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Last Updated on May. 9, 2024

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  • Great Navigation Options
  • Excellent Pricing Options
  • Plenty of Free Options


  • Not the Most Content
  • Is a Bit Cluttered
  • Spotty Connectivity

Strip Chat

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Strip Chat Free Live Sex Cams

Live sex chats are nothing new with the biggest players that have been around for almost two decades. While not completely saturated, the live sex chat market is “mature” with plenty of established sites.

50 free tokens
Get 50 free credits with account verifications.

Strip Chat is one of the newer sites trying to break into this market, but it has its work cut out for itself. Thankfully, Strip Chat offers a nice mix of competitive pricing, solid navigation, and an ever-growing roster of talent to help achieve its goal.

First Impressions

Strip Chat’s homepage doesn’t have much to it, but that just belies everything you’ll find inside. Thankfully, it asks for your gender preference which avoids content you might not be interested in–even if it is popular with other people. Once you affirm your age, almost everything Strip Chat has to offer becomes immediately available.

That said, the true homepage is a dizzying jumble of options that can leave your head spinning. Granted, it’s about as good as you can expect from any live sex chat which always displays dozens of options. However, compared to most of its competition, the layout is reasonably easy to use. The darker background is also a nice touch.

When you sign up, Strip Chat asks a series of preferences to make suggestions for models you might want to watch. After signing up, Strip Chat populates the homepage with models and streams tailored to your tastes. There’s also a series of specials that change throughout the day and highlight popular categories, professional pornstars, and unique types of streams.

The search features allow users to look for models, categories, countries, and even through tip menus for specific requests they can make during the shows.

VR sex cam shows
Watch virtual reality sex cams using a VR headset.


This is one of the places where Strip Chat really shines. Granted, most live sex chat sites have good content, and users of multiple sites are liable to see familiar faces. That said, Strip Chat definitely does not have the same number of users nor the same general quality.

Don’t be put off, there are still plenty of hot cams with whatever gender or combination you want. But there is no getting around the fact the site is still growing. Thankfully, there are a couple of options Strip Chat offers that make it likely their model base will only continue to grow and improve.

As it is, the content is still good if not necessarily “elite” like some of the more expensive live sex chats out there. It’s worth noting that the models you’ll see on Strip Chat that are also on other live sex chat sites often stream simultaneously. In this instance, it means that you should choose based on other factors like specific physical traits (hair color, body type, etc). The good news is that Strip Chat has those covered as well.

For instance, if you just want to find the hottest, sexiest models out there, you can always outsource that to the community. With Strip Chat’s Top Model page, you can see what’s the most popular stream for every 3 hours, every day, or every month.

One potential issue with Strip Chat’s content comes in the form of previews. Specifically, Strip Chat does not offer live previews like many of their older, more established competitors. Instead, models on Strip Chat provide what amounts to a profile picture. This means you might open a chat with a hot profile pic but the model(s) in chat are just hanging out.

While not a problem, it seems as if Strip Chat has more Latinx models than anything else. Granted, they have models of every type, but not every type in every category. Also, Strip Chat offers VR cams, recordable shows, and mobile phone cams though there aren’t that many VR cams at the moment.

However, the mobile phone cams allow the cam girls to take you on the road with them to different locations and settings. If you get bored of the bedroom stage, then click on any of these streams and feel the adrenaline of mobile adult chat in public spaces. Just be aware it’s often a bit more limited but little else combines voyeur and exhibitionism like it.

top cam models
A variety of top performing models to match your taste.


The streams upfront might draw you in, but the options behind the scenes may very well keep you coming back for more. There are numerous ways to interact directly with the models who, for their part, are responsive to the chat and tips. However, Strip Chat provides a full suite of interactive options.

Granted, many of these options are offered by other sites, but models with interactive sex toys put you in the driver’s seat. Whether it’s a Lovesense vibrator or tip-activated fuck machine, the models will cum (and often squirt) at your command. Even many couples fuck harder when you tip them.

If you like a little bit of chance thrown into the mix, Strip Chat also offers a Wheel of Fortune. While this may not be a unique feature, Strip Chat’s WoF is at least easier to use. Rather than having to type some kind of bot command, you can just click the Java icon and give the wheel a spin for 60 tokens.

To take it to the next level, you can also go Cam2Cam. This feature requires a connected webcam and for you to purchase a private show. But, you’re rewarded with a direct one-on-one show that’s more intimate than just chat. If you do find a model that you prefer, you aren’t just limited to interacting with them while they stream.

You can join your favorite model’s Fan Club which gives you access to unlimited private chats, free spying on private shows, and a special badge in their chat. Most models also sell photoshoots for tokens similar to some other sites. Some of them even offer videos, both for tokens and free of charge.

For anyone wondering where their 50 free tokens for signing up is, it’s more like Publisher’s Clearing House. By signing up, you’re able to enter an hourly giveaway where ten different users get 50 tokens. You have to click the “Get 50 Free Tokens” tab in a stream’s chat. If selected, you then have 10 minutes to claim your prize before losing it.

spy on cam shows
Spy on shows while models are in private shows.


While the content of Strip Chat might paint over some of its flaws, that is held back by the connectivity. It’s unclear whether these issues arise due to the model’s setup or Strip Chat’s servers. However, connectivity was definitely hit or miss, and the quality of models doesn’t matter if you can’t watch them.

Strip Chat offers a near-zero latency option, but this doesn’t do as much as you would hope. Without the zero-latency option, a lot of Strip Chat’s content is veritably unwatchable. It skips and shudders to the point you’d think you were watching on dial-up instead of modern broadband.

Switching the zero-latency off should input a delay in the stream. This may diminish some users’ experience since it wouldn’t be “truly” live. However, it would also allow for a smoother stream by providing precious milliseconds. As it stands, you’re liable to have connection issues on at least half the shows, potentially more.

Strip Chat might provide a great value, top-notch UI, and plenty of models, but it’s dependent on whether you can enjoy those features. You might be able to improve the connection by disabling any ad blockers you run and not using a VPN.

free cam model pics
Free collections of pics from your favorite cam model.

User Interface

When you compare Strip Chat’s user interface with other live sex chat sites, Strip Chat definitely stands out– in a good way. Unlike a lot of the competition, Strip Chat’s UI is set up more like a traditional tube with recommendations, user history, and different personal groupings.

The top bar tells you how many live models are on and links to top models. The top bar also holds your message center, notifications, and profile settings. You can also find most of your personal groupings in the profile settings which is just another way Strip Chat’s UI is better.

In terms of the sidebar, the number of categories is impressive. Strip Chat separates these categories into age groups, ethnicities, body types, hair color, the cost of private shows, and kinks. If you expand the kink categories, the sheer list of options can be a bit intimidating. But this also means you’re likely to find whatever specific kink you’re into.

extended model profiles
Message, schedule shows and view pics and vids.


Compared to other sex cam sites, Strip Chat’s pricing sits somewhere in the middle. The prices are reasonable, but the larger bundles may leave a bit to be desired. At best, you pay $0.08 per token. When you consider some of the competition offer bundles with tokens at $0.06 per, this is disappointing.

That said, you won’t pay more than $0.10 per token, so while the floor is higher, the ceiling is lower. Even better, you don’t have to worry about any embarrassing confrontations with Strip Chat. When purchasing tokens, you can choose between two different nondescript billing statements, Paymentico and CentroBill. If you have any issues with your bill, you can contact the biller via email, live, chat, or on the phone.

When paying, Strip Chat offers a wide range of different options. It allows for far more than most of the competition. For starters, you can use most major international credit and debit cards. Strip Chat supports digital wallets like PayPal and Skrill as well. Strip Chat also accepts cryptocurrency but takes it a step further by accepting gift cards too.

Like many other live sex chats, Strip Chat also offers an “Ultimate Membership” for $19.99 per month. Most of the benefits come in the form of interactions. Ultimate Membership allows you to send private messages, use emojis, and moderate the chat room. Strip Chat’s Ultimate Membership also extends to personal features. These include a badge in chats, Invisible Mode, and anonymous tips.

remote control sex toy
Control remote sex toy and give model orgasms.

Token Costs

  • 90 tokens for $9.99
  • 200 tokens for $20.99
  • 540 tokens for $49.99
  • Ultimate Membership $19.99 per month

Payment Methods

  • Credit – (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Maestro, JCB, Diner’s Club)
  • Digital Wallet – PayPal, Skrill
  • Gift Card – Walmart, Starbucks, Target, and 100+ More


  • Streams in up to 1080 HD for great resolution
  • Offers private and group shows for exclusivity
  • You can record your private shows to watch later
  • You can set up Cam2Cam shows for one-on-one time
  • Lets you peek in on private shows to join in on the fun
  • Supports VR and mobile cam shows for different devices
  • Supplies interactive features and direct connections to get to know the models
  • Affords multiple anonymous options to hide your identity
  • Has a great user interface for easy navigation
  • Provides two-factor authentication to protect your information


  • Price: **** (4/5)
  • Content: *** (3/5)
  • Features: **** (4/5)
  • Ease of Use: *** (3/5)
  • Connectivity: *** (3/5)
  • Overall: ***⅖ (3.4/5)
top user support
top-tier customer support to assist you with your needs.

Final Notes

Strip Chat is an up and comer in the live sex chat scene with plenty to offer. Its UI is easily one of the most navigable we found in the genre. This makes it incredibly easy to find whatever category of porn you’re looking for. The background is also easier on the eyes than the common white background.

The roster of models is continuously expanding and includes many popular models from other sites. On top of that, you can watch in up to 1080 HD, depending on the model’s setup. Unfortunately, even the low-latency setting is not enough to make up for Strip Chat’s spotty connectivity.

Still, the price is right as Strip Chat sits in the middle of affordability. And, Strip Chat has so many interactive elements that you won’t lack for something to spend those tokens on. All in all, Strip Chat is a solid live sex chat that opens the doors for a convenient and easy way to watch sexy models doing anything and everything.


  • Great Navigation Options
  • Excellent Pricing Options
  • Plenty of Free Options


  • Not the Most Content
  • Is a Bit Cluttered
  • Spotty Connectivity