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Last Updated on Jul. 20, 2024




  • “Fap Mode” is a Great Time-Saver
  • Lots of Different Formats
  • Has Extremely Graphic Content


  • Not the Best Layout
  • Not the Most User-Friendly
  • Some Categories are Lacking


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U18Chan Furry PornChan ImageBoard

Like all chan sites, U18Chan is free to use for pretty much every function. While this makes the official barrier to entry low, there’s still a price.

Those of you not familiar with chans will likely spend a good bit of time figuring out how to interact with everything.

So let’s dive in before you yiff and see what this furry porn chan imageboard is all about.

First Impressions

The first thing you will notice about U18Chan is how simultaneously sparse and full it is. The homepage greets you with an image of the site’s mascot Valkyria, a WWII SS-inspired Sergal. Already, the deep cut into niche furry lore provides you a clue that the European-based porn chan is the real deal.

It’s also nice that the homepage opens with a pun, letting you know that site doesn’t take itself too seriously. The first tab of the homepage is news. This generally provides news on-site issues and updates. Despite the WWII SS iconography, one major news item U18Chan notes is that it does not condone Nazi ideology.

That said, there is a relatively large far-right user base on U18Chan. Though, you should expect this given the allusive iconography. Like with most chans, if you have delicate sensibilities, you may not want to get too involved with the community.

The other tabs on the homepage include the FAQ and Rules tabs. The FAQ tabs reiterate a lot of the main information provided by the news tab. It also has links to important meta-pages like posting guides. The Rules tab provides a short list of common-sense rules you’re expected to follow. This tab also informs you of the potential consequences of breaking those rules.

Custom Viewing Options

There aren't too many options for you to customize your viewing experience on U18Chan. The layout remains the same for the most part, though this is common on Futaba-like image boards. You do at least get the option of changing the contrast from dark mode to sky blue mode.

Though there is no basic white mode, at least U18Chan starts in dark mode. However, U18Chan’s “Fap Mode” is probably its best custom viewing option. If you’re not interested in wading through full threads, click the Fap Mode. Everything but the images will collapse.

This makes it much easier to scroll through the images without having to trek through all of the cross chat.


As a Kasuba X imageboard chan, U18Chan is fairly straightforward. This makes navigating U18Chan easy compared to some of the other porn sites out there. The top left of every page has a navigation bar that features five drop-down menus. Clicking on any of these links takes you to the appropriate board.

From there, it comes down to sifting through all of the content and finding what you’re looking for. However, like most Futaba-based image boards, finding the content can be a bit trickier. Unlike some of the more user-friendly imageboard formats, U18Chan does not have an easy search system.

You can use some of the custom viewing options like “Fap Mode” to make it easier by isolating images from the text. That said, your best bet is still likely going to be searching the board with the ctrl+f find shortcut. Unfortunately, the boards are categorized broadly. These categories are based primarily on the sexualities, tabooness, media, and other qualities.

If you’re looking for particular categories like you would find with normal porn sites, U18Chan will be frustrating to navigate.


This is where U18Chan really shines. It boasts more and better content than most of its competitors. Keep in mind, most of the competition doesn't necessarily use a Futaba-based imageboard. Granted, some of the most popular competition uses a Danbooru-style of imageboard instead.

Still, if you’re looking for high-quality furry porn, U18Chan not only has you covered but offers niches you can’t readily find elsewhere. For example, solid furry gore porn is a niche kink that even many in the furry community have…reservations about. But U18Chan does not pass judgment.

In fact, the U18Chan moderators note their lack of stance on taboo kinks in the FAQ. This disposition shows itself again with the inclusion of Cub Furry Porn. However, this is one area where the moderators diverge from their hands-off stance. “Cub” in this context is only meant to represent young looking furries.

Aside from some of the more extreme and taboo niches, U18Chan also caters to most kinks with a furry spin. On top of that, you can expect to find all types of art styles on the imageboard. Everything from linework to hand-drawn to every kind of digital style can be found on U18Chan.

Of course, the main thing you’re looking for with content is your specific tastes. This is another area where U18Chan shines. Gay furries will be delighted to find that not only does U18Chan have specific boards for this niche, but it also separates male and female porn.

U18Chan even includes intersex furry porn. This might surprise people given the seeming rightward lean of the community. Something else that might surprise you given U18Chan’s more extreme elements is its “Cute” section which doesn’t include graphic images.

It’s worth noting that U18Chan hosts far more comics and links to furry porn comic Patreons than single images. There’s also a strict “no human” policy to avoid UK’s anti-bestiality laws. This means that those of you who don’t like interspecies furry porn don’t have to worry.


Since U18Chan uses the Futaba style, it inherently inspires you to get involved. Aside from the fact that all posts are anonymous, you can easily track a post’s threads. That said, U18Chan is pretty strict when it comes to its community guidelines. Granted, this is good in some respects.

You don’t have to worry about abuse as the moderators impose strict guidelines on that kind of interaction. However, since U18Chan originated from 4Chan, there are a lot of sub-culture “rules.” Some of these are stated in the site rules on the homepage. But other rules you need to know how Futabaesque image boards generally work.

Still, the community of U18Chan is active and solid. Be aware that they’re used to trolls and DDoS attacks. So the community may not be the most understanding if you break one of their rules. But if you familiarize yourself with the social expectations, you can not only find great furry porn but find like-minded individuals to share your affinity with as well.

Probably the best part of U18Chan’s community is its request boards. First, you can request specific art made by other visitors. This includes particular characters in explicit poses or situations. However, you can also ask the community to find the source of content that you’ve seen elsewhere.


U18Chan might be stuffed to the brim with plenty of furry porn to get your rocks off, but it doesn’t stop there. For those of you who prefer to imagine based on description, U18Chan also has a large library of furry erotic fiction. This section includes original works written by members of the community. But you can also find sourced works posted on external websites.

As for the other types of media on U18Chan, most of the larger files like furry porn videos and games are the links. The links redirect you to a hosting service where you can download the files. Just be careful and make sure you have a good anti-virus program running to protect against bad actors.


  • Automatic bump posting puts newest content first.
  • Automatic thread routing makes finding your posts easier.
  • Watch thread notices follow your preferred threads.
  • Allows up to 5 simultaneous multi-file uploads.
  • Automatic inter-board post linking makes referencing easier.
  • Select board indices makes navigation much easier.
  • Fap Mode cleans-up the cluttered UI.
  • Extreme and niche categories appeal to taboo kinks.
  • Multi-format content provides more than just images.


  • Content: ***** (5/5)
  • Ease of Use: *** (3/5)
  • Features: *** (3/5)
  • Custom Options: ** (2/5)
  • Design: ** (2/5)
  • Overall: *** (3/5)

Final Notes

Ultimately, U18Chan is an expansive and well-organized furry porn chan. Take a little bit of time to familiarize yourself with its organization and layout. You’ll find that it likely caters to whatever kind of furry porn that you’re looking for. Even better, you can also find a community. But, be mindful with left-leaning statements.

Whether you’re looking for single panels, whole comics, or something non-visual, U18Chan has you covered. While it doesn’t boast quite as much content as some of the more notable competition, it’s still overflowing with furry yiffing fun. All in all, U18Chan should definitely be in any furry lover’s saved bookmarks.


  • “Fap Mode” is a Great Time-Saver
  • Lots of Different Formats
  • Has Extremely Graphic Content


  • Not the Best Layout
  • Not the Most User-Friendly
  • Some Categories are Lacking