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Last Updated on Apr. 19, 2024

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VISIT Girls Gone Hypnotized


  • Read Highlights for Videos
  • HD and 4K Options
  • Regular Updates


  • No Free Porn at all
  • Many Videos lack Sex
  • No Streaming Option

Girls Gone Hypnotized

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Girls Gone Hypnotized Porn

Girls Gone Hypnotized is one of the best destinations for hypnosis porn that you can find. The site focuses on mind control, personality change, and the freeze fetish. That means that you’ll be able to find premium hypnosis porn that you really can’t get anywhere else on the internet.
The very first thing that you’ll see here is the fact that the site design is very old and outdated. The home page is simply one long page that you can scroll down. Nothing is organized and there’s no way to search.

Outdated Site Design

Only One Page

The background is black with white text on top of it. You’ll see the name of the site at the top with a description of what they do underneath it. Then there are some links that will take you the site’s pages on Clips 4 Sale and ManyVids.

The videos features rly cute girls…

Below that is simply a long list of every video that Girls Gone Hypnotized has to offer you. You’ll be able to see a medium sized thumbnail for each one with a title. To see all of them, you’ll have to keep scrolling down the long list until you get to the bottom. It’s a very outdated design but will work on any system.

Download or Stream Previews

If you want to see a preview for any of the older video, you’ll have to download a video preview. They’re small files that usually show you the first few seconds of the video. It’s the only way to see what the videos are all about without reading or relying on simple screenshots.

The newer videos are going to be a little easier to figure out. These are going to have video thumbnails that will play on the video pages. There’s no audio available but they’ll show you a short cut of what you’re buying before you pay for it.

Premium Porn for Sale

Simple Video Pages

Once you find a thumbnail that you like on the home page, you can click on it to be brought to the video page. This is where you’ll be able to get the information about the porn before you choose to buy it. Once again, it’s a black background with white text on top of it.

Woah group hypno porn…

The title of the site is at the top with two columns beneath it. The left column is all text while the right column is all thumbnails. What those thumbnails have will depend on the age of the specific video.

The left column has the important information that you need to make your decision. First up is the name of the video that you’re checking out. Under that is a brief description of what’s going on. You’ll also be able to get the name of the girl in the video.

Scrolling down will show you the full details of the porn. You can see exactly how long it is and how much it’s going to cost. This will vary but most videos are around 15 minutes long and cost around $11.00.

Then there are highlights that you can read for it. They’ll have specific information like how the girl gets hypnotized, what she does when it happens, and what she’s forced to do while under hypnosis. Most of the videos will lack sex and nudity, but you can occasionally find it.

Files Hosted on Clip Sites

When you scroll past the details, you’ll see the purchase options. Newer ones will have an HD option and a 4K option. You’ll be able to see which format it’s in and the resolution size. You’ll also be able to see exactly how much the clip is going to cost you.

If you want to buy the porn, you’ll have to use the link to one of the video hosting sites. It’s going to be Clips 4 Sale of ManyVids. Follow the link and that’s where you’ll make your transaction. Once you’ve paid for it, you’ll be able to download it right onto your hard drive.

Censored Screenshots

The right column of the video page is where you’re going to be able to see what’s going on in the video. Each one will have a video preview that you can stream or download. Below that will be the screenshots.

Most videos will have ten individual screenshots to check out. You can see the progression of the action as you scroll down. If the video has any nudity in it, it will be censored out. That means you can look at them in public without fear of anyone seeing actual porn.

Good Mix of Porn

Lots of Niches

What’s great about Girls Gone Hypnotized is the fact that the site really touches on a lot of different niches. You can see anything you want from straight hypnosis to mind control. There are even frozen porn videos and magic control that you can find here.

I love the amateur fetish feel of these vids…

Lots of the porn revolves around lesbian sex. You can see lots of lesbians hypnotizing straight women and having sex with them. There are also plenty of videos with men hypnotizing groups of women and forcing them to have sex with each other.

There are also some humiliation videos to be found here. You can see things like women getting hypnotized and forced to lick their own panties or suck on their own feet. On top of that, there are women mind controlled into becoming slaves.

Then there are the taboo hypnosis videos to enjoy. You’ll have to seek them out, but family sex is explored throughout the site. There are stepfathers hypnotizing their step daughters as well as step mothers mind controlling their step daughters. There’s really something for everyone here, as long as you enjoy hypnosis porn.

Mix of Porn Stars and Amateurs

What’s really fun here is that you can see a great mix of both porn stars and amateur girls. There’s going to be someone for everyone, and the girls come in every age from teen to MILF. You can also get any body type from petite and skinny to curvy and BBW.

There are plenty of big porn stars to see like Lilly D, Lucy O, Indica, and Kitty Quinn. Then are amateur girls that you’ve never seen before. It’s a great way to find a brand-new favorite girl and see how far she’s willing to go to make fun porn videos for you.


  • Download purchased videos in up to 4K resolution
  • Very lightweight site design
  • Discount bundles available
  • Good mix of porn stars and amateur girls
  • Thumbnails to preview every video
  • Highlights listed for everything


If you love hypnosis porn, then you need to be on Girls Gone Hypnotized. It has every hypnosis and mind control niche that you can think of. Just don’t think that you’re going to be seeing much nudity or sex.

There’s very little nudity to be found and almost no actual sex. You’ll have to spend a lot of time looking before you can find the few videos that have it. It’s also premium porn that you’ll have to buy if you want to see it.

The site is outdated but that means that it will work on any device that you have. You’ll never have to deal with slow loading times or broken code. It’s mostly meant as a way to get you onto the site’s pages at Clips 4 Sale and ManyVids.

The best thing about Girls Gone Hypnotized is that you can keep the videos forever after you download them. They’ll never stop playing or get taken away from you. There are also regular updates to keep you in brand new hypnosis porn.


  • Read Highlights for Videos
  • HD and 4K Options
  • Regular Updates


  • No Free Porn at all
  • Many Videos lack Sex
  • No Streaming Option
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