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Last Updated on May. 9, 2024




  • Good Size Catalog
  • Large HD Collection
  • Lots of Extras


  • Iffy Video Player
  • Incomplete Indexing System
  • Not the Most Navigable


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SexTVX Free Porn Tube

Given that SexTVX is just a couple of years younger than YouTube, anyone who’s been watching online porn for a while likely ran across it once or twice by now. However, depending on when you first encountered SexTV, you could have a wildly different opinion of the site than someone who encountered it years before or after you.
That’s because SexTVX has undergone numerous different renovations of the site, changing as the times and technology do. In the beginning, SexTVX was exclusively a clip site with vids that lasted longer than two minutes sitting in the extreme minority. Of course, as technology improved, so did SexTV’s ability to provide more high-quality porn content.

These days, SexTVX has most of the basics figured out and is more trying to fine-tune the experience to properly compete with the biggest names in free online porn. While there’s still a ways to go, SexTVX has the basic ingredients needed to become one of the biggest online porn sites out there.

First Impression

Easy on the Eyes

In the grand scheme of things, SexTVX presents a decent user interface that’s mostly easy to navigate. However, most of the pages on SexTVX can accurately be described as “messy” or “cluttered.” Keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily make it more difficult to navigate, but it can be a lot to get a hold of.

Still, everything comes with a label that makes it easy to figure out where on the site you are with a header bar that includes all of the major page groups. On top of that, SexTVX also provides a sidebar with some of the more common categories as well as formatting distinctions like the type of media.

This presentation isn’t perfect as you have to go to a more specific page to find more filters to help narrow your search, but it’s still pretty good. As a bonus, SexTVX includes the option to set the background to a dark mode, so you don’t have to worry about staring into a blinding white screen as you rub one out.

Which Way Again?

SexTV’s indexing system and site navigation are easily one of the biggest areas where the site could make some minor quality of life improvements for an overall big impact on the user’s experience. Part of the reason the word “minor” applies is that the potential for great indexing already exists.

Unfortunately, the execution of that indexing leaves a lot to be desired. To point, SexTVX boasts a surprisingly robust number of different tags with extremely niche or taboo keywords to help you find whatever it is you want to watch the most. The issue is that many of those tags lay hidden in the vids they apply to.

For instance, not too many sites cater to scat porn, but SexTVX has a larger collection than you’d expect. However, you either need to use the search bar to find it or just stumble upon it in the wild. Despite the number of categories and tags SexTVX uses, many of them aren’t presented in the category section. Though there is a master list with all of the tags– but, it’s pretty daunting.

If that was the only issue, SexTVX wouldn’t have gotten a below-average score in Ease of Use, but unfortunately, videos regularly lack tags that should apply. Thankfully, there aren’t many instances of tags that shouldn’t apply, baiting you into watching a vid you otherwise wouldn’t be interested in.

It also doesn’t help that pornstars are treated as any other tag and applied even less regularly than the traditional tags. Granted, there’s a good chance that this has to do more with SexTVX relying on user uploads (and user tags) than anything else. Either way, it makes finding the right star a bit trickier.

Potpourri Content

Little Bit of Everything

Even though SexTVX boasts some uncommon and even rare niches, the site doesn’t hew to anything in particular. Instead, SexTVX takes a grab-bag approach and offers a little bit of everything (and a lot of bit of some of the more popular types of porn out there).

With a massive catalog of over 1.5 million videos, you shouldn’t have much difficulty finding something that appeals to your particular kink. Granted, it can be a bit difficult finding some of those vids, but you can at least rest assured that SexTVX hosts them if you’re willing to look.

Even better, SexTVX offers a surprising number of HD videos in all HD resolutions including 720p, 1080p, and even 4K (though the last one is by far the rarest of the bunch). It’s also not difficult to find many full-length videos, though SexTVX started out as a clip site, so that category isn’t the largest.

One potential issue is that since the indexing system isn’t the most accurate, there’s a lot of content that will be difficult to find. This tends to revolve more around the stars since they often aren’t tagged. Still, videos from studios and even niches can slip through the cracks– but they’re there.

Lots of Extras

While the primary reason to visit an online porn site is to find porn, sometimes people are in the mood for something a little bit different. To this end, SexTVX offers a bevy of alternatives to your standard porn flicks, all of which have a distinctly adult slant. Unfortunately, the one bonus SexTVX doesn’t offer is interactivity.

Still, if you’re feeling adventurous or just want to let your mind wander, SexTVX boasts an impressive catalog of sex stories numbering in the hundreds of thousands. And, if you still want to look at porn, SexTVX also sports over 100k different photos. Finally, for the CGI-inclined, SexTVX has a bunch of cartoons too.

Inconsistent Connectivity

Up-and-Down Video Player

To be clear, SexTV’s video player is nowhere near the worst one out there and is, in fact, mostly pretty good. However, the video player suffers from some of the same issues that you find with a lot of other video players. For instance, trying to skip ahead to the edge of the preload is liable to send this video player into an infinite loop that never resolves.

However, outside of that particular occurrence (common among porn site video players in general), SexTV’s video player doesn’t crash. It also includes the option to play the video in theater mode and change the resolution. That said, the resolution button seems to be miscoded as it generally doesn’t update the resolution after the change– regardless of whether you wanted to increase or decrease the resolution.


  • Watch a robust collection of over 1.5 million videos
  • Find videos with some of the least common niches and taboos
  • Take a time out with some XXX stories, cartoons, and photo sets
  • Enjoys thousands of HD vids in 720p, 1080p, and even 4k resolutions
  • Browse in comfort with a convenient, easy-to-read user interface


  • User Interface: **** 4/5
  • Ease of Use: ** 2/5
  • Content: **** 4/5
  • Connectivity: *** 3/5
  • Overall: ***¼ 3.25/5

Final Thoughts

SexTVX may not be the biggest or most popular porn site online, but it has “good bones” to become one of them. Granted, given how long SexTVX has been around and how many renovations it’s already gone through, there’s no real telling whether or not SexTVX will ever reach its potential.

However, even in its present state, SexTVX offers more than most of its competitors with not only an extensive collection of porn but numerous other adult content too. For those who prefer to let their imagination do the walking, there are numerous sex stories. Or, if you prefer stills, there are lots of photo sets.

SexTVX even boasts many XXX cartoons and caters to some of the most taboo niches out there. If you can get past the somewhat messy interface and inconsistent navigation, you’re sure to find something that you like. Even better, there’s a reasonable chance that when you do, it’ll be a full-length vid too.


  • Good Size Catalog
  • Large HD Collection
  • Lots of Extras


  • Iffy Video Player
  • Incomplete Indexing System
  • Not the Most Navigable