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Last Updated on Jul. 12, 2024




  • Studio and Site
  • Thousands of Amateur Vids
  • Lots of Extras


  • Somewhat Specific Niche
  • The Best Stuff is Paywalled
  • Inconsistent Free Quality


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FAKings Amateur Porn Tube

FAKings started out exclusively as a studio that produces high-end amateur porn with dozens and dozens of titles to the studio’s name. However, rather than have to worry about viewers finding their videos on other sites, FAKings posts many of them for free on its own site as a free sample for prospective subscribers.
This arrangement provides some advantages to the viewer– namely that you never have to worry about FAKings removing the content due to a copyright strike. However, make no mistake that FAKings doesn’t want you to stick around its free offerings in the FAKings TV section for too long.

Still, this porn site has some other uncommon attributes associated with it like an unusual website design and extra features that you won't see in too many other places. That said, does all of this justify a premium subscription, and if not, is FAKings worth fapping to more than once or twice in the first place?

First Impressions

UI: An Acquired Taste

FAKings has an interesting user interface, to say the least, that you don’t see too often anymore. For starters, the color scheme leaves something to be desired with mostly a white background that is pretty bright in a dark room. Oddly enough, the top header bar is in greyscale, but that’s the only aspect of the page like that.

However, at least the header bar is fairly useful, though its utility depends a bit more on how you’re using the site. If you’re an FAKings premium member, then the header bar provides links to all of FAKings’ content including the subsidiary studios that have exclusive deals as well as the extras.

You can also find your standard grouping links like latest, most popular, most watched, and the like. However, it’s the thumbnail design that drops FAKings’ user interface score. That’s because FAKings doesn’t use the page system and instead provides a perpetually populating list that you have to keep loading more of.

Aside from the fact that this design can make it so a single page is dozens of “normal” pages long, it also requires your device to do a lot of loading.

Good Indexing System

Where FAKings falls a bit flat in terms of the user interface, at least the infrastructure behind the scenes is in tip-top shape. Regardless of who, what, or where, you shouldn’t have any issue finding it thanks to FAKings’s solid indexing system that might lack some of the secondary bits of info, but gives you everything you need to find your preferred type of porn.

For starters, while FAKings may not provide a massive list of keywords with hundreds or even thousands of different terms, you won’t have to worry about finding your niche. That’s because FAKings still provides dozens of the most popular categories and a few that you won’t find everywhere like adult fairs and big clits.

Not only does FAKings apply uncommon tags, but it also does a pretty good job of making sure that tags that apply are applied. You can also search for content based on the porn star (no longer a guarantee with other sites…) or the studio. So, while the site design might not be the best, you shouldn’t have any difficulty navigating it to the porn you’re looking for.


Up-and-Down Free Content Quality

When it comes to what FAKings offers for free, you might not end up sticking around too long. Granted, FAKings provides plenty of free content with thousands of videos, but 80% of the free content is clips that are 5 minutes long or shorter. Sure, FAKings streams a lot of full-length videos for free too.

But there’s no getting around the fact that most of FAKings’ best content sits behind the premium membership paywall. It’s also worth noting that many of the less common niches that FAKings caters to don’t come with the free videos. Still, if you like amateur content, FAKings has more than enough to keep you satisfied.

Premium Membership Options

As mentioned, FAKings distinguishes itself, in part, by being a premium porn site that also provides plenty of free content. However, if you’re interested in the premium services, FAKings has some sweet deals. The standard subscription is €30/mo, but you can also get a 6 mo pass for €15/mo or the yearly pass for €10/mo.

Keeping in line with its “free samples” philosophy, FAKings also has a 2-day test run for only €2. Aside from unlocking all of FAKings' standard content, you also get access to the various exclusive studios that work with FAKings. Unfortunately, the cost of a subscription doesn’t also cover the cost of some of FAKings’ extra content.

Plenty of Extras

Producing porn and working with other studios to do the same is par for the course– for both premium porn sites– and often tube sites too. However, FAKings goes above and beyond even those other sites that go above and beyond.

Sometimes in familiar ways and sometimes in ways less common. For instance, FAKings hosts its own cam section, though you have to purchase credits to watch or interact with the models. You also have to register an account with FAKings to explore this feature. FAKings even has a swinger social media affiliate, though that requires a separate login account.


Uncrashable Video Player

Generally, the most you hope for with a porn site’s video player is that it doesn’t take too long to load– assuming the player works properly in the first place. Rarely is the video player one of the best parts of a porn site, but even with a premium membership, it’s hard not to appreciate FAKings’ video player.

Keep in mind that the FAKings video player doesn’t come with loads of extra features like a playlist or closed caption features. It’s a fairly simple player with volume and fullscreen options and not much else. Instead, the main benefit of this video player is its incredible reliability, and ability to handle pretty much anything you throw at it.

For instance, regardless of where you jump around in a given video, you’re not going to have to worry about the video player failing you. Skip around as much as you like, forwards and backward, even to the edge of the preload. Not only is the loading time extremely short, but there also doesn’t seem to be a normal way to crash it either.


  • Peruse thousands of amateur porn videos
  • Don’t worry about skipping thanks to a great video player
  • Enjoy primarily HD content, dependent on filming
  • Get even more great content with a premium membership
  • Mix it up with extras like live chats, swinger meetups, and affiliate studios

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, FAKings is a great site for any lover of amateur porn, though being located in Spain places some other constraints on it as well. While Spanish women aren’t the same as Latin American women, the focus on a nationality still might leave you looking elsewhere when you want some variety.

Still, there aren’t that many premium porn sites with multiple studios that give you this kind of taste for free. However, the overwhelming majority of FAKings’ free content comes in the form of short clips– though even with a lot of the clips, the site still provides access to numerous full-length videos.

Granted, FAKings might not be much to look at, but you’re likely not looking at the webpage too much anyway– well, not outside of its excellent video player. Even better, if you get tired of just looking at the porn, you can check out FAKings’ live cam shows or even arrange a meetup in their swinger’s section.


  • Studio and Site
  • Thousands of Amateur Vids
  • Lots of Extras


  • Somewhat Specific Niche
  • The Best Stuff is Paywalled
  • Inconsistent Free Quality