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September 24, 2020
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The world of adult entertainment has evolved and matured quite a bit in the last few decades. From the seedy porn theaters of the 1970s to the VHS era of the 1980s, DVDs in the 1990s and low quality pre-recorded porn videos after that. However, Porn may have finally made it’s long-lasting shift to something more genuine and mesmerizing with the invention of live sex cams for audiences everywhere starring cam girls who put on quite a sexy XXX show!

Live Sex Cam Site Technologies

When websites first started offering live sex cams the world was very different. Most people didn’t have broadband at home; nobody had more than a flip-phone and the broadcasts usually only offered a handful of girls in choppy videos that hesitated way too often. However, the early pioneers of porn cams like Cam4 and VideoSecrets pushed on through, spurring the rapid development of server technologies, data compression methods and network efficiency that have now become standard across the internet in porn and mainstream as well. Put simply, if it wasn’t for early cams online, media offerings like Netflix and Hulu would never have been possible.

Today, the top cam sites like Chaturbate, Flirt4Free, StripChat, MyFreeCams and LiveFreeCams are built on massive server systems and provide crystal clear HD webcam sex shows for free to your home or mobile device anywhere you go. There is nearly zero latency, no lag, and thousands of centerfold quality performers are online 24 / 7 to shows you what you want to see in virtually any genre of sexual entertainment. Speaking of virtual, the tech continues to progress and some of the best cams sites have even started to offer virtual reality sex shows live from the bedroom of your favorite new playmates.

Free Porn Cams

Another important change is the way that cams make money from their audience. When live adult cams first started they were all X dollars per minute and you couldn’t see anything more than a photo until you paid in advance to go private. That all changed when MyFreeCams launched and everyone in the industry thought its owners were crazy!

Their idea, which proved to be correct, was that live cams online are really similar to a hot new strip club in your own local area. When you go to the club and sit at the bar, you may not have paid anything to get it, and if the guy next to you is making it rain, you also get to see plenty of action on stage just by sitting near him.

In the end, the change to a tips based business model allowed more people to enjoys shows, more excitement to be in every room, with big spenders getting the celebrity VIP treatment from performers and fans that they deserve, while well-behaved freeloaders get to see a lot of the action gratis while cheering on girls who are thrilled to have all their attention.

Now nearly every cam site has some kind of tip-based options for fans, and the barrier to being able to see a pretty girl getting naked for you live online has dropped a lot lower. That brings in more fans, and once people see how much better cams are than traditional porn, many become VIPs eventually to see the most hardcore action in private shows as well.

Adult Webcams

So, even with all the tech improvements of free live cams, what makes them so much better than watching hardcore sex videos on a porn tube? The answer is actually pretty simple. When you download or stream a porn movie, what you are really watching is pre-recorded XXX that was filmed for the enjoyment of someone else. Traditional porn is filmed in a studio, with a director and a crew dictating what the actors do as they pretend to have sex the way that the director wants to see it. Then fans come along to watch the movie and have to hope the director is into the same sort of things you are into when you want to cum.

With adult cams on the other hand, you remove the middleman completely. Watching a live streaming sex show lets you communicate directly with the performer in real time. She gets her direction directly from you, and listens only to you with a keen focus on doing whatever it takes to drain your dick!

Ask her to turn around and show you her ass, then tell her to look right into your eyes as she squirts her best orgasm into a blue bowl where you can have her drink it from later. If you are a big tits fan you can have your favorite cam girl oiled up and rubbing her perfect breasts for you as long as you like. It really is as simple as telling her what you want to see, and if you are an extrovert you can even engage in a cam to cam show where she gets to see you cumming as well!

Just How Big Have Live Cams Become?

According to recent XXX Cam Industry Research from 2016, “the money generated by camming sites was upwards of US $2 billion annually. The pornography business as a whole is estimated to be about $5 billion” and “According to the web traffic analysis services LiveJasmin generated more than 9 million unique viewers every month.”

Keep in mind those numbers are from back in 2016 when that kind of data was easier to access. Now those numbers are guarded much more carefully by cam site owners, but it’s fair to say that the audience of cams has easily more than doubled and may have quadrupled since then.

With recent history from the Covid 19 pandemic, dating has become much more challenging and many horny people (men, women, trans and couples) have turned their attention to live cams instead. Let’s face it, nothing is better than actually fucking a hot sweet partner, but when you can’t go to a club or use a dating site to find your next mate… or any time there are no dates available for you, having your own virtual date with a centerfold on a cam site who is there to serve you is always an amazing option. Especially when you realize you can watch her fingering her pussy, sucking off a dildo or fucking other girls live online for free!

The Bottom Line

Webcam sex shows aren’t just another kind of porn, they are the evolutionary replacement for pre-recorded porn as we knew it. The same way nobody is buying VHS tapes of Ron Jeremy fucking Nina Hartley anymore, soon nobody will bother watching a downloaded video filmed a couple years ago in a room where some dude was calling the shots and telling the pretty girl exactly what he wanted to see her doing.

Instead, traditional porn is being replaced by live streaming sex to your desktop, television set top box or mobile device on the go. When you find a new favorite cam girl and it turns out she is willing to do all the taboo things you enjoy most, it’s a live event that makes your skin tingle. Like attending a once in a lifetime concert or a rocket launch.

Roleplay any fantasy you can imagine, or reenact something that really did happen in the past. Would you like another crack at that blonde teacher with big tits you wanted to fuck so badly years ago? Tell your cam sweetheart what name she should use, arrange what you want her to wear, pick out any sex toys you want to see inserted and give her an idea of the scenario you want to enjoy. Then relax and watch it all come to life in real time as she takes on the persona you prefer and focuses all of her attention on getting you to the biggest orgasms of your life.

Perhaps it’s that hot next-door neighbor she reminds you of, or your friend’s hot new girlfriend you want to mouth fuck for hours but are too shy to ask. Cam girls can step in and become sexual surrogates for any fantasy you want to experience and thanks to decades of progress since the medium first began, they are now able to provide you with completely realistic, absolutely authentic and mind-blowingly erotic interludes so exciting that the memories from each are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

It’s more than just a trend or a flash in the pan, as porn site audiences continue to dwindle and more fans discover the joy of real live sex shows starring girls of every variety nationality and sexual persuasion. Whether you want to watch an Arab in a burka, an ebony hoodrat from the ghetto or a bubbly blonde valley girl getting fucked along side the Asian slut of your dreams, getting the perfect custom combination of performers and niches to satisfy your urges only takes a few clicks and CamPlayer is always here to help. Welcome to the dawn of a new era where live cams dominate every other form of entertainment online!

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