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Last Updated on May. 13, 2024

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  • Thousands of Magazine Editions
  • Download Everything
  • Vintage Nudity


  • Not much Actual Sex
  • Files Hosted on RapidGator
  • No Magazine Previews


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VintageAdultPDF Retro Adult Magazines

The internet is still a fairly recent creation. Just a few decades ago, you would be hard pressed to find one online porn site that offered you half as much as a modern site. Before the internet was even a thing, men and women got their porn in magazine form.
These were adult publications that you could get in any adult or convenience store. Most young boys got their very first look at a naked woman in one of these magazines and now you can experience what it was like for yourself.

VintageAdultPDF allows you to download PDF copied of adult magazines from the 1950s all the way to the 1990s. Lots of these magazines are things that you just can’t find anywhere else. Once you download the file, it’s yours forever.

You don’t have to pay a thing and you can read every single page that an edition had when it first came out. It doesn’t matter if you’re just curious or if you seriously collect vintage erotica.

This is the site for you and you’re going to love everything that they have to offer you. It’s more than worth a look.

Easy to Use Site

Everything is Organize by Date

What makes VintageAdultPDF so easy to use is the fact that all of the magazines are posted according to the date of their publication. That means that you don’t have to go randomly searching for a certain magazine if you know the date it was published.

You’ll be able to see the 1975 edition of Club magazine right next to the 1976 edition of Color Climax. That lets you go on a tour of women throughout the years and that’s going to be a whole lot of fun. Just seeing the ways that pubic hair has grown and shrunken is more than worth it here.

Download From RapidGator

You never have to worry about paying to download anything from the site here. All of the files are hosted on RapidGator. That gives you a chance to decide whether or not a high-speed download is worth it for you.

If you’re okay with the slow speed that they offer for free, you can use it as many times as you want. It also gives you the option of upgrading to the high-speed transfer. That’s always up to you. VintageAdultPDF is never going to charge you for a single thing.

Browse By Decade

Then there’s the way that all of the magazines are presented to you. They’re all organized by the decades that they were released. They go back to the 1950s and as recent as the 1990s. You can pick your favorite decade from the pull-down menu and see what those ten years had to offer the adult world. You’ll still have to download the magazines individually though.

That will however, give you the chance to choose which ones you want and which ones you don’t. You’ll also get a rundown of what each edition has to offer you. You’ll be able to read the names of the girls inside and see what they have for any articles.

It will really let you get picky, as well as find any specific person that you want to see here. You can really look around for that one edition of one magazine that had a famous actress from many years ago. Any person can take full advantage of that. You just have to have a desire to see women naked across the years and you’re guaranteed to have a really good time on this site.

Lots of Girls to Enjoy

Many Different Types of Naked Women

There are also lots and lots of different types of women on display here. It’s not just about famous women posing nude. In fact, the vast majority of the girls aren’t famous.

They’re just regular women who wanted to get naked in front of the camera in the only way that they could. You’ll be able to see skinny brunettes from the 1950s, tall blondes from the 1960s, curvy lesbians from the 1970s, ebony BBWs from the 1980s and girls with giant bushes from the 1990s.

Popularity Changed over Time

Of course, the most fun you can have is by looking at what changed over the decades. You’ll never see the same fashions from decade to decade. You won’t be able to see the same women, either.

You’ll get a chance to watch as erotic magazines evolved from being exclusively filled with white women to every ethnicity you can think of later on. It’s possible to watch it all as it happens. It will finally be all the proof you need that shows how the amount of pubic hair on a girl went from lots to a very little.

Constant Updates

Regular uploads keep you coming back

On top of all the choices you get when you’re looking through the magazines, you’ll also have regular updates to keep you in new brand-new vintage magazines. There are updates every single month and you can download them as soon as they come out.

Once you get them onto your hard drive, they’re going to be yours to keep forever. There’s no DMA protection and you don’t even need an account to do it. Simply get to the site and start downloading any of the magazines that you want to keep.

You Just Need a PDF Reader

The only thing that you’ll need is a PDF reader. You can get that for free both on your computer and on your mobile device. They’re readily available and you won’t have to learn how to use them. Simply click the file once it downloads and you’ll be all set to go.

That makes VintageAdultPDF one of the easiest porn sites that you can ever use. You’ll never have to deal with ads and the process is always nice and smooth. It’s the best way to see the evolution of American porn.


  • Magazines are organized by the decade they were published
  • Find movie stars that only appeared nude in one issue
  • Translate the entire site into any language you want
  • Find editions from as late as the 1990s
  • Keep the magazines forever once you download
  • See what was considered sexy 70 years ago


  • User Interface: 3/5
  • Ease of Use: 3/5
  • Content: 4/5
  • Responsiveness: 3/5
  • Overall: 3.2/5


VintageAdultPDF is filled with vintage erotica magazines from across the decades. You can see porn magazines from as far back as the 1950s and that’s a very fun way of getting your adult material. You’ll be able to feel what it was like to look at porn before the internet made it so easy.

There’s a great mix of magazines and you can sort them all out by the decade that they got published. It’s perfect for anyone who just wants to see what it was like to look at naked women and how they used to present themselves. The site is easy to use, and all of the files are hosted on RapidGator.

You’ll never have to pay a single thing to get all of the vintage porn that you could ever want. It’s totally free and you can download as much of it as you want on your hard drive.

You’re getting full magazine editions with nothing cut out. You can find both famous actresses and regular girls who just enjoyed showing off their naked bodies. If you want to see how nudity and porn has changed, check this site out and have a very good time.


  • Thousands of Magazine Editions
  • Download Everything
  • Vintage Nudity


  • Not much Actual Sex
  • Files Hosted on RapidGator
  • No Magazine Previews