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Last Updated on Jun. 13, 2024

VISIT Axothots

VISIT Axothots


  • Comes in Bundles
  • Multiple Content Formats
  • Great Video Connection


  • Bad User Interface
  • Subpar Indexing System
  • Questionable Site Functionality


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Axothots Onlyfans Leaks

As you can see, Axothots is not a site without its problems and the problems it has– while not the most important part of a porn site– carry with them worrying implications. For instance, while some of these issues can be found among other new amateur, influencer porn sites, others just hint at low-effort work done by shoddy webmasters.
However, Axothots also boasts some backend features that are not only extremely useful for the user willing to dive a bit deeper but the site’s overall viability as a whole. In this regard, Axothots is a bit of a conundrum, with some aspects entirely phoned in if not outright forgotten and others meeting a surprisingly high bar.

Thankfully, Axothots at least puts in plenty of effort making sure that the most important part of any porn site, that being able to consume the porn, works about as well as you can expect. For whatever issues Axothots may have with its backend and ancillary qualities, it makes sure to get the heart and soul down pat.

First Impression

Poor User Interface

Well, if a site is going to have something wrong with it, it’s generally better that the problem doesn’t impact your ability to consume the content. Granted, it’s never a great idea to put a bad foot forward and make a poor first impression, but it’s better than having a major problem with the content or connectivity instead…

Oh what is this…there is videos leaked too…

Regardless, there aren’t too many things that Axothots gets right when it comes to the user interface with only one maybe being the thumbnails. Not only are they large and often of decent quality, but they include enough information to give you an idea of what content they link to– though, even that’s not a guarantee…

On the downside, you can start with a bright white background that is blinding in the dark and disrupts any sense of comfort or privacy. However, to make matters worse Axothots is one of the numerous new amateur, influencer porn sites out there trying to innovate its web page design and chase the kids’ trends with an infinite page scroll.

It also doesn’t help that the web page features far too many different bars, be they headers, footers, or sidebars– not to mention the collapsible bars as well. Oddly enough, depending on the page and the content grouping, you can navigate the site via individual pages– it’s just wildly inconsistent.

Poor Indexing System

It’s rarely a good idea to have a backend that can’t keep up with user demand, but it appears as though Axothots decided to put all of its attention into the “important” stuff and leave the secondary aspects by the wayside. While that’s a reasonably calculated risk, it makes navigating the site that much more difficult.

The pictures are cnetally located under the pictures tab…

For instance, Axothots has a “categories” section that drops down a list of all the different sources for the site’s content which include common names like OnlyFans, ManyVids, and Fansly. Unfortunately, what it doesn’t include are any actual porn categories– and you won’t find them on the actual content page either.

To make matters worse, a number of the header links are broken to an extent. Either they don’t have any content linked to them– whether watchable content or just indexing– or they link to the wrong kind of content. Going to the “models” page just brings up two random videos without any links to individual models.

While Axothots uses tags, you can only find them on the individual piece of content and they generally only include the model’s name, a vague descriptor, and potentially the video’s source.

Decent Content

Multiple Formats

So, one thing that’s important to get right when making a porn site focused on amateur, influencer porn is the content format. This comes down to making sure that your site can host the type of content the models make with some sites focusing exclusively on video content.

These are some nice high quality, full size images listed…

However, any fan of amateur, influencer porn can tell you that a massive amount of that niche’s content comes in still photos. As such, it’s awesome that Axothots ensures you have access to both video content as well as photo stills. Some of the content links are nothing but an entire photo shoot.

However, Axothots takes this approach a step further, perhaps to get ahead of the competition and even includes a section dedicated to gifs. While this is less for fapping and more for funsies, it still offers some solid value for those who are inclined to share or use adult gifs in their messages.

Bundled Content

This is another big benefit that amateur, influencer porn sites, in general, and Axothots, in particular boast. While it can be a bit frustrating to have to sort and sift through large bundles with multiple pieces of content buried under an avalanche of pics and embedded videos, it’s still super convenient.

The model view allows you find all the images to your fav onlyfans models…

And sure, it might make knowing whether that particular link would interest you at all a little more difficult as well, but if it’s from a model you enjoy, you probably don’t mind looking at more of their content anyway… Regardless, being able to get all of your content needs met in a one-stop shop approach cannot be understated.

Content Backup

Arguably one of the nicest unseen aspects of Axothots and its content is the fact that it spurns primarily from a forum dedicated to the posting, sharing, and pseudo-hosting of its content. While not exactly rare, this is also not the most common thing in the world for a porn site but offers significant benefits.

On the most obvious side, a forum allows users to coordinate the content both in terms of finding but also maintaining it, making it easier to re-upload any content struck down by a DMCA copyright strike. However, on a more minor note, this approach also allows the users to develop something of a community where like-minded people can share a hobby they all enjoy.

Great Connectivity

Basic MP4 Player

While the decoration and navigation of Axothots might not meet the highest standards, following the trend of making sure the important parts of the site work well, the connectivity is great. It’s worth noting that a significant portion of the video content comes in short clips and teasers released by the models.

But, under numerous stress tests, none of the videos outright crashed, and they didn’t even have long loading times, let alone run into an infinite loading loop– even skipping to the edge of the pre-load. That said, you can’t use keyboard commands to control the video player and it doesn’t allow you to adjust anything– not even the resolution setting.


  • Enjoy lots of content at once in convenient bundles
  • Consume different types of content including photo, video, and gif
  • Skip without worry thanks to great connectivity
  • Don’t worry about dead links with backup options


  • User Interface: * 1/5
  • Ease of Use: * 1/5
  • Content: **** 4/5
  • Connectivity: ***** 5/5
  • Overall: **¾ 2.75/5

Final Thoughts

Axothots may not be the best site out there for amateur, influencer porn, but you can certainly do a lot worse for your fapping needs. Sure, the site is practically made out of rough edges with a poor user interface that’s not only uncomfortable but messy as well as annoying to use extensively.

And the indexing system is little more than a joke with multiple pages not even functioning as their labels would suggest. But, it’s hard to beat a site that has fairly solid backup protocols to help ensure that the content remains active– though, you do have to jump through some hoops to get that kind of security.

Regardless, the main point of Axothots (and any porn site, really) still hits the nail on the head with a large catalog of good content bundled in convenient packages. As if that were not enough, you don’t have to worry about the content messing up while you consume it thanks to good connectivity and a reliable video player.


  • Comes in Bundles
  • Multiple Content Formats
  • Great Video Connection


  • Bad User Interface
  • Subpar Indexing System
  • Questionable Site Functionality