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Last Updated on Jul. 20, 2024

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  • Extremely Hot Models
  • Crystal Clear Connectivity
  • Nigh-Ideal Design


  • Not the Most Hardcore
  • Not the Most Niches
  • Expensive Pricing Options


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JerkMate Live Sex Cams & Adult Chatrooms

Live sex chat sites are some of the most popular and fastest-growing. That’s why Jerkmate has to provide top-notch content to make a dent. With its work cut out for it, Jerkmate takes some unconventional approaches. While it doesn’t boast the best hardcore content, it makes up for it with smoking hot models.

But is Jerkmate worth the investment, and what else does it have going for it?

First Impressions

Jerkmate’s landing page is solid. It's a combination of clutter-free design and some supplementary info. By choosing from a few preferences, Jerkmate connects you with a model to your specifications. Unfortunately, the initial trial only lasts a couple of seconds.

Still, it is free to register with Jerkmate, and registration gets you loads of content. Once you do register, however, Jerkmate’s design adds another layer of ease to the process. A sidebar to the left provides all the major search parameters. Of course, there’s also a search bar if you need to be more specific.

However, it’s the number and quality of the models that shines right out of the gate. In terms of layout, you have the option of larger or smaller model tiles. But, you can’t change the design beyond that. Thankfully, Jerkmate has so much more going for it to make up for that inconsequential absence.


Content for Jerkmate starts strong upfront but can be a bit hit or miss. The best thing that Jerkmate’s content has going for it is a diverse range of sexy models. More than most live sex chat sites, Jerkmate’s models tend to be hotter. However, Jerkmate makes some trade-offs to acquire that talent.

For starters, if you’re looking for hardcore content, you might want to keep looking. To be fair, Jerkmate advertises masturbation more than anything else. In this instance, they are as advertised. In fact, “couples” is just one of many categories instead of its own model format.

On top of that, Jerkmate tends to lean more on the “chat” part of their service than some of the competition. This can lead to a lot of streams without much action as the models just talk to the chat. Still, the hover function that provides a live preview of the stream at least prevents you from wasting time.


Jerkmate pitches itself as a live sex chat and social media site wrapped up in one. While a lot of live sex chat sites have interactive features, few are as engaging as Jerkmate’s. For instance, premium registration affords you the ability to send private messages. With most live sex chats, models only respond by trying to sell you something.

But Jerkmate boasts a far more interactive community of models. On top of that, Jerkmate also provides plenty of features to focus on the models that you like. You can join a model’s fan club and be notified when they go live. Even better, Jerkmate boasts one of the more robust chats. It supports emojis and different font sizes. You can even call them on the phone if you don’t have access to the internet.

Keeping with the models, Jerkmate also supports a full bio with pictures. Granted, the quality and depth of the bio depends on the model and differs from one to the next. You can even leave your feedback for the model or their content with user reviews. You can also purchase videos to enjoy offline.

If you want something a bit more intimate, you can always pay for a cam2cam session. With cam2cam, it’s you and the model, one on one. In cam2cam sessions, you can make requests as well as get to know your favorite models. But, you don’t just have solo options at your disposal.

Quite often models set up group shows where multiple people can pay for a semi-private chat. In these “GOLD Shows,” the models generally perform their favorite and most hardcore kinks. And of course, what live sex chat site would be complete without tip-activated toys. That way you can pleasure your favorite models directly.


This is by far one of the best qualities of Jerkmate. There are plenty of live sex chat sites out there with a rost of beautiful models. Unfortunately, the hottest models don’t matter if the site suffers from connectivity issues. Thankfully, Jerkmate doesn’t seem to suffer from those issues.

If you run across a connectivity issue, it’s almost certainly due to the model’s setup. The only potential issue with Jerkmate is that you can only have a single stream open at one time. That said, you can switch streams without significant lag. Even the picture-in-picture box plays in real-time without stuttering.

Another reason that Jerkmate’s connectivity is so good comes down to compatibility. While a lot of live sex chat sites support mobile formats, it’s not always native. However, Jerkmate ensures that you enjoy as robust of an experience on your smart device as you do on a laptop or PC.


This is another area where Jerkmate stands out in a good way. The UI is a bit cluttered thanks to all of the model panels. And while you can increase the size to decrease the number, it’s still a lot. However, that doesn’t make navigating Jerkmate any harder once you know what you’re looking for and where.

The sidebar boasts several quick links. Popular links like your favorites, current GOLD Shows, recently viewed, and New Models are easy to find. Below that, you can find a litany of different niches to choose from. Of course, a search bar sits at the top of the page to cover anything else you might want to find.

However, one of the better navigation tools is the refined filter. Jerkmate allows you to narrow down models based on their region, age, stream features, or language. The language filter is especially nice for those who want some one-on-one time. The stream itself supports audio, full screen, stream quality, and refresh functions.


A fair number of live sex chats boast solid support systems, but few can compete with Jerkmate. To be fair, part of Jerkmate’s advantage is due to handling their own billing customer service. Jerkmate can provide this customer support because they don’t rely on “tokenized” microtransactions.

Regardless, all this boils down to Jerkmate being some of the quickest and most responsive customer service you're bound to find on any kind of porn site. To begin with, Jerkmate supports calls, emails, and live text chats like most other sites. However, Jerkmate also gives you the added benefit of anonymity with WhatsApp if you choose.

The FAQ is solid, though it’s by no means the most thorough or extensive out there. But, a bit more information about the billing process would be helpful. Of course, you can always contact them with any additional questions you might have. There’s even a link at the bottom of every page for people looking to become one of the models.


Jerkmate’s pricing is a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, Jerkmate provides plenty of free content to enjoy. On the other hand, all of the best content is locked behind a paywall. This wouldn’t be a big issue, but Jerkmate’s prices are some of the highest in the business.

One thing worth noting is that Jerkmate doesn’t use a “token system” like most live sex chat sites. Instead, Jerkmate uses a brand currency called “gold.” While this might seem similar, it means that there’re different processing procedures. As such, you’ll have to deal with Jerkmate for financial disputes.

And that may very well be a real possibility when you consider that each gold is $1. On top of that, you have to sign up to Jerkmate’s premium account to buy gold. Thankfully, the premium account doesn’t actually cost money itself.

Jerkmate also accepts most major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover) as well as PayPal. On top of that, Jerkmate uses and They ensure discreet billing and help prevent unnecessary and embarrassing confrontations.


  • Boasts some of the hottest models around to whet any appetite
  • Offers some of the best connectivity to prevent stuttering or crashes
  • Comes with loads of interactive features for intimate moments
  • Provides plenty of free content without registration
  • Has picture-in-picture so you don’t miss a thing
  • Has a clean UI to make navigating a breeze
  • Is extremely easy to use for any level of internet competency
  • Provides excellent customer support to solve issues trouble-free


  • Content: **** (4/5)
  • Connectivity: ***** (5/5)
  • Ease of Use: **** (4/5)
  • Design: **** (4/5)
  • Support: ***** (5/5)
  • Overall: ****⅕ (4.2/5)

Final Notes

Jerkmate may not cater to the most depraved hardcore desires but makes up for it with an amazing website. So long as you’re mostly looking for models masturbating, there are few sex chat sites around that can compete with Jerkmate. Of course, if you’re looking for lots of hardcore, kinky sex, you should keep looking.

However, the lack of expectation brings better models to Jerkmate than most other live sex chat sites. While most live sex chat sites have hot models, few sites have as consistently hot models. Livejasmin is one of the few live sex chat sites with models as hot or hotter.

You also don’t have to worry about connectivity issues with Jerkmate. But, you can only watch one stream at a time. On top of that, Jerkmate is easy to use with a pleasant design. The design is also solid. Unfortunately, you can’t customize the site’s design outside of resizing the model previews.


  • Extremely Hot Models
  • Crystal Clear Connectivity
  • Nigh-Ideal Design


  • Not the Most Hardcore
  • Not the Most Niches
  • Expensive Pricing Options