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  • Lots Of BBW Content
  • Protects The Identity Of Users
  • Very Clean & Easy To Use


  • Relatively Low BBW Videos
  • Strict Set Of Rules
  • Occasional Annoying Memes


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BBWChan Adult Image Board

BBWChan caters to all BBW erotic needs in the world. You will find Asian, Black, Latina, Futanari, White, etc., BBW images and video links. Most of these babes are barely covering their tits and booties with bikinis, lingerie, and robes, while others love to entertain. After all, most of the users here have a thing for bubbly booties that wiggle out their boners, making them imagine how much pleasure and gratification they would experience to spank them hard or simply pump their dicks between them. Anyhow, there seems to be room for just wishes with some users going as far as drawing their fantasy BBW babes with exaggerated physical features so that they look like super pumped up adorable blueberries. Even better, there are always new images being added every day, and you can always request reposts of images or video links posted in the past, and you didn't get a chance to download.

Join The Discussion Anonymously

The site does not provide for membership despite its forum-like structure. Hence, anyone can pick up some random username to join the board discussions, start their own thread or simply contribute BBW images and video links to the existing threads accordingly. This is very convenient for everyone; however, it also leads to users misbehaving. As you will notice, some of them do not care to adhere to the rules and regulations, using vulgar language against each other and uploading misplaced content. Anyways, there is nothing more incredible than being able to actually interact with users who also share in the love of BBW babes erotic images, videos, and everything surrounding this fetish.

How To Start A New Thread In The Boards

Apparently, any user on BBWChan is at liberty to share something in the existing boards, contribute to ongoing discussions, or request new ones. There is a list of regulations to be followed under each board. Even so, the general site rules are as follows:

  • Users are to follow through a certain thread if posted less than 24 hours ago unless they have enough content/videos/pictures to share.
  • Racism is condoned as the site is a neutral ground for absolutely any BBW loving individuals worldwide to share and enjoy content within the niche.
  • Advertising links, baits, discord links, etc., are prohibited on the site.
  • Make sure to only contribute relevant related content to every thread.
  • Users are to stick strictly to the site's business manner and avoid temptations to discuss other topics such as politics.
  • You can start a /BBW/ thread by providing a link to at least one video. However, you will need a minimum of three related pictures for the /tits/ and /booty/ boards.
  • Do not trade your content for the imageboards are created so that everyone can share related content and get to enjoy what other users also have.
  • You are only to post photos of BBWs who have released their photos for the world to enjoy, not take photos of random girls on the street to post here.
  • The site does not allow the sharing of social media details of the sexy BBW models whose images are featured on the site.
  • The maximum number of files per post is 4; these ought to be below 10MB. The only allowed file types are; PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, WEBM, OGG, MP4, and TXT.

Check Out The Categorized Image Boards

The various boards cutting across distinctive erotic compilations on BBW babes certainly insist that BBWChan is the best way to explore anything and everything there is to do with chubby babes. Who knew there were so many kinky things associated with these gorgeous women? Anyways, make a point of visiting their various boards to explore their BBW niches and more; they include:

/booty/ – Booty; the board features photos and video links of known and unknown BBWs' well-rounded buttocks and cheeks. Users post RANDOM hot BBW images from the internet and their OnlyFans purchases for the rest to enjoy and probably get off to.

/tits/ – Tits; the board is dedicated to the yummiest hangers, blossoms, and knockers of BBWs from across the world. You can take it from us that some of the naturally huge tits images posted here are baffling but will definitely leave any huge chubby titties lover with one heck of a boner.

/bbwdraw/ – BBW Drawn; this board consists of some of the most amusing BBW works of art such as deviant art, 3D, scribbled, normal, and BBW Hentai babes. Users challenge each other to draw and present BBW versions of various cartoon and Hentai characters while others just drool over their magnificent pieces of erotic art.

/bbw/ – BBW Real; the board contains images and video links of real thick curvaceous real-life babes working and showing off the best bits of their bodies. Well, there seem to be a lot of BBW babes with gorgeous huge tits and huge jiggly booties in the world who have embraced their super-hot figures and are, in fact, parading them across the internet. You can find photos, GIFs, and video links of these babes here.

/inf/ – Inflation; this is probably the strangest board on this site featuring beautiful chubby babes with especially huge tits and booties that appear somewhat pumped up. Apparently, some of these BBW babes' chunky tits, booty, and tummy seem bigger than the usual BBWs' sizes, while some GIFs show some of them pumping up their stomachs and farting repeatedly.

/ssbbw/- Super Sized BBW; the board features images and video links of cute obese babes in lingerie, cute, dresses, naked, etc. eating, farting, and among other things, simply carrying out with their daily lives. It is just incredibly brave to see these babes in love with their chubby bodies posing in front of the camera.

/bbwalt/BBW Alternative; visit this board for some peculiar and playful drawn colored and black and white images and animations of slob, vore, muscle babes, among others. There is a huge possibility that you will find the BBW versions of your favorite cartoon characters here.

/gen/General Discussions; all the other boards are purely restricted to content within their specified niches. However, you can write or post anything BBW oriented on this board. Therefore, users take the opportunity to rant about their devastations, such as their BBW lovers wanting to lose weight and so on, to get advice from sympathizers.

/ee/BB Furries, /bbfurries/; find colored and pencil drawings of fat foxes, rotund rabbits, and porky pigs cartoon characters here. Some of these are posted as doujinshi with awesome aspects of speech and correlating images to tell the story in a more formidable manner.

/elite/-erotic literature; the board features exciting sex stories and text featuring BBW characters indulging in all sorts of nasty things. The stories vary depending on niches; the most sort after stories are the chubby cat person and incest.

Please note that each of these boards has a set of guidelines for use beside the site's overall rules. Failure to abide by these regulations might lead to the deletion of your posts.

How To Find Your Way Across The Site

BBWChan is not your regular erotic images site for starters and might be a little too intimidating for first-time users. However, anyone who has used 4Chan before will have little to no challenges browsing through the site. The homepage features a rather excellently drawn BBW babe Pic, partially showing off her chubby honey pot, huge thighs, and titties that are basically threatening to burst out of her top. Below the image is a menu buttons list of the main boards of the site. These include; /booty/ – Booty, /tits/ – Tits, /bbwdraw/ – BBW Drawn, /bbw/ – BBW Real and /inf/ – Inflation. The rest of the boards include; /ssbbw/- Super Sized BBW, /bbwalt/BBW Alternative, /gen/General Discussions, /ee/BB Furries, /bbfurries/ and /elite/-erotic literature. Depending on your interest, you may proceed to either of the board rooms with a single click. Notice below each of the boards is a cutout featuring the last post on the trending thread for users to easily join in. The default setting on the top menu helps you go dark or bright depending on how much time you would like to spend on the site going over the posts and discussions. To make sure you only transition yourself to the hottest board discussions across the site, try the overboard section for all the exciting threads across all the boards. It might also be a good idea to seek out the help section for some more insights on how to use the site better.

What We Love About BBWChan

BBWChan is probably the greatest community of BBW lovers in the world. Many users interact and share erotically amusing images, animations, and video links of chubby babes. The site also presents an opportunity for users to explore some of the rarest subgenres of BBW content. More importantly, they can do so from their mobile devices to not miss out on the latest content additions.

What We Didn't Like About BBWChan

Unfortunately, the site is not as Ads-free as it used to be when it was purely operating from user donations. Apparently, the donations run dry a couple of months back, and the site was forced to depend on advertising. Also, irrespective of having strict rules and regulations, the site seems to be a bit lenient on users using foul language and tons of memes that can be a bit too annoying.

Final Notes

Any fat fetishist and BBW erotic content fanatic will find BBWChan's content nothing less of a goldmine. They will also be more than delighted to interact with like-minded individuals in the various subgenres boards available. More so, they will be able to view, stream, download, and make content requests to other members for free. Therefore, a couple of Ads and a forum layout that will probably take some getting used to cannot keep them away from the site.


  • Lots Of BBW Content
  • Protects The Identity Of Users
  • Very Clean & Easy To Use


  • Relatively Low BBW Videos
  • Strict Set Of Rules
  • Occasional Annoying Memes