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Last Updated on Jun. 6, 2024

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  • Clean User Interface
  • Advanced Search Function
  • Social Media Integration


  • Derivative, Copied Layout
  • No “Original” Content
  • Limited Out Linking

Adult Film Database

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AdultFilmDatabase Porn/Star Database

AdultFilmDatabase is a free-to-use resource that holds the details of thousands of stars and tens of thousands of films.

Chugging along since 1999, in wee early days of Angelfire and Geocities, AdultFilmDatabase continues to upgrade and improve their site. With a landing page that tracks updates in real-time, you can always find the newest porn, hot off the press.

This database also combines a clean UI with one of the more sophisticated advanced search functions available. While somewhat modest, the social media integration is solid, though some homegrown content wouldn’t hurt.

And if you’re doing more than “window shopping,” the site even offers plenty of links to popular third-party websites that directly stream movies.

Of course, that all sounds great, but what’s it really like to actually use AdultFilmDatabase?

First Impressions

I guess in a vacuum, AdultFilmDatabase’s homepage isn’t terrible. There are a lot of linked images for both films and stars.

That said, AdultFilmDatabase’s landing page isn’t anything special either. As though ripped straight from 1998, the website is extremely barren compared to a lot of the other adult databases out there.

This is good in the sense that it makes using the website pretty easy to navigate… at first glance. Everything immediately available is easy to identify and use.

That said, many of the functions can leave you scratching your head until you understand how to use the site. Keep in mind, the site isn’t “difficult” to use by any measure of the word.

However, it’s not always immediately obvious what the right path to finding your desired information is.

User Interface

AdultFilmDatabase’s user interface is a bit of a mixed bag. On the surface, it’s extremely clean without any extraneous things to distract or confuse you. This setup means that you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding what you’re looking for… on that page. However, you could argue that the user interface is actually a bit too clean.

Basically, to provide as smooth a use as possible, it seems AdultFilmDatabase excised some of the “signposting” and “scaffolding” common with more complex interfaces. This arrangement doesn’t present an issue after you’ve messed around with the site for a little while. But, it can make the first go a bit slow.

Thankfully, that slightly slower speed doesn’t have any effect on comprehension. While the lack of signage can make knowing what to do next tricky, it makes knowing what you’re doing at the moment obvious. Without additional links cluttering up the space, everything is fairly easy to grasp– even on your first visit.


Given the name of the website, “AdultFilmDatabase,” content is arguably the most important thing to consider. Granted, a nice user interface with easy-to-use features is necessary to get any meaningful use out of the database. But that doesn’t change the fact that the content is king in database services– adult or otherwise.

In this regard, AdultFilmDatabase is a bit of a mixed bag with plenty of good information but a bit more narrow than most of the other adult database sites. This comes in most notably with the absence of website content. Granted, the website’s name specifies that it specializes in adult films explicitly– but there’s no reason for it to be exclusive too.

Anybody who’s a fan of an online studio (and how many of them aren’t online these days) will know why this hurts. So much content these days is up on the web.

And, yeah, sure, a lot of these primarily online studios like Brazzers, BangBros, etc put together compilations. A lot of those studios are planning the online release around making those movies… eventually.

However, there’s still a lot of content that never makes it to an “official” movie release. Whether it’s a contract dispute, lack of thematic cohesion, or what, anywhere from ¼ to ½ of a site’s content doesn’t make it to “release.”

As such, if you’re trying to find content from specific sources, you’re likely always going to miss a big chunk of what’s available.

That being said, AdultFilmDatabase is still solid and offers plenty of information related to official releases. Whether it’s a relatively unknown star, a defunct studio, or a classic series, AdultFilmDatabase should have what you’re looking for.

On top of that, AdultFilmDatabase offers a bit of information related to stars and films that other sites don’t provide.

However, it should be worth noting that if you’re looking for more than just “data,” this isn’t the site. Some database sites also try to add little bits of information, top-10 lists, and other forms of content made with the database.

Of course, that’s more for browsing than finding and not as necessary.

One nice feature is the inclusion of clips and galleries to help you better know that you’ve found what you’re looking for. However, AdultFilmDatabase is not the only site with this content and doesn’t offer the most clips or pics either.

Much like with general content, what AdultFilmDatabase has is good, but it’s not as much as some of the competition.



Much as you might expect, this feature is similar to other hover functions with other websites. If you move your cursor over an indexed image and hover there, an image will pop up. Depending on whether you hover over a model or a movie title, the image will show either a headshot or the release’s cover.

Okay, so, let’s not freak out over this feature, because it’s been around for a long time in various other situations. However, there’s no getting around the fact that a hover function is particularly useful for adult databases. Because adult films are, inherently, a visual medium, it helps to see what terms you’re looking at.

This is especially useful if you’re not entirely sure what you’re looking for. I mean, yeah, having an advanced search is great. It allows you to quickly and, relatively, easily find what you’re looking for… assuming you know what you’re looking for. But what if you only have a still or a title or a first name?

While the hover function won’t provide better search results or make you better at searching, it still allows quick identification. That way, you’ll be able to figure out whether or not that specific search will be fruitful without wasting time looking at all of the unnecessary data.

Advanced Search

This is a solid function, though it’s by no means unique. Even with all of the different keywords, tags, and qualifiers, AdultFilmDatabase doesn’t exceed expectations. That said, AdultFilmDatabase’s advanced search function is still one of the most comprehensive available. However, you can get a similar result from some other sites.

For movies, you can search based on:
Title, Year, Director, Studio, Actors, and Category.

This section also allows you to select for non-hetero content as well as results with image galleries. For actors, you can search by:
Name, Gender, Years Active, Eye and Hair Color, Race, Ethnicity, Height, Age, Birthdate (which seems a tad repetitive just to stick another box in the search), Genre, and Number of Titles.


AdultFilmDatabase gets a middling grade for this section, because it lacks any new options. Granted, most of the options it lacks are pretty niche. For example, some databases will allow you to link personal reviews through approved sites. This provides the opportunity to assist your peers in finding what they’re looking for.

However, AdultFilmDatabase still links you to any active social media accounts that stars use like Twitter and the ‘Gram. You can also go straight from searching to viewing as most pages also link to paid streaming sites like AEBN and Hot Movies. Depending on the star or movie, you might even have access to Wikipedia, YouTube, or IMDB.

Final Notes

AdultFilmDatabase is a decent middle ground between a lot of other adult databases out there. It offers a robust advanced search that’s on par, but not better than, the best out there. Likewise, the content on official releases is pretty comprehensive, but it lacks web-only content. The interface is clean and easy to use, but it might be so to the point of diminishing returns where the site can feel a bit barren.

All in all, AdultFilmDatabase is a site to have on hand if you need it, but it’s probably not the only one that you should use. That said, AdultFilmDatabase has undergone some changes recently, which is a great sign. That means there’s still a reasonable chance that the website continues improving, maybe even adding some of the missing content in the future.


  • Clean User Interface
  • Advanced Search Function
  • Social Media Integration


  • Derivative, Copied Layout
  • No “Original” Content
  • Limited Out Linking