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March 18, 2020
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It's an open secret: sex sells. We see it with the company that hires a sexy spokesman to drive the ladies crazy. It's there in the sultry poses of the models in magazines—we’re a visual society, and sexy images are appealing across the board.

The internet heralded a new age in the entertainment industry. All you need is a webcam and an audience, and you can start earning some money. Now, you could make that money with a cooking show, but you'll need more than your grandmother's favorite recipes to make a fortune.

Remember what we said earlier about sex selling? Change the format to a nude cooking show, and you’ve probably earned yourself a lot more money. Just be careful with the recipes you choose–spluttering fat is dangerous in delicate areas.

By embracing the top marketing technique in the world, you can find a lucrative career as a cam model.
In this post, we’ll talk you through the basic steps toward becoming a cam model.

Start with Research

These aren’t videos that you want to stream on YouTube or Facebook. Instead, research sites that host live streaming videos, like Chaturbate, which is one of the biggest cam sites.

Take a look and see what’s on the site already for a better idea.

Keep in mind that you post your video to the site and then rely on tips from viewers. The streaming sites make money by keeping a percentage of your tips, so it's essential to check what these percentages are upfront.

It’s also vital to understand how the tipping system works. Do the viewers tip you with FIAT currency or tokens? If it’s tokens, what value does each token represent?

It is also wise to check reviews for the sites so that you find a platform with reasonable traffic.

Decide How Far You’ll Go

There are many different cam models out there.

What people most want to see, though, is hot scenes, exciting sex, and nudity. You need to decide how far you're willing to go before you begin. Trust us; someone is always going to ask you to go further.

Are you open to having live sex with multiple partners, or do you want to keep things more PG-rated? The choice is yours.

Now Choose Your Niche

There's a lot of competition out there, so you will need to distinguish yourself from the start.

What can you offer that no one else does? What'll keep your clients coming back for more? Earlier, we joked about teaching a cooking class in the nude—who knows; there might be a market for it.

What about providing a primary chat option? Not everyone can afford to hire an escort for companionship. Perhaps, you could be a chat-based escort instead.

Create your persona, choose a fun name to go with your escort services, and build your brand.

Safety Tips When Creating Your Persona

Consider incorporating some sort of disguise, too. It could be something as simple as colored contacts, a wig, or heavy makeup, for example.

If you choose to be recognizable, there are risks:
1. Someone you know might rat you out
2. A hacker might expose you to cause chaos
3. A criminal might blackmail you by threatening to show your family your private channel

Choose a name that’s not related to yours (or your nickname). Never share personal information that provides clues about your identity. Regular viewers can piece these snippets together and figure out who you are and where to find you.

It might even pay you to block viewers from your home state or country, if possible.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve covered the basics, it’s time to start creating content. Work on building relationships with your viewers so that they become regulars.

It might take a while to build up a decent income this way, but it’s possible to do so if you persevere.

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