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Last Updated on Apr. 12, 2024




  • Oodles of Content
  • Great Video Player
  • Amateur and Professional


  • Extremely Short Videos
  • Inconsistent Indexing System
  • Messy-ish User Interface


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RedGIFs GIF Porn

Don’t let the, merely, “above average” score fool you: RedGIFs is a solid site that does everything you would want it to do– within reason– at least, capably. While there are still plenty of areas that could stand to improve, RedGIFs doesn’t suffer from any major flaws, and its score reflects this reality.
In fact, RedGIFs content is arguably its weakest link– though that comes down more due to certain structural limitations placed on the content by the site’s premise. Whereas most porn sites focus on a niche or don’t focus on anything at all, RedGIFs instead focuses on a format: GIF porn.

Because of this, there are going to be plenty of people that won’t find what they’re looking for on RedGIFs, but that’s not necessarily a flaw with the site itself. And when you consider that this porn site boasts a solid backend that makes using it much easier than a lot of sites twice its size, it’s worth checking out just to see, if nothing else.

First Impressions

Decent User Interface

While not the lowest-rated aspect of RedGIFs, the site’s user interface still lags behind some of the other qualities. But, don’t take that as an indictment of the user interface which still does many things right (and certainly better than a lot of other newer porn sites coming out in the last few years).

As an opener, RedGIFs starts things off on a positive note by providing a comfortable black background, so you don’t have to worry about a bright shining light beaming from the screen. While this might seem like a no-brainer in this day and age, you’d be surprised how many websites still stumble out of the gates.

Of course, the modest ding the RedGIFs’ user interface receives comes due to the rest of the web pages’ design. Keep in mind that this isn’t necessarily an unequivocally bad thing, but it’s non-standard (even internally) which can take a minute to get used to. On top of that, it’s not ideal for intently searching.

Each non-video page, whether the homepage or not, features a series of thumbnails that showcase one of RedGIFs’ videos. Unfortunately, while the thumbnail is large and uses a high-quality resolution, RedGIFs uses different sizes of thumbnails which tend to lack identifying text– like Pinterest or other image boards.

Solid Indexing System

There’s generally not that much to say about an indexing system when it does its job as you generally won’t even notice it exists– unless it’s poorly implemented. And, with so many new porn sites emerging that seem to think indexing is something you can do as an afterthought (if at all), the fact that RedGIFs takes it seriously is refreshing.

For one, the sheer list of searchable and indexed tags is pretty daunting, though part of this comes as a consequence of user generation. For instance, a significant portion of the content on RedGIFs is user-generated, which means user-generated tags. Depending on the user, they might add a tag that literally no one else will use– but it’s still added to the list.

However, not everything is peaches and cream with this aspect as, because average users upload so much of the content, you’re pretty much reliant on them to tag everything. While videos generally boast most of the appropriate tags, there will often be some missing– especially when it comes to the models.

Loads of Content

It Takes All Kinds

One of the best qualities of RedGIFs’ content is its sheer breadth with a catalog that boasts more videos than a lot of porn sites that have been around for twice as long (or longer). Of course, a lot of bad porn doesn’t really mean that much, but the utter quantity makes that somewhat unlikely for RedGIFs.

However, while the amount of porn on RedGIFs isn’t necessarily the most impressive thing, it means that you should expect to find all kinds of different porn. If you’re looking for top-shelf professional porn made by major studios and starring the hottest models, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it.

Likewise, if you prefer the sense of intimacy and parasocial relationship provided by smaller amateur stars, RedGIFs provides for those needs too. As if that weren’t good enough, a lot of the videos posted to RedGIFs feature both an SD and an HD version– though why you’d bother with the SD version here of all places confounds…

Haven’t I Seen You Before?

Depending on what other porn sites you regularly visit, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen some of RedGIFs’ content already. Granted, users post a lot of the content onto RedGIFs that already comes from professional studios, so an overwhelming amount of RedGIFs’ content will be seen by someone before being posted.

Still, even with a lot of the amateur content posted to RedGIFs for relatively personal purposes, there’s a pretty good chance that one of the newer sites emulating a social media app like TikTok will also link back to RedGIFs. Though, there’s just as good of a chance that you might not even have seen these GIFs on a dedicated “porn site.”

That’s because the overwhelming majority of NSFW subreddits require posted videos to use one of a handful of approved video databases– and RedGIFs just so happen to be one of the most popular. As such, even if you’re not “really” looking for porn and just happen to stumble across some on Reddit, there’s a good chance you can follow it back to this site.

Some Limitations

Out of all of the aspects of a porn site, you generally want the content to be one of the two best-rated qualities– not one of the two worst. That said, RedGIFs doesn’t get a low score because of the actual quality of its content as much as it hews itself into an extremely narrow niche of content.

Keep in mind that, even for people who prefer clip content that skips right to the “good parts,” those videos still generally run at least five minutes and usually closer to ten minutes. Unfortunately, as the site’s name implies, all of the content on RedGIFs comes in GIF format and, as such, doesn’t run longer than maybe a minute.

And, while the length of the videos is its own potential issue that will dissuade many people from sticking around, it’s not even the only problem. As mentioned prior, a lot of RedGIFs’ content comes in both SD and HD resolutions, but arguably just as much only comes in SD resolution– especially the content produced by amateurs on smart devices.

Excellent Connectivity

Surprising Video Player

When you visit a GIF site (whether NSFW or otherwise), you generally don’t expect much from the video player. GIFs tend to run for a minute or less, so how good of a video player do you really need? Well, RedGIFs took that question to heart and not only offers excellent connectivity but a rock-solid video player as well.

For one, this video player boasts far more controls than most people would expect from a GIF player like the option to mute/unmute or change between resolutions. However, RedGIF, as a common source site, takes this one step further and even makes it incredibly easy to share or embed a GIF right from the video player.


  • Enjoy copious amounts of high-quality content
  • Pick your favorites from all kinds of different types of porn
  • Watch without worrying about the player crashing
  • Browse in comfort with a good user interface
  • Find what you’re looking for with a good indexing system


  • User Interface: ***½ 3.5/5
  • Ease of Use: **** 4/5
  • Content: *** 3/5
  • Connectivity: ***** 5/5
  • Overall: ***¾ 3.75/5

Final Thoughts

RedGIFs certainly isn’t the right porn site for everyone because of its short-form content format, if for no other reason. That said, with more and more sites opting to provide short-form content, RedGIFs might be worth checking out– if for no other reason than because you’ll likely encounter its videos somewhere else anyway.

However, if you choose to give RedGIFs a genuine go, you likely won’t be disappointed as its backend development sits almost on par with its stellar front end. Whether you want to find the best professional clips from your favorite movie or uncover your next amateur obsession, RedGIFs provides.


  • Oodles of Content
  • Great Video Player
  • Amateur and Professional


  • Extremely Short Videos
  • Inconsistent Indexing System
  • Messy-ish User Interface