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November 22, 2023
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It’s still a huge debate whether people should have sex on the first date or stick to the 3-date rule. The three-date rule is based on the assumption that buying time will let you know the person better. However, not everyone is capable of holding on. For instance, what if the two of you have perfect chemistry and feel safe with each other? What if that was the only intention you came for the date in the first place? In this case, getting intimate on the first date would be harmless, but where should you start?

Dating Site to Meet a Partner with the Same Goals

This is the surefire way to meet your kind of person affordably and conveniently. Take chicks2fuck, for example; as the name suggests, you can expect to meet someone open to the idea on a first date. Online matchmaking sites, especially niche dating sites are clear on the services they offer. Hence, you will rarely misunderstand your date’s intentions, like with someone whose body language sends mixed signals. If you’re fidgeting about setting up the mood, here are five date plans you need to get lucky.

Netflix and Chill

These three magic words have worked wonders. Who needs an expensive date plan when you can watch a movie together (or not) and get extra benefits? This is a subtle yet direct way of telling your date that this could be more than just a movie. Furthermore, this is a perfect plan if your date loves movies as much as you do. Hence, you have something fun in common and won’t have to fake anything. All in all, moving too fast may be misconstrued as desperation and disrespect, so take it slow and let the romantic feelings build up.

Couples Massage

This is a surefire way to set a romantic mood. In fact, if you are anxious about undressing in their presence, a massage next to your partner helps calm your nerves. A good spa with smooth, romantic music and the right stimulating environment will go a long way.

Additionally, seeing each other’s naked bodies next to each other with a touch of naughty jokes will lead them to what you have in mind. So, compliment them, throw subtle hints, and pay attention to their responses. Again, some spas serve wine to enhance your relaxation, which can work to your advantage. It helps with getting cozy and relaxing.


Bars have an aura that has always made it easier for strangers to interact. Talk of one-night stands, to friendships, to marriages; bars have helped people mingle and have fun. To your advantage, bar-hopping works whether you have a date or not. Identify the best bars with the right mood that can lead to you taking your date home.

Apart from being a fun experience, bar-hopping draws you closer to your date. Even the slightest hugging, touching, and kissing breeds erotic feelings, and then it’s downhill from there on. However, you still need consent at the spur of the moment, especially when intoxicated. Discuss your intentions with your date to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Dancing Date

This is a great way to gradually build sexual desire, making your bodies yarn for more. Look out for venues with smooth jazz and dance the night away. Romantic dances bring you closer together, sharing intimate feelings and exploring each others’ bodies. Spice it up with flirts and subtle body language suggesting what you desire.

Dancing provokes physical connection, making it easier for couples to feel comfortable next to each other. Remember to stay classy but with a tinge of romance to heighten the excitement.

Wine Tasting

There is a reason why wine is widely considered a symbol of passion and love. As an Italian novelist explained it, wine adds a smile to friendship and a spark to love. Taking your partner out for a wine-tasting date is a perfect idea for a night that could end in each other’s arms. Wine cools your nerves and heightens sensory pleasure. Furthermore, the romantic ambiance surrounded by wine adds to the intimacy and excitement.

The ideal wine-tasting date should starts with general talk then subtle conversations about sex without making it uncomfortable. Subsequently, this date idea works when the sexual feelings are mutual, and even if they are, seek outright consent.


Planning first dates can be hectic, especially when your goal is to get laid. In fact, if it’s your first time doing it, this can be hectic and nerve-wracking. However, this is because you don’t want to be rejected or misunderstood. Nevertheless, these ideas are highly likely to get you into their pants. What stands out in all these ideas is that you must build up the mood first, ensure the feelings are mutual, and seek consent.

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