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Last Updated on Jun. 13, 2024

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Reddit Sex Stories

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Reddit Sex Stories Subreddit

Reddit Sex Stories is a bit of a specific kind of kink due to the combination of text-centric posts and amateurism. While there are plenty of users of all types who post to the subreddit, it has a more even distribution than a lot of other porn sites. A big part of this has to do with the format which appeals to conceptual attraction.

Because Reddit Sex Stories doesn’t expect pics (and there doesn’t seem to be any attached to the stories), this site appeals to a specific person. Not to put too fine a point on it, but women make up a far larger proportion of the users than most porn. The fact that text forces you to imagine the event while also highlighting what feels visceral to the user contributes to this.

Still, with only user-submitted text to go on, how does Reddit Sex Stories hope to compete with all of the other porn sites out there? Well, the short answer is that Reddit Sex Stories isn’t trying to compete with your average porn site. However, that doesn’t mean that the subreddit has nothing to offer.

First Impressions


For starters, having a Reddit account goes a long way in making this option worthwhile as not having and being signed in to your Reddit account limits some of your options. That said, having your own Reddit account allows you to define some of the user interface aspects in a general sense.

This means that you don’t have to rely on Reddit to format the page in a pleasing way as you can do that yourself ahead of time. As such, you can set your Reddit to “dark mode” and not have to worry about blinding, white light ruining the mood. That said, there’s still a bit of a learning curve if you’re not already familiar with Reddit’s layout.

For example, as a message board, Reddit (and all of its subreddits) use a format that, once you know how to read, is extremely convenient. However, if this is your first visit, it can be a bit confusing to decipher what everything means. Thankfully, the main title will always be in bold to immediately tell you what the post is about.


With Reddit Sex Stories, the bold title also tells you what the story will be about, but also includes other tags for convenient categorization. For example, pretty much every post in Reddit Sex Stories will include the “NSFW” tag or “not safe for work.” This tag lets you know that you might want to be careful when looking at the subreddit if you’re in a public space.

Outside of that, each post will also have what’s called “flair” which is a subreddit-specific tag that is determined by the subreddit in question. Reddit Sex Stories’ flair denotes what type of niche or genre the story fits into, allowing you to find the kind of story you’re looking for quickly.

That said, the user interface is a bit of a mess with different functions placed across the page and requires a bit of foreknowledge or discovery. So, if you’re interested in a specific niche of text porn, you can click the flair tag on the right side of the page. Reddit Sex Stories will then filter all of the posts based on the chosen tag.

The landing page also includes a list of rules for the subreddit that must be followed if you’re posting original content.


This is, oddly enough, where things can get a bit dicey in terms of both quality and quantity, though it’s not bad. However, when relying on user-generated content, expect there to be some misses along with the hits. A good example of this is with the mod submission rules that each story be at least five sentences.

Five sentences isn’t a whole lot to do much with, and some of the users posting make even that seem short. On top of that, even the users that post lengthy stories are often just normal people who have little to no experience writing. Subsequently, the writing quality can be more miss than hit– especially if you’re looking for juicy details.

However, to set the mood to let your mind wander (along with your hands, toys, mouth, etc), it does the job. It’s also worth noting that Reddit Sex Stories accepts fiction, which is where you’re liable to find better quality (though lacking that visceral amateurishness). Unfortunately, this also means that a lot of people claim unbelievable stories to be true.



This is easily one of the biggest draws for Reddit, in general, but this quality is elevated by the Reddit Sex Stories subreddit in particular. However, this is not necessarily different in form than the interactivity offered by a lot of other porn sites. The main difference between a subreddit’s interactivity and a standard porn site’s is expectation.

With a standard porn site, when you post something, anything really, whether a vid or comment, you’re essentially throwing the post into the void. Hopefully, someone wanders along and feels inspired to either watch or respond– though, just as often, comments on traditional porn sites aren’t meant for engagement and instead just serve as an outlet for expression.

However, Reddit, again, in general, but also more so with the Reddit Sex Stories subreddit, makes it a point to focus on engagement. Part of this has to do with Reddit’s “karma” system where users reward each other with “upvotes” (Reddit’s version of “likes”). But, just as big of a part comes from the fact that Reddit is a message board too.

This format incentivizes users to engage with each other in hopes of getting upvotes (either from their post or their comment). While it’s impossible to know what the engagement would be without this mechanic, the site doesn’t suffer from a lack of engagement, regardless. Still, this means you can immediately begin participating yourself.

As such, if you come across a story you really like, it’s as simple as signing into your account to post a comment. Following from the karma system, other users also fall under the influence of the karma system to respond. Granted, tailoring your post or comment to the audience goes a long way toward increasing your chances of engagement.

However, if you’re just commenting, you can expect a much higher chance of a response from the original poster. Aside from the fact that responding improves the OP’s chance for an upvote, it also increases the post’s visibility. This means that OP’s who want their posts to become popular tend to respond to your comments.


This virtual ecosystem facilitates extended engagement which can make the stories even hotter (imagine if you could talk with a porn star about the vid you just watched). Incidentally, this also allows you to ask for clarification, which, for text-based porn, means the OP will regularly add details they forgot or didn’t think were important when they posted the story.

While you shouldn’t just approach an OP without first asking permission, this also allows more direct engagement with the users. Again, the OP will often make mention in their post or replies to other comments that highlight their openness to the idea. But it doesn’t change the fact that lots of users direct messages to each other.

It’s not unheard of for users to find everything from sexting buddies to FWB to actual relationships by messaging each other on Reddit. However, just because it’s a regular occurrence doesn’t mean it’s the standard. As such, make sure that any direct communication is consensual.

Final Notes

Ultimately, Reddit Sex Stories is one of the better places to find real sex stories from the people who experienced them. With a history that stretches back over a decade, you shouldn’t have the issue of running out of material. That said, there’s probably a lot of material that you’d just as soon skip due to poor quality or extreme brevity.

However, the ability to interact with the OP definitely increases the sexiness of a given story. It also doesn’t hurt that the OP’s are more incentivized to respond to comments than some of the other text sex story sites out there. Even better, there’s always the chance that you can strike up a friendship (or maybe more) with the user of a story you particularly like.


  • Fiction and Real
  • Extremely Stable Host
  • Standard Reddit Interactivity


  • Doesn’t Have Images
  • Strict Posting Rules
  • Occasional Bot Users