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September 2, 2021
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All You Need To Know About The YourDoll Company

YourDoll is a top-quality sex doll store founded in 2014 and opened its first physical location in 2017 in California. The company’s sole purpose has been to provide legit dolls from the best sex Doll manufacturers in the world in a market that has been over the years flooded with fake sex dolls and imitations. All their durable and highly flexible sex dolls are made from either Hypoallergenic silicone or TPE, which has been tested and declared safe for use. You will find their online website simple to use and self-explanatory. And more importantly, you will appreciate that they are willing to go above and beyond to get their customers exactly what they need and deliver it wherever they are in the world at an affordable price maintaining good relations with them through their various commutation channels.

YourDoll’s Collection

For starters, all dolls and accessories featured on this website fit within the price range of $1000 and above $2000. This is affordable considering that their dolls are made of quality materials and by legit manufacturers. They have even attached their manufacturers’ licenses on the site for you to confirm. Besides, there are ten factors to consider before choosing an I stock or going for a custom doll. They include; race, gender, body type, features, material, breast size, price, height, and accessories. Basically, you can run wild with your choice of sex toy by going for gay, lesbian, vampire, Japanese, celebrity, or even anime sex dolls. Even better, you can always choose to spice things up with a detachable pussy and cock, you know, for the shemale sex fetish experience. The site also facilitates the customization process where buyers get to design their own perfect dream sex dolls. Please note that you can always get extra sex Doll heads, eyes, wigs, clothing, etc.

Functional And Quality Sex Dolls

YourDoll delivers in quality, safety, and privacy terms. They provide what the customer needs. There is no doubt that you will unlock infinite sexual possibilities with these dolls – they are flexible and can conform to any sex position you are craving. They are also detailed accordingly to ensure user safety, and all the materials used in their production are tested to ensure that they cannot harm the user. Just imagine how fantastic it would be to have a perfect doll with your favorite facial expression, pubic hairs, vagina size, boobs, among other things, simply at your sensual beck and call. Better yet, the dolls are designed to generate warmth, moan, and feel like something close to a real human babe.

Honest Customer Reviews About Quality

YourDoll is a quality sex doll store that stacks pure grandeur dolls that are perfectly designed to look and feel like the woman of your dreams. All their sex dolls are authentic and made of TPE or silicone, which are perfect materials for heating and imitating real human skin. The site also has a sex dolls review section that is 100% written by buyers who upload photos of their sex dolls as relating to their satisfaction. We also noticed that most of them had rated their dolls with a fine 5 stars, which tells a lot about the store’s legitimacy. There are also male and female dogs that can be customized differently to cater to the diverse needs of straight, gay, and bisexual individuals worldwide.

Favorable Varied Payment Methods

YourDoll accepts various payment methods, including PayPal, Money Order, and direct credit cards. They also accept USD, CAD, EUR, and GBP as forms of currencies. In case of any trouble making payments, their payment information page has anticipated a few issues and recommended solutions. You can also always contact them via email, Skype, or even the phone number provided to get quick assistance from their help desk. Otherwise, you can shop as many sex toys as you want at an affordable price despite any credit card limits by simply splitting the payments across several cards. You can also enroll in their fantastic buy now pay later Klarna policy that allows you to clear payment in 4 interest-free installments.

Privacy & Shipping

The website offers discreet sex Doll shipping across the world, and you don’t even have to worry about shipping expenses because they do it for free. Available sex dolls are delivered within 0 to two business days; however, there are different production time frames for normal TPE dolls, SE doll TPE, and Silicon dolls that are custom ordered or made on-demand. The site has also indicated the estimated shipping times for all its carrier service providers across various continents in the world. Apparently, their sex toys are packed in plain carton boxes, and there isn’t any information whatsoever on the package that suggests it might be a sex toy. Also, make sure to research your country’s customs and tax policy, especially if you live outside the USA. Otherwise, it is important to inspect the doll from head to toe to ensure it has not been damaged during shipping.

Cancelation & Return Policy

If you notice any tampering or defects on the sex Doll during your pick-up, please record and contact their customer service within 24 hours. All their sex dolls are thoroughly inspected as part of quality control. However, if the claims made are irrefutable, the company will repair or replace the doll respectively. Please note that the original doll image may vary a little from your delivery because of variations like makeup which you can always easily switch up to your liking. Buyers wishing to cancel their orders may do so within the first 24 hours of purchase and will be liable to a 10% cancelation fee and 20% or 30% after 24 hours, respectively. Still, a few items are not subject to cancelation, such as silicon/Dolls with implanted hair. Refunds are issued to buyers who have received wrong sex Doll orders, which hardly ever happens. You can always change or add items in your cart prior to the processing of your order at no cost.

Why Should You Choose YourDoll For All Your Sex Toy Needs?

While YourDoll cannot exactly control the amount of time their various carriers take to deliver the dolls to various parts of the world, there are also plenty of reasons why you should consider the store for all your sex doll needs. According to their many customers in the reviews section, their sex dolls are legit, functional, and of high quality. They are also pretty affordable, granted that they are made from TPE and silicon, not to mention, there are a variety of convenient payment plans and methods. Even better, you can always trust them to deliver the exact stocked-in or custom doll to your doorstep very discreetly. You do not have to worry about where to get doll accessories or take care of your sex dolls to enhance their durability and functionality because they cater largely to both. Now, what are you waiting for? Get your authentic super sexy doll from YourDoll already, and have a great time.

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