fortitude to protect themselves. Basically, there are few instances when you can use FindHerName and not be sent to some third-party website that contains malware.

It’s difficult to overstate exactly how pervasive this aspect of FindHerName is too. Aside from the fact that every page except the landing page will eventually try to direct you to a malware site, it’s not even something that goes away on a single page. While on a page that tries to send you to a malware site, just wait half a minute and it will try to do the same thing again.

This isn’t necessarily as big of an issue for some of the pages– like those with search results, though, clicking the infinite scroll “load more” button will still trigger it. However, when trying to watch a video and do anything other than watch the video straight through without making any kind of adjustments, you’re going to get tagged over and over again.

As frustrating as a repeating pop-up can be, it gets worse when sometimes the original page will also try to automatically redirect to a malware site. Granted, this isn’t as often or as consistent as the standard pop-up, but it’s arguably more frustrating because it removes the content you were trying to watch in the first place.

So, unless you use multiple tabs, it’s only a matter of time before one of the malware links redirects you away from FindHerName altogether. It’s this last aspect, the part where FindHerName loses viewers, that leads to the idea that the owners not only know that FindHerName does this, but they set it up that way on purpose to infect people’s (your) devices.

Keep in mind that plenty of sites have pop-ups and outbound links. While that can be annoying, it’s not necessarily a deal breaker. But, most of those sites don’t link out to malicious pages that have some kind of possibly unwanted program embedded into their code such that it triggers antivirus software and extensions.

Varying Connectivity

Numerous Video Players

This could have been FindHerName’s saving grace that gives you a reason to keep an eye on the site and check in now and then to see if its malware issue is resolved. And, in some instances, that’s the case, but unfortunately, FindHerName isn’t consistent enough in this regard to justify keeping an eye on it.

That’s because FindHerName uses multiple video players with no seeming rhyme or reason. In all likelihood, the different video players reflect different uploaders. However, there’s no user upload option (or even the ability to register), which means that the site’s webmasters regularly switch video players.

Whether this is due to using a particular content host or just trying out something new, the videos ultimately have different playback ratings depending on the player used. Some of the players are pretty good with minimal loading times and a solid enough base that they never crash.
Others, however, aren’t…


  • View both videos and photo set formats
  • Find lots of content at once in the bundles
  • Watch worry-free with some of the video players
  • Fap in comfort with a dark user interface


  • User Interface: ** 2/5
  • Ease of Use: * 1/5
  • Content: *(**) 1(3)/5
  • Connectivity: **(*) 2(3)/5
  • Overall: *½(*¼) 1.5(2.25)/5
    • Final Thoughts

      In the end, whatever good things that FindHerName might provide are mired in the flood of pop-ups to malicious outbound sites. While it’s entirely possible that the people in charge of FindHerName are unaware of the situation and, for lack of a better term, been “hacked,” chances are that they’re well aware of the situation given how prevalent and persistent it is.

      Because of this, it makes it extremely difficult to recommend using this site in any capacity until the webmasters go through and remove the constant barrage of malware pop-ups automatically hyperlinked to the very core of the page’s programming. If you do visit FindHerName, make sure you have your antivirus software turned up to the highest setting.

      While there’s something to be said for the general user interface (outside of the infinite page scroll) and some of the video players are quite good, the sheer spamminess and malicious nature of the pop-ups make this site a hard pass until it cleans up the dangerous routine it engages.


  • Comfortable Dark Background
  • Convenient Content Bundles
  • Photos and Videos


  • Malware Pop Ups
  • Infinite Scroll Design
  • Poor Indexing System