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Last Updated on Apr. 12, 2024

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  • Lots of Cam Vids
  • Excellent Video Player
  • Pleasant User Interface


  • Not the Best Indexing
  • Inconsistent Content Results
  • Inactive User Interactivity


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OnlineStars Sex Cam Porn

Amateur porn is nothing new and has been one of the most popular porn niches for literally decades. As nice as it is to watch a professional at the top of their game, there’s something more intimate or even attainable when it comes to amateur porn. You could make it yourself with a willing partner.

However, with high-speed broadband internet a reality for not only most of the country but much of the world, amateur porn has seen its prominence and popularity skyrocket even further. Of course, these days, the majority of amateur porn being produced doesn’t just star amateurs but is made by them as well.

OnlineStars specializes in not just amateur porn but cam porn specifically. Granted, this wasn’t necessarily always the case given that when OnlineStars started, cam porn didn’t even exist yet. The internet wasn’t developed or powerful enough to be able to handle the bandwidth cam porn demands.

Still, OnlineStars offers one of the best free cam porn tube sites out there and even throws in a few extras as icing on the sumptuous cake. That said, if you’re looking for something other than cam porn you might want to keep looking. And, if you want something even more specific, you might be looking for a while.

First Impressions

Extremely Clean UI

A lot of websites without dozens of bells and whistles and other distractions could take a page out of OnlineStars’ book: less is more. A lot of porn sites just fill the page with thumbnails and links and ads until it’s difficult to quickly and easily identify what everything on the page even is.

Thankfully, OnlineStars avoids that pitfall with an extremely minimal web page design that is easy to see, read, and navigate. On top of that, OnlineStars features a black background, so you don’t have to worry about any conspicuous bright light disturbing your privacy or blinding you in the dark.

Lots of Indexing potential

Man, with all of the things that OnlineStars does well you just knew that the other shoe had to drop eventually. Unfortunately, that falling shoe comes in the form of OnlineStars’ indexing system which has a lot of potential. But, at the moment, most of that potential is being wasted.

Keep in mind that the potential comes in the form of dozens of different categories and hundreds of different tags to help sort OnlineStars’ catalog of videos. The only real problem with this is that an indexing system is only as good as its application. If you don’t use the indexing system, you may as well not have it.

This ends up being the issue for OnlineStars– at least when it comes to the cam porn videos. It’s worth noting that the categories and tags do get used. The only problem is that they’re not often used for cam porn videos. Instead, most of the cam porn videos get a webcam category and a tag of the performer– and that's it.

This means that if you’re looking for your favorite performer doing something specific, you’ll just have to watch the vids and skip around until you find what you’re looking for– if it’s even there. Granted, it’s not necessarily OnlineStars’ fault as users upload most of the videos. Still, some kind of admin moderation would go a long way.

Cam Content FTW

High-Quality Vids

The bread and butter of any porn site (regardless of its niche, size, or scope) is the content. With OnlineStars focusing on cam vids, that could otherwise make acquiring a large enough database a bit tricky. However, that doesn’t seem to be an issue as the site not only boasts over 100k videos, but they’re high-quality too.

For one, the overwhelming majority of videos shot in HD also play in HD. However, that distinction is an important one, because a lot of cam stars don’t shoot in HD. Rather than deal with the digital artifacts associated with upscaling, OnlineStars leaves the videos in the resolution the cam star shot them in.

Of course, HD vids are all good, but if you only get snippets here and there, it can be difficult to settle in and get comfortable while fapping. That’s why it’s awesome that OnlineStars hosts many full-length videos. Granted, this depends on the user uploading the vid, but there’s no shortage of full-length vids.

Not Just Cams

Depending on how far back in OnlineStars’ catalog you go, you’ll eventually start to see vids that aren’t cam shows. A lot of the vids are older amateur porn vids shot before cam shows were a thing. This type of content still falls in line with OnlineStars’ general niche, but that’s not all the site has to offer.

This site also hosts many videos from major studios, though this type of content is far less consistent. On top of that, if you’re the kind of person who prefers stills, OnlineStars also boasts thousands upon thousands of photo shoots. Finally, OnlineStars partners with Anacams for all of your live performance needs.

Outstanding Connectivity

Great Front and Backend

No matter how good or specialized the content, no porn site is worth watching without at least a decent video player. Of course, if you’re going to edge out the competition, you’re going to need a video player that’s more than just “decent.” Thankfully, OnlineStars has you more than covered and might even be able to give some pointers to other sites.

However, just because OnlineStars’ video player is incredibly reliable doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily the most advanced. For instance, there’s no way to set up a playlist, and since OnlineStars hosts their videos, there aren’t any mirrors either. But “incredible reliability” means just that.

This is almost a bit surprising as the video player used seems similar to the ones used by other sites, but it performs significantly better for OnlineStars. This may have something to do with user load or other aspects on the backend. Regardless of the reason though, this video player is top-notch.

For one, skipping around the vid is a breeze with less than 3 seconds of load time (at the most) for all stress testing. It also doesn’t matter where you skip to as the player handles skipping to the edge of preload or backward just as well. In all the testing, the video player didn’t crash once, no matter how many skips, where, or even stacking skips.


  • Offers a great selection of high-quality cam model movies
  • Watch with a great video player that’s almost uncrashable
  • Enjoy thousands of full-length, HD videos for free
  • Find thousands of non-cam vids for something a little bit different
  • Feel comfortable with an aesthetically pleasant user interface

Final Thoughts

While it can be a bit inconsistent, OnlineStars has firmly transitioned out of the “general” porn site category and placed itself squarely in the “cam rip” category. That said, this transition comes about as much due to the users who upload great cam girl content as it does any concerted effort by the site.

Still, if you’re looking for a place to go to find the hottest cam girls, OnlineStars is tough to beat. Granted, this site doesn’t host exclusively cam girl vids, but you have to go pretty far back before you find anything else. Even better, many of the vids are full-length and play in an HD resolution– though 720p tends to be the most common.

That said, while most of the videos are user uploads, you shouldn’t go to OnlineStars expecting a robust and interactive community. On top of that, it can sometimes be difficult to find particular niches in the newer uploads. But with thousands of photo sets and a live cam partnership with Anacams, you should be able to find whatever it is you’re looking for.


  • Lots of Cam Vids
  • Excellent Video Player
  • Pleasant User Interface


  • Not the Best Indexing
  • Inconsistent Content Results
  • Inactive User Interactivity