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  • Free Unlimited Site Access
  • An Active Community Of Extreme Porn Fanatics
  • Dozens Of Real Life Frequently Uploaded Gore Porn Content


  • Porn Content Limited To Extremists
  • Short & Low-Quality Videos
  • Not Exclusive To Porn


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TheYNC Absurd Content Mix

TheYNC features a cocktail of ridiculous happenings across the world that would literally cause anyone sleepless nights. There is a good selection of extraordinary porn scenes of amateur couple sex escapades gone terribly wrong or extremely well. The site keeps you in the know of all the unbelievable and violent events happening across the world that you will not find in the mainstream media. While the funny stuff is supposed to brighten your day, some of the laughable moments are terribly painful to think about. Take, for instance, people spooking bulls only to have their bones dislocated and so much more. Basically, there are no two ways about it; either you have the stomach for the site’s content to enjoy it, or you don’t.

Painless Fix For All Your Unorthodox Fetishes

It is no secret that TheYNC is probably one of the few porn sites that goes against what is acceptable in the public’s eye. Therefore, there is nothing ordinary about its categories, and it’s only fair that we explored what each of them is all about. These include:

Accident: This niche highlights gruesome images and videos of fatal accidents involving two to several automobiles, people being hit, injured or killed, and among other things, innocent civilians getting shot in shootouts.

Aftermath: You can find all the dreadful clips and images resulting in accidents, killings, etc., in this niche.

Cartel: All clip recordings of the killings conducted by unlawful rival groups for revenge, power assertion, etc., in various parts of the world.

Beatings: This genre is mainly meant for sadists who enjoy watching random people get beaten up to near death for sexual pleasure, torture, theft, or other punishable offences.

Cool: Some of the scariest weird things you are curious to find out. For instance, how they treat bodies at the morgue tattoo, surgery, incredible sex, huge creampies, and so much more.

Crazy: This is the niche you visit to see the most unbelievably cruel occurrences on earth, from people being set on fire, eaten alive by rogue dogs, killed unexpectedly, and more.

Fight: Here, you find the real men fights and intense catfights involving knives and other weapons that cause bloodbaths.

Funny: They are laughable occurrences that are preventable and might result in regret/embarrassment or physical harm. For instance, drunk babes stripping in a liquor shop or party and a guy playing with petrol and accidentally sets himself on fire.

Gore: Extreme inhuman acts of violence recorded on camera, meaning that killings here leave the victims organs turned inside out.

Gross: These are images of bloody deaths, infected private parts, decaying wounds, scat & piss, among other squeamish things.

Justice & Karma: This genre mostly features thieves punished by the mob. But there is also a good selection with cheating spouses caught unaware that it is not worth missing out on.

Murder: Accounts of ruthless executions that involve killing innocent people by knife-butchering, shooting, suicide bombing, and others.

Police: Clips on brutal police actions like beating or shooting that result in death and irreversible injuries.

Porn: Users who are only interested in extreme porn videos can check out the porn category for unusual BDSM practices, real amateur whoring, infidelity, etc.

Sexy: Features delightful luscious clips of naked amateur babes showing off their bodies, tits, booty, and pussy intentionally or unintentionally. These are mainly totally jerk-worthy for everyone.

Shocking: A compilation of clips highlighting inhumane acts carried out by ruthless individuals across the world that will leave you horrified.

Suicide: Clips of people in the process of taking their own lives or how they were found after death.

UFO & Supernatural: Features sightings of unidentifiable flying objects in the sky that people believe might be supernatural.

WTF: The genre brings you unexpected brutal moments that will leave you beyond words. Take, for instance, people alive after having their whole body burned, lunatics kidnapping innocents, catfights etc.

News: Features detailed reports on political, social, and economic struggles of people and governments worldwide. This page is refreshed daily, and the news is dated.

War: These are the violent shakedown involved in fighting countries, combat, executions, bombings, among other things that the media filters out.

Underground: This is the premium quality sensual, cruelty, and weird videos compilation accessible to premium users only.

Site Road Map

The cold black wall background and the bloody star behind the TheYNC logo serve the site right. This is mainly because most of the site’s content contains brutality and violence. Nonetheless, anyone can easily explore the site through their useful menu bar, list of content categories below the homepage, or the general search engine. However, it is important to note that some of the top menu buttons do not link to sections of the site but instead redirect you to other sites. Therefore, to be precise, the site has only 9 main sections, namely, homepage, upload video/photos, most recent videos, YNC Forum, Underground videos, porn, news, gore and featured. Every single link on the site is working perfectly, including the pagination buttons below each page, and even though some of the site’s videos are of poor quality, they stream at a reasonable speed.

Membership Options

TheYNC is free to use and browse for absolutely anyone. However, the site has two membership options for those users who would like to join the community. Free members are ranked between levels 1-20, can collect badges, and receive ×1 payouts. All they have to do is provide a clever unidentifiable user name, create a secure password, and provide a valid email address for confirmation. On the other hand, underground members pay $1.99 for 24 hours to watch 10 videos only or $9.99 per month for underground videos streaming. Underground members can be classified into 1-30 YNC levels, get 2×payouts, collect badges, win prizes, enjoy bonus payouts, win premium prizes, underground videos access depending on membership plan and an Ads-free experience. While you would expect a site like TheYNC to be a total nuthouse, the site has a couple of rules that every user is supposed to follow while posting or interacting with other members in any capacity. It’s probably wise for you to check them out lest you get banished from the site.

Exercising Membership Freedoms

Members of the TheYNC can request and add each other as friends to not miss out on each other’s gothic updates. They can also write to each other’s wall. It is easy to establish whether a particular user can fit in as your friend or not via their profile. It shows how active a person is, the videos they have posted, when they were last online, and among other things, how many friends they have garnered so far. Pro-tip; members who reply to comments on their walls are deemed more friendly. As a member, you can decide to be a bystander or actively contribute to the site’s content growth. Even better, you do not need to record violent content that could otherwise put your life on the line, but you can always show the world how freaky your sexual habits with your partners are. Anyhow, the process for uploading videos and photos is different and easy to follow through. Also, make sure to check and follow the acceptable content guidelines because the site reserves the right to add, modify, or not post your content at all. Unfortunately, the forum section link leads nowhere; although, you can easily spot out most opinionated members on the comments section picking up friendly wars with each other.

What We Love About TheYNC

TheYNC is a safe haven for necrophiliacs where there are thousands of bloody murder, accidents, etc., updates every day. Users can take a break from the scary stuff and dig into funny content and underground porn scenes to blow off some steam on real-life happenings across the world you will most likely not find on the media. The site’s content is unique, laughable and extremely hardcore. It is also easy to relate with since it features real people without modified physical features nor enhanced beauty. As a member, you will also get an opportunity to freely interact with other sadists who can understand your masochistic porn desires better.

What We Didn’t Like About TheYNC

While the site delivers gore content, some of it is not pornographic and is just generally disturbing to view or watch people murdered heartlessly. The site is not for everyone and any porn lover who cannot stomach violence had a better look for something to jerk off to elsewhere. Unregistered users cannot provide their feedback on content unless they sign up for membership. Besides, there are a couple of Ads on the site, and although you will barely notice them, some are disguised as site links, and nobody wants to be redirected to other websites while trying to explore more gore content to get off to.

Final Notes

TheYNC is the perfect porn site for necrophiles who do not think twice about getting off to dead bodies. There are thousands of war, accidents, autopsies, and so much more extremely horrifying content on the site. The site knows how to balance your emotions with super scary, laughable, surprising, and content you might be curious about. You get to experience real sadist porn that you will rarely find in the porn industry. Therefore, if you are looking for a masochistic site with a good balance between porn graphic and non-porn graphic content, this is just it.


  • Free Unlimited Site Access
  • An Active Community Of Extreme Porn Fanatics
  • Dozens Of Real Life Frequently Uploaded Gore Porn Content


  • Porn Content Limited To Extremists
  • Short & Low-Quality Videos
  • Not Exclusive To Porn