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Last Updated on Apr. 19, 2024

VISIT PureLeaks

VISIT PureLeaks


  • Lots of Collections
  • Multiple Content Types
  • Decent Video Player


  • Questionable User Interface
  • Lacking Indexing System
  • Numerous Dead Links


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PureLeaks Leaked OnlyFans Porn

In some respects, PureLeaks is a relatively difficult porn site to rate because there’s no real way to know how much content the site hosts. If you take the time to exhaustively reveal all of PureLeaks’ links, you’ll quickly get to a point where the different types of content may as well be rolls of the dice.
Assuming the content that you’re interested in actually works, you’re still left with the task of navigating PureLeaks’ site– a task that can be more difficult than it needs to be. This is where PureLeaks’ “innovation” comes to bite it in the backside as the design choices favor the impulsive more than the intentional.

That said, PureLeaks at least holds some of the most potential when compared to similar sites that also focus on influencer porn. In this respect, PureLeaks gets a lot of things right (or close to it) but needs to tweak just as many things to prevent unexpected flaws from cropping up and ruining the experience.

First Impressions

Worth a Shot

In some respects, PureLeaks’ user interface is a breath of fresh air, blending a comfortable web page design with some interesting header and sidebars. The header and sidebars in question feature particularly popular links to content on the site but avoid being messy by limiting the bars to only a handful of thumbnails.

Speaking of which, the thumbnails are large with a high-quality image and text that’s easy to read. So long as you never need to leave the homepage to find what you’re looking for, PureLeaks does a great job. Unfortunately, the UI and indexing team up in a bad way to make doing anything else less convenient than it should be.

You Tried

As seems to be par for the course with newer porn sites catering to the influencer niche, PureLeaks doesn’t have much of an indexing system. Granted, this site technically does have an indexing system, but it’s limited to models and content sources. If you care about kinks or categories, you’re going to have to use the search bar and know your specific keywords.

It’s worth noting that a model index is great and PureLeaks has one of the more impressive model indexes for the market… though it could be organized better. As it stands, PureLeaks provides a massive list of all of its tagged models listed one after another without any formatting to help guide you.

The content source index feels almost unnecessary as it generally helps navigate between softer or harder content… but kink indexes already work better for that purpose. However, it’s navigating the back catalog of PureLeaks’ content that really messes up your browsing experience.

Instead of displaying one to three dozen thumbnails per page, PureLeaks uses an infinite scrolling page design. Not only does this ruin the otherwise pleasant UI with loads of thumbnails, but it also takes longer to load the further you scroll. What makes things more frustrating is that the tag links use numbered pages– like pretty much most other porn sites.

Maybe Good Content

Lots of Links

However frustrating it may be to not only use an infinite scrolling page but then actually find what you’re looking for, it at least holds plenty of content. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know how many different pieces of content PureLeaks links to without counting up each thumbnail and then some.

The “and then some” comes about due to one of PureLeaks’ features: the bundle. While the presentation could use a bit of work (with many bundles lacking thumbnails) the grouping of multiple pieces of content with a single link is a stroke of genius. Now, instead of clicking on each link to peruse the content, you can click one which provides access to multiple pieces of content all at once.

Pics Too

This isn’t necessarily the most important aspect of PureLeaks’ content, but considering how many porn sites don’t even have still images anymore, it’s a welcome addition. Even better, you can often find entire photo sets bundled in with videos– sometimes including the photos taken from the video shoot.

Of course, you can also find plenty of photo albums as their own post, though these tend to pop up less frequently.

What’s Going On?

While the amount of content that PureLeaks, ostensibly, provides is pretty impressive, it comes with one major caveat: most of the links are dead. It’s unclear whether this issue comes about as a result of the PureLeaks website, its server connection, or even the original content creators issuing DMCA copyright strikes.

It’s worth noting that you can find many of the dead links’ content on other sites, so it seems unlikely that all of the absent content occurs due to copyright strikes targeting PureLeaks exclusively. Granted, it may be the case that other sites use multiple mirrors to ensure the content stays up.

However, if that’s the case, the question then becomes “why doesn’t PureLeaks do the same thing?” Keep in mind that pretty much every porn site on the internet, whether it focuses on a niche or not, will have some dead links to its content. However, the sheer scale of dead links found on PureLeaks points to a different or supplementary culprit.

Decent Connectivity

If It Loads

This gets at the crux of the main issue when it comes to PureLeaks: the dead content. Based on testing, it seems like PureLeaks hosts more dead links than it does anything else with the issue popping up around one-quarter of the way through the site’s content catalog– though it’s not that cut and dry.

Sure, once you get about a quarter of the way through the content dead links start popping up and increase with frequency as you go, but there will be plenty of instances where random links swimming in a sea of dead links work. There’s no discernible reason for why some work when others don’t– at least, not from this end of the site.

However, once you do find a link that works, you shouldn’t have too many issues with the content loading and playing without issue. Granted, the video player is fairly simple without even the option of adjusting the playback speed (something that even most simple video players include) let alone resolution.

However, this video player performed better than admirably under rigorous stress testing, able to skip up to and past the preload without falling into an endless loading loop– even when using keyboard controls. Needless to say, a player that doesn’t loop endlessly has no issues with crashes either.


  • The video player seldom completely crashes
  • Huge collections of content bundled together
  • View both videos as well as photos and albums
  • Fap in peace and comfort with a pleasant background
  • Has a massive list of influencers from different platforms


  • User Interface: *** 3/5
  • Ease of Use: ** 2/5
  • Content: *** 3/5
  • Connectivity: *** 3/5
  • Overall: *** 3/5

Final Thoughts

PureLeaks is a lot like that smart, antisocial kid in high school: loads of potential but non-conformist to its detriment. The pleasant background that employs smart design choices shows that the site’s webmaster clearly cares about its presentation but might be a bit too experimental for its own good.

That said, the absence of any serious indexing system outside of models and content sources can make navigating PureLeaks a bit more cumbersome than you’d like. It also doesn’t help that the infinite scroll is bad on both a user interface and indexing front– especially since there are areas where PureLeaks employs the traditional page system.

That said, all of the other issues could be forgiven if only PureLeaks delivered on its promise of high-quality influencer porn– which it does… on occasion. But, the sheer number of dead links without any way to know which links are dead ahead of time makes PureLeaks an exhausting site to use– and not in a good way.


  • Lots of Collections
  • Multiple Content Types
  • Decent Video Player


  • Questionable User Interface
  • Lacking Indexing System
  • Numerous Dead Links