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  • Bite-Sized Porn Vids
  • Solid Indexing System
  • Content Source Available


  • Lots of Dead Vids
  • Lots of Repetition
  • Exclusively Short Vids

Fap Bar

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Fap Bar TikTok Porn Videos

Fap Bar is what happens when you distill influencer clout chasing, social media apps, and porn into one site. Considering how new and experimental of an idea and design it is, it’s pretty surprising that Fap Bar did such a good job– especially when you consider how many other influencer-focused porn sites out there don’t do half as well with twice as much to start with.
That said, all new formats and approaches take time to figure out, to see the emergent problems that aren’t immediately recognizable when gestating the idea. And, while Fap Bar has a few issues to work through before it’s ready for the big time, it’s still an impressive baby the site birthed.

However, even if Fap Bar were a perfect site (it’s not), there are still some people who won’t be interested in using it for more than a brief respite before looking for a “real” porn site. Still, if you’re interested in the direction porn is heading and want to see amateurs and pros alike, Fap Bar is worth a look-see.

First Impressions

Familiar User Interface

Anyone who uses TikTok (which, at this point, seems to be like the majority of internet users) should be intimately familiar with Fap Bar’s website design. Rather than a standard web page with headers and sidebars and a list of links or thumbnails, Fap bar starts you off in the middle of the action.

This can be a bit disorienting if you open the page and a video starts playing– especially if you already had plans when visiting the site. In this instance, it might take a quick second to orient yourself, but, thankfully, Fap Bar’s user interface doesn’t have all that much for you to digest.

At the bottom left of the page sits all of the relevant information about the video on the screen including the submitting user, the source, and other information to help group the content. On the right of the screen sits the mute/unmute button, the like button, and the user’s profile link (though, that also sits in the bottom left with the other identifying info).

The real clincher (and the most “functional” part of the user interface) is the menu button in the top right which provides access to Fap Bar’s indexing system. One thing to note is that, like TikTok, Fap Bar uses an infinite scrolling page design which means there’s always more porn just a swipe away. But it can be tricky to find something you passed a while ago.

Surprising Indexing System

If you’re a fan of influencer porn and spent any modest amount of time browsing the newer sites popping up to fill that niche, you might feel a bit of anxious disappointment toward Fap Bar. Most of the influencer and social media-focused porn sites out there have a bad indexing system that makes it difficult to find what you’re looking for (assuming the site has an indexing system at all).

Because of Fap Bar’s web page design, it’s easy to understand why someone might carry that same concern over to this influencer-centric, social media-focused porn site. However, you don’t need to worry about that at all, because Fap Bar not only has a good indexing system, it works better than you might expect.

For starters, Fap Bar offers numerous ways to organize its content based on source, kink, model, and others. When you consider that most influencer porn sites focus almost entirely on the specific model in question, the fact that Fap Bar includes your standard categories is almost refreshing.

One thing that’s a bit odd is the search bar which works well enough but can also provide some… unexpected results. Of course, since Fap Bar is a porn site, what makes the results so unexpected is that some of them aren’t porn. Though, that has a lot more to do with where Fap Bar sources its vids from…

Plenty of Content

Technically Clips

Given that Fap Bar models itself after TikTok, it should be unsurprising that all of the content comes in the form of clips. Now, there are plenty of porn sites out there that focus exclusively on clips, so Fap Bar should be seen as one of those. However, the swiping function makes the clip format feel a bit more natural.

However, because of the source for Fap Bar’s content, you can also find photos on Fap Bar– though, it can be a bit tricky to do so intentionally. And for those of you interested in less “realistic” content, Fap Bar even has a large collection of animated and computer-generated porn, full of your favorite anime and video game characters.

Follow the Trail

With all of the allusions to Fap Bar’s sources, it’s important to note that most of the content can be found in one of Reddit’s numerous subreddits. While you can certainly just go to the source on Reddit, you’re not going to be met with as pleasant of a user interface or easy of a site to use.

That said, even Reddit doesn’t host the original content, and for that, you’ll generally be directed either to Imgur or RedGifs. However, since Reddit is the site that Fap Bar sources from, using Fap Bar’s search bar can give you non-porn results. However, just using the site rarely brings up any SFW content.

Limited Connectivity

Multiple Sources

Traditionally, you might say that Fap Bar uses multiple video players, but that’s technically not an accurate way to describe how the site functions. If you’re watching a vid on Fap Bar, it’s technically using the same video player… though, it won’t perform in any way that you’re used to.

That’s because, with Fap Bar’s sourcing practices, you don’t get access to any kind of video player controls. Instead, as you scroll through Fap bar’s content, the videos automatically start to play. This works as you would expect for TikTok or any other kind of short-form social media content site/app.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about the video player in any traditional sense… though, that’s also the bad news. For example, outside of muting the volume, Fap Bar affords no level of control over the videos– you can’t even pause the video like you would with other social media vids.

Of course, this applies even further with no ability to adjust the video resolution and no option to watch the videos on full screen. Now, if you’re watching the vids from a mobile device, you won’t even notice anything unusual. However, watching on a laptop or PC can leave you feeling a bit too limited compared to what else is available.


  • Never stop watching with an infinite scroll
  • Find what you’re looking for with a decent index
  • Don’t worry about skipping from these vids
  • Enjoys loads of different vids for all types of porn
  • Backtrack to the source for even better playback


  • User Interface: *** 3/5
  • Ease of Use: *** 3/5
  • Content: **(*) 2(3)/5
  • Connectivity: *** 3/5
  • Overall: **¾(*) 2.75 3/5

Final Thoughts

To be clear, Fap Bar isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Chances are if you’re not already acclimated with the fever-pitch of turnover in the newest age of social media, this site might be more frustrating than it is illuminating. That said, if you’re already obsessed with social media, Fap Bar should slip right in without ruffling any feathers.

While most sites suffer from an infinite scrolling interface, the fact that Fap Bar accurately replicates popular social media puts this design exactly where it’s supposed to be. It also doesn’t hurt that this site offers a better indexing system than most of the other social media-focused porn sites out there.

On top of that, you don’t have to worry about a wonky video player making it difficult to impossible to watch your favorite vid– though, Fap Bar hosts and posts a lot of dead links indiscriminately. Still, you can generally backtrack any absent vid to its source and watch it or save it for later.


  • Bite-Sized Porn Vids
  • Solid Indexing System
  • Content Source Available


  • Lots of Dead Vids
  • Lots of Repetition
  • Exclusively Short Vids