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Last Updated on Apr. 19, 2024

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VISIT ShemaleStarDB


  • Thousands of Photos and Videos
  • Browse Shemales by Birthday
  • Content Organized by Studio


  • Lots of Personal Details Missing
  • Videos Extremely Short
  • Photos Downloaded Individually


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ShemaleStarDB Pornstar Database

Getting onto ShemaleStarDB is going to let you know that the site means business right away. There are no heavy design elements to be found and no animations to slow you down. The background is simple and white and that’s going to let you get to the action as soon as you possibly can.
There are over 81,000 image sets and over 53,000 videos to check out. You can stream and download anything you want and keep it forever. All it takes is a right click and you can save anything on the site you want. This site has tons of features and everything is thought out for the users. Let’s get into the details…

Easy to Use Site

Very Simple Design

All of the toolbar options that you need are right at the top of the page. You’ll be able to get back to the home screen, browse by pictures, browse by movies, or browse by model names. That’s one of the best parts of the entire site because it makes it very easy to get around it.

The content is organized pretty well…

It’s a very simple design that you don’t really see anymore. All of the newest models are listed right under the toolbar so you can see who’s been added since your last visit. You can also see when they were added based on how many days ago they got uploaded to the site.

Directly under that are dozens of thumbnails for all of the latest photo galleries. You’ll be able to see the girls and get an idea of what they’re doing in their photo sets. That’s going to make it very easy to just get on and find a shemale to make you happy on any given day.

If you want more than photos, all you have to do is keep on scrolling down. That’s where you’re going to be able to find the latest videos the site has to offer you. You can tell the difference because you’ll get a video length on the thumbnail rather than a picture count. You can see what’s happening in the videos to pick the hottest shemale doing anything that you want her to do for you.

Drop Down Menus Make Browsing Easy

If you want to browse the site based on anything other than upload date, all you’ll have to do is use the drop down menus at the top. Each one is going to give you plenty of options as to what you look at. Just choose the way you want to browse and click to get your options.

Whether you want to find pictures or videos, you’re going to have the same options. You can browse new content, photos and videos with high ratings, the most popular porn, and porn that was created by pay sites. It really gives you plenty of opportunities to find the exact shemale porn that you want to get for yourself.

The drop down menu for the models is a little bit different. This one is going to give you options based on the best ways to look at all of the shemale pages. You can view all of the girls on the site by the first letter of their names, the dates they were added to ShemaleStarDB, the most viewed girls, top rated shemales, and by their birthdays. That one will let you see all of the girls who were born on the day you’re searching, or on the date you choose.

Tons of Content

Lots of Photo Sets

Browsing by image sets is the best way to check out ShemaleStarDB. They have over 81,000 individual sets with new ones being uploaded all the time. That’s something you really can’t get on any of the other shemale sites on the internet.

The content is super high quality…

Most image sets come with between 10 and 15 individual photos. You’ll get the photo count in the upper right hand corner of each thumbnail. You’ll also get a good idea of what’s happening with the girls. Just a quick look will let you see shemales showing off their dicks, playing with their tits, jerking off, or having sex with other people.

Many Porn Videos

The video section works in much the same way. You can browse over 53,00 videos and there are constant updates bringing you more. That means that you’ll pretty much never run out of porn videos here.

Each video thumbnail will let you see how long it is in the same upper right hand corner as the photos. The majority of the videos are between 15 seconds and a minute long. They’re pretty short, but you get to see anything you want when you watch them. Most of the shemales are simply showing themselves off but you can still find girls having sex and giving blowjobs to other men.
Any Shemale you want

Over 11,000 Models

Just like the massive amount of content here, ShemaleStarDB also has over 11,000 models to play with. You can use the drop down menu to browse all of them based on their popularity. That’s the best way to make sure you’re spending your time with the best trannies that the site has to offer you.

The page is very simple with lots of thumbnails as soon as you click into the section. You can see a thumbnail of each model, as well as some information. You’ll be able to tell how many photos the girl has, how many videos she has, how many views she’s gotten, and her rating out of 5 stars.

Model Page Information

Once you click on a girl that you want to see more of, you’ll be taken right to her model page. This is really where you can learn as much about her as you want. Her thumbnail is on the right with her rating right below her. Look to the left and you’ll see her personal details.

This is really the best way to learn about the girls you like. They have lots of information, including her ethnicity, hair and eye color, location, birthday, weight, penis size, and whether she’s pre-op or post-op. There’s a lot more information and some girls will have more of it posted than some others.

Scroll down under that and you’ll be able to see all of the porn that she has on the site. They’re all listed by photos, videos, movies, and then you can see comments people have left about them. It’s also possible to leave your own comments for other people to read.

Download and Stream Anything

Easy to Get Your Porn

If you’re on ShemaleStarDB to get pictures then it’s very easy to make it happen. Just click on any picture you want and you’ll be able to see it in high quality. If you want to save them, you’ll have to right-click and download the images individually.

They also have a ton of trans movies…

Porn videos work the same way. Just click on anything you want to see and you’ll be able to watch in your browser. To save it, just right-click on the video and choose Save Video As. Then it will be yours to keep on your hard drive forever.


  • Over 11,000 shemales collected in one place
  • 53,000 shemale porn videos to stream
  • Play videos in speeds ranging from .5x to 2x
  • Download any photos you want
  • Mix of masculine and feminine trans
  • Right click to save videos


  • User Interface: **** 4/5
  • Ease of Use: **** 4/5
  • Content: *** 3/5
  • Responsiveness: **** 4/5
  • Overall: ***3/4 3.75/5


If you love shemales then you really need to be on ShemaleStarDB. This site will give you access to more shemale models than you’ll ever be able to check out in a single lifetime. The site is very simply designed so you can use in on any device that you have. There are tens of thousands of shemales, photos, and videos to enjoy here. Each girls also has her own model page with lots of information about her. It’s the database for shemales that you really need to start using!


  • Thousands of Photos and Videos
  • Browse Shemales by Birthday
  • Content Organized by Studio


  • Lots of Personal Details Missing
  • Videos Extremely Short
  • Photos Downloaded Individually