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Last Updated on Jun. 11, 2024

VISIT SexDolls

VISIT SexDolls


  • Realistic and Fantasy Bodies
  • Hyper Realistic Feel
  • In-Depth Maintenance Section


  • Premium Price Tags
  • Not All Models in Stock
  • Gloves Recommended


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SexDolls Silicone Sex Dolls

SexDolls is a very easy to use site that lets you fully customize the sex doll of your dreams. You’ll be able to use their very intuitive design system to create the kind of love that you’ve always fantasized about but never experienced. Everything you need is right in front of you, so you never have to miss out on any of the details you really care about in your sex doll.

You can choose between a hyper-realistic doll or create the hentai girl of your dreams. The only real limit is your imagination once you start personalizing your companion. There are also some ready to ship options if you want your lover in your bed right away!

User Friendly Site

Great Navigation

The best thing about SexDolls is the fact that the site is designed very well to give you the best experience you can have. It’s all been put together professionally so you never have to go looking for anything. The features make it very easy to design the best sex doll that you possibly can.

The background is white with black text to make reading everything very easy. They have toolbars at the top to make your way around the site. You can also simply scroll down to see fully built sex dolls that you can buy outright and skip all of the creation phases if you really want your doll quickly.


Top Toolbars

The very top of SexDolls has a few links and options for you. You can check out the upper left-hand corner to see links to their social media accounts. Clicking on any of those will bring you out of the site and onto the social platform you want to check out.

Further to the right will be your first dropdown menu. You can use it to change the language of the site to anything from English to mandarin. The next dropdown menu will change the currency of the site into anything you want, including USD, EUR, or JPY, just to name a few.

You can scroll down below that toolbar to see all of the main navigation buttons that the site has. This is where you can jump around to any section that you want to check out. You’ll also be able to see the logo for the site right in the center, which will bring you right back to the homepage.


Main Navigation Buttons

The left-hand side of the navigation section has a very handy magnifying glass icon. Click on that and you’ll be able to enter any search term that you want. That will give you all of the most pertinent links to get you started.

To the left of that is a button for Reviews. This will begin you to a large section filled with reviews from other customers. You’ll be able to read what both men and women have to say about their sex dolls.

Next up is a button that brings you to the contact page. You can use this to fill out a form and ask any question about the site or your doll that you have. There’s also an Info button directly below that.

You can mouse over the Info button to get a dropdown menu of all the most important links the site has. You can choose from a long list with info on Shipping, Production, Payments, Maintenance, and others. It’s the fastest way to find out what you need to know.

To the right of that is the FAQ button. This is going to bring you to a page with all of the most frequently asked questions on the site. You can read answers to your questions without having to fill out a form and sending it to the company.

Next up are four different buttons on the other side of the site logo. These are the links you can use to start shopping on the site. The very first one will show you all of the prebuilt dolls that are currently in stock for you to buy right away.

Below that is a dropdown menu for Doll Types. This is a very large section that you can use to pick the perfect doll for you. There are tons of options, so be prepared to really think about what you want.

Next to that is the button for the site’s catalog. This is going to show you all of the products on the site, whether or not they’re in stock. There are over 1,500 of them, so you can spend a lot of time just browsing through the options.

Finally, there’s a dropdown menu for the brands you can buy. You can see that there are plenty of manufacturers for you to choose from. You can get a doll made by Angel Kiss, IronTech Dolls, or HR Dolls, just to name a very few of them.


Homepage Browsing

You can scroll down below the toolbars to start seeing what the site is all about. The first thing you’ll notice is a rotating slideshow. It has posed pictures of the dolls to get your imagination going.

Right below that is another slideshow. This one is a rotating list of the latest reviews. You’ll be able to see how happy other customers are with just a glance. You can also see a star rating to make it easier.

Underneath that is the In Stock section. You’ll be able to see two rows and five columns of sex dolls that are ready to go. You can just add these to your cart and get them shipped right away. You’ll also be able to see the price of the dolls and their names.

Scrolling further down will bring you to the Top Categories section. You can click on any thumbnail to go right to that section. You can choose from Pregnant, Large Breasts, Gay, and more.

Sex Doll Products

Doll Types

With so many dolls to choose from, the site does a great job of organizing them for you. The Doll Types section will get you started on your purchase. You can also see just how many different dolls you can get at SexDolls.

First up, you can choose between full size dolls with complete bodies, just heads, torsos, or even sex doll legs. Each option is going to have a sex hole for you, so you don’t have to worry about that. It all depends on how large you want it and how much money you want to spend.

From there, you can choose between females, males, and transsexuals. There are dolls for men, women, and gay men, so everyone can shop here.

You can also choose the age you want your doll to be. There are teens and MILFs with additional customizations. You can also make your doll pregnant and customize her breast size, height, feet, and anything you can imagine.


  • Custom create your perfect lover and have them shipped right to your door
  • Choose from fantasy, transsexual, hentai, gay, and dolls for both men and women
  • Personalize female dolls as teens, MILFs, BBWs, and pregnant
  • Very easy to use the site’s customization features
  • Read reviews from people who have already purchased dolls
  • Full maintenance and care guide available on the site


SexDolls is the best way to get the sex doll you’ve always dreamed of fucking. You can choose any model they have and click on the customization button to make it perfect. When you can make it yours all the way down to the fingernail polish, you know you’re going to be happy.

The site is very easy to use, and you can quickly make the doll of your dreams. There are lots of different manufacturers to choose from and each doll comes with a warming rod. If you really want to get the perfect sex doll, then this is where you can make it happen!


  • Realistic and Fantasy Bodies
  • Hyper Realistic Feel
  • In-Depth Maintenance Section


  • Premium Price Tags
  • Not All Models in Stock
  • Gloves Recommended