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Last Updated on Jun. 10, 2024

VISIT MegaTube

VISIT MegaTube


  • Solid Indexing System
  • Decent Video Player
  • Some VR Vids


  • Entirely Clips Vids
  • Deceptive Site Design
  • Nothing Particularly Special


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MegaTube Free Porn Tube

MegaTube may not be one of the older porn sites online, but it’s been around long enough to establish a decent foothold. That said, MegaTube takes a somewhat common approach and applies a little extra sauce, mixing and matching features found on other sites to try and find the right combination.
From a birds-eye perspective, this doesn’t necessarily distinguish MegaTube from all of its competitors, but it creates a relatively smooth browsing experience. Of course, browsing is only the first part of finding a vid to fap to. Unfortunately, this part is where MegaTube might drop the ball in some people’s eyes.

Granted, MegaTube isn’t necessarily noticeably worse than a lot of its competition, but it doesn’t stand out either– at least, not in a positive way. Instead, MegaTube ends up being just another clip porn site with some good and some bad. However, it’s MegaTube’s clickbait approach that can rub some people the wrong way.

First Impressions

Up-and-Down User Interface

For the most part, MegaTube presents a perfectly adequate and unexceptional user interface that doesn’t do anything all that well but neither does it fail in any egregious way. Instead, the biggest issue with MegaTube’s web page design is the color scheme which sees a blindingly bright white background.

In an age of dark modes, there doesn’t seem to be a good reason for any porn site not to have a dark mode option– if the site doesn’t just use a black or dark gray background, to begin with. However, even outside of the uncomfortable shade palette, MegaTube doesn’t hit all of the right buttons.

For starters, the homepage takes you to a list with thumbnails from the newest, most viewed, top-rated, or longest videos in MegaTube’s collection. The thumbnails are at least decent quality– though they might end up being better quality than the actual video… At the bottom of the page is MegaTube’s complete list of categories– which is at least not a bad list.

Mixed Indexing System

Speaking of MegaTube’s long list of categories, one thing this site gets mostly right is the fairly robust indexing system. Once, almost all porn sites had a decent indexing system. But, with the deluge of free online porn, a lot of sites are looking at navigation as a bonus that may or may not be necessary.

Depending on the type of site or more accurately the type of porn niche sites cater to, this may not be much of an issue. However, if the site is a generalist (which most of them are), this can make finding what you’re looking for unnecessarily difficult. Depending on the site’s content, it might not even be worth the time it takes to find the right vid to fap to.

Thankfully, that’s not an issue for MegaTube which has multiple indices to help you find whatever your “heart” desires. Beyond the sizable list of categories, MegaTube also generally does a good job identifying both the stars in a given vid as well as the studio that originally shot the material.

Taking this a step further, MegaTube also makes sure to have a master list of indexed stars (both male and female) as well as the studios. And, while it’s not exactly uncommon, it’s also nice that MegaTube’s thumbnails include links to stars and studios when known. Once you do choose a grouping, the page then offers a few helpful filters that can narrow it down further whether you’re interested in HD content or even a specific video length range– though that last filter can be a bit misleading.

Deceptive Content

Unexpected Results

Because fappers seemingly have all of the choices in the world these days, most porn sites play it straight and keep everything above board. Granted, for porn sites that rely almost exclusively on individual user uploads, things can get a bit hairy. When you crowdsource your content, you should expect mixed results.

However, that’s not the main issue with MegaTube’s content– and there wouldn’t even necessarily be an issue if MegaTube was a bit more transparent… or accurate. The main issue with MegaTube’s content (which could also be seen as an indexing problem, depending) is the deceptive time stamp labels.

Anyone just giving MegaTube a quick look would be forgiven for not knowing that it is currently a clip porn site. You’d be forgiven for this because MegaTube advertises primarily full-length videos with its thumbnails. However, click on one of those thumbnails and you’ll be taken to a clip of said video– one that is distinctly shorter than the advertised length.

Outside of the fact that this is frustrating, it also makes using the video length filter practically useless– unless you know what the original length of the video should be and use it to search for that. But really, who knows the original length of a porn video off the top of their head? Instead, it just ends up feeling like false advertising.

More Surprises

Keep in mind that many porn sites (likely upwards of half or more) are clip porn sites, so there’s not a stigma against that kind of content. Sure, people generally prefer full-length vids, but the right clips at the right time are often more than adequate for a satisfying fap. This approach just feels clickbaity.

Outside of the fact that all of the vids end up being clips, MegaTube also doesn’t boast that large of a catalog. With a bit more than 85k vids in total, MegaTube’s 5+ year history doesn’t seem to have been spent accruing videos. Returning to the false advertising a second, the video’s length isn’t even the only time this pops up.

At the heading navigation bar, MegaTube offers a link that advertises photoshoots. However, clicking on that link takes you to a dead page– though the page shows signs of where life once was. With 255 pages of photo sets, there’s not a single clickable link or thumbnail to any of them.

Beyond what isn’t there, MegaTube manages to underwhelm– especially when it comes to HD content. Most porn sites, regardless of their genre or style, include a good mix of SD and HD vids. However, MegaTube offers a little bit more than 10% of its total content in HD with no specificity of which type of HD (so it’s safe to assume 720p).

Mostly Good Connectivity

Adequate Video Player

MegaTube doesn’t do anything special with its video player that is the same one you can find on several different sites. That said, depending on the type of video, you might get a different player altogether. For basic videos, MegaTube uses one type of player and for VR videos it uses another.

Both players allow you to skip around without too much loading time. Just make sure you don’t skip to the edge of the preload. That can cause the player to fall into a never-ending load loop. Even if it loads out of the loop, you’ll have to pause and let it buffer to prevent it from freezing thereafter.


  • Skip around mostly unimpeded with a decent video player
  • Narrow and filter results to find the right content
  • Find most anything or anyone you want with good indexing
  • Live the fap with VR-compatible videos


User Interface: *** 3/5
Ease of Use: *** 3/5
Content: ** 2/5
Connectivity: *** 3/5
Overall: **¾ 2.75/5

Final Thoughts

MegaTube might have once been a great site, but it either needs some serious spring cleaning or to change its approach. While even a forthright site design wouldn’t inspire applause, it would at least make using MegaTube navigable. As it stands, you’re basing a video choice on studio and star recommendations exclusively.

It also doesn’t help that MegaTube’s user interface isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing– though it at least doesn’t impede your ability to find good porn. Even better, MegaTube hosts more VR porn than you might expect given everything else. Still, the lacking features and content make this one a hard sell.


  • Solid Indexing System
  • Decent Video Player
  • Some VR Vids


  • Entirely Clips Vids
  • Deceptive Site Design
  • Nothing Particularly Special