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Last Updated on Jun. 12, 2024

VISIT FapFappy

VISIT FapFappy


  • Good Landing Page
  • Mixed, Bundled Content
  • Unique Content Tags


  • Poor Indexing System
  • Little Hardcore Content
  • Not Good Connectivity


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FapFappy Onlyfans Leaks

Despite its ratings, FapFappy is arguably one of the few new influencer porn sites that can stand out from all of the other similar sites popping up. Granted, that’s often not that tall of a bar to clear with many of these new sites trading in approaches that have served online porn for years in favor of… idiosyncratic approaches.
However, FapFappy stands poised to bridge these two worlds and take the best that legacy porn sites have to offer and combine it with developing trends from influencer porn sites. Unfortunately, trying to find a new way almost invariably comes with some missteps that don’t work out as well in practice as they did on paper.

Still, even recognizing that older sites have something to teach newcomers seems to be a big step for this new breed of influencer porn sites. To that end, FapFappy shows some real promise compared to most of its cohort, but will that promise be realized or drift away with the deluge of disappointing porn sites?

First Impressions

Uneven User Interface

When you first land on FapFappy’s homepage, you will be greeted with a bright white background that normally gets dinged. However, FapFappy is one of the few new porn sites that doesn’t just stick with one background and call it a day. Instead, this porn site offers the ability to switch the UI between a light mode and a dark mode to best accommodate your viewing preferences.

On top of that, all of the content without dead links feature a large, high-quality thumbnail– though that may not necessarily provide a preview of all of the link’s content. The thumbnails also feature a large font that’s easy to read as well as a list of the most common and popular tags associated with the link.

Even better, FapFappy eschews the infinite scrolling page in favor of numbered pages, making it much easier to go back and find the content you passed. Unfortunately, that page layout only applies to the home page as clicking on any tags or using the search bar sends to a page with an infinite scrolling design.

Unreliable Indexing System

If you’ve surfed new porn sites catering to influencer content, then this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to you. However, if you’re just getting into influencer porn, then the fact that the majority of sites catering to this developing niche employ some inconvenient indexing systems that are borderline pointless.

FapFappy actually bucks this trend in some ways but fails to stick the landing and ultimately employs an indexing system with mixed results at best. On a positive note, FapFappy is one of the few new influencer porn sites that applies traditional grouping tags that you would expect to find on any legacy porn site.

Unfortunately, FapFappy doesn’t apply these tags with the kind of consistency that makes them useful. You will regularly find bundles with missing tags that should apply. Conversely (and just as often), you’ll find bundles with tags that don’t apply. In the latter instance, you’ll generally find numerous tags that don’t apply which can make identifying those bundles easier.

Eclectic Content

Multiple Formats

One thing that FapFappy gets right is its commitment to multiple types of content– though, this is fairly standard for new porn sites focused on influencer content. Part of this has to do with the fact that influencers tend to take and post a lot of individual photos as well as photo shoots, meaning that huge chunks of content are still images.

Of course, having multiple formats also means that you can expect to find videos on FapFappy too. That said, even compared to other new influencer porn sites, FapFappy lags in terms of the video content. On top of that, the video content can fall into the same trap as a lot of the photo content (as discussed below).

Convenient Bundles

Like many other new influencer porn sites out there, FapFappy doesn’t post each piece of content individually. Instead, this porn site groups its content in bundles that contain multiple pieces of content (and often multiple formats of content within an individual bundle as well).

While this can make it tricky to know exactly what the bundle contains (outside of the, often improperly labeled, thumbnail caption), it’s a common enough practice. If FapFappy focused more on videos, this approach could be a problem. Thankfully, bundling photos and photo shoots together works out for anyone interested in still content.

SFW Content

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about FapFappy posting content that’s illegal (that anyone knows of). However, if you visit this porn site hoping to find nudes, there will be plenty of posts that surprise you– and disappoint. That’s because a lot of FapFappy’s content (especially the newer content) is just press photos taken on red carpets or photos posted to social media sites.

This means that a lot of the bundles might not contain any nude content– and the constantly mislabeled indexing system means you might have to stumble through a few bundles before you find some actual nude content. Of course, if you’re looking for less risque content as well, then FapFappy can more than provide.

Video Problems

Outside of the issue that FapFappy suffers with its photos, its videos aren’t free from their problems. Probably the biggest issue plaguing FapFappy’s video content is the sheer number of dead links. The only potential silver lining is that a video with a dead link often lacks a thumbnail too, making it easy to spot (and avoid).

Unfortunately, that’s not the only potential issue with FapFappy’s video content, though depending on your tastes and preferences, it might not be an issue at all. Essentially, “sex tapes” of famous, non-pornographic celebrities are more likely than not deep fakes. Of course, if you enjoy deep fakes, then this isn’t an issue.

Subpar Connectivity

Questionable Video Player

More often than not, a below-average video player can sound the death knell of a porn site, but it also often depends on what kind of content the site specializes in. For FapFappy, the site is almost lucky that its primary content focus centers on photos and sexy celebrities more than actual porn.

In terms of its ability to connect and load a video, it might not be the player’s fault, but it doesn’t matter what the cause is. The fact that oftentimes a video will simply refuse to load is a major issue. More troubling is the fact that even when refreshing the video, it will still regularly not load.

Keep in mind that those issues cover the video player before you even try to watch the video. Once you’re watching the video, the player’s performance doesn’t improve. While stress testing never caused the video player to crash, it was fairly easy to get the video player to fall into an infinite loading loop. Like when a video simply won’t load, refreshing the page may not reset the video player when it starts looping endlessly either.

Beyond the issues with loading the content or skipping through the video once played, FapFappy’s player also has the annoying “autoplay” function with no way to turn it off. Oddly enough, the video player includes ten-second skip buttons (both forward and back) but no other advanced controls.


  • Switch from light to dark mode as desired
  • Find rare content from uncommon models
  • Search based on unique content tags
  • Browse both pornstar and celebrity models
    • Ratings

      • User Interface: *** 3/5
      • Ease of Use: **(*) 2(3)/5
      • Content: ***(*) 3(4)/5
      • Connectivity: ** 2/5
      • Overall: **½(*) 2.5(3)/5
        • Final Thoughts

          FapFappy seems to understand that some of the design and structure choices used by legacy porn sites work for a reason. However, it also appears as if FapFappy’s webmasters don’t trust their judgment enough to commit as they include many of the poor design choices in other areas of the site.

          That said, combining influencer porn with celebrity content that may or may not be safe for work is an intriguing approach that hasn’t been common since the early days of internet porn. With a public obsessed with cults of personality and parasocial relationships, this can work out in FapFappy’s favor.

          However, the site needs to clean up its indexing system (and make sure it’s applied accurately). On top of that, FapFappy needs to clean up its dead links by either deleting the posts altogether or re-linking the content. Finally, FapFappy must get a new video player– preferably one that won’t load endlessly (or can at least be reset with a page refresh).


  • Good Landing Page
  • Mixed, Bundled Content
  • Unique Content Tags


  • Poor Indexing System
  • Little Hardcore Content
  • Not Good Connectivity