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Last Updated on Jul. 12, 2024




  • No Skipping Issues
  • Content is Backed Up
  • Many Influencer Models


  • Very Little Control
  • Very Little Indexing
  • Inconsistent Video Quality


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FikFap TikTok Reals Porn

FikFap’s emulation of TikTok is admirable, but it identifies some of the issues other similar porn sites have and accounts for them by backing up its content. Unfortunately, in covering one potential weakness, it seems that FikFap left itself open to another– and one that’s pretty regular amongst new porn sites.
Regardless, with good content and a solid player, you shouldn’t have too much trouble enjoying the site– assuming you can find what you’re looking for.

First Impressions

Decent User Interface

Despite FikFap’s premise, there are still plenty of ways that this site could have messed up the web page design. Thankfully, FikFap avoided any of the more obvious ways that it could mess up the TikTok format and put together a user interface that does what it’s supposed to– even if it’s otherwise unremarkable.

Keep in mind, if you’re not a fan of TikTok’s infinite scrolling feature, then there’s a good chance that you won’t be too terribly impressed with FikFap’s user interface either. However, the infinite scrolling function is arguably FikFap’s (and, if we’re being honest, TikTok’s) best feature– especially for porn.

Granted, this can create an issue of leaving you wanting more if you find a model that you like, but there are ways of finessing that situation. Still, outside of the infinite scrolling function, the web page design is uncluttered with just enough features and functions to provide basic navigation.

As a little bonus, FikFap uses a black background when you’re not browsing from your phone or tablet, meaning that you don’t have to worry about a blinding white screen when watching FikFap on your laptop or PC. Unfortunately, some of the absent menus would be awfully helpful, but that simply highlights other functions absent from the site…

Substandard Indexing System

With a lot of newer porn sites that break with the traditional structure and format of legacy porn sites, you often expect there to be some bumps along the way. This applies to new porn sites that employ an innovative format (like FikFap) as well as other newer structures (like the ever-popular “bundled influencer content”).

And, almost regardless of the new gimmick or innovation, one area where most of these newer sites tend to poop the bed is with their indexing systems. Some of these sites barely have an indexing system or have one too hyper-specific to be useful. Thankfully, FikFap isn’t actually that bad.

That said, FikFap isn’t exactly winning any awards with how easy it is to navigate the site and find what you’re looking for. For starters, there’s no search function which is uncommon even amongst other competing porn sites that employ the simplified TikTok format. This means your only option is a hope and a prayer.

Make no mistake that FikFap, at least, uses an indexing system that allows you to find videos based on tags (many of which are a bit unique to FikFap). However, the only way to find a tag in the first place is to encounter it attached to one of the videos. This means that if you want to see less popular categories of porn, you might have to scroll for a while.


Plenty of Content

While this review didn’t have the capability of testing FikFap to the point of either exhausting the site’s content or finding its end, there was no shortage of content to be had. To be fair, this pretty much falls in line with what you might expect from a porn site using the TikTok format, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Of course, the fact that you mostly have to find tags organically means that trawling through the content might not be the easiest or most convenient thing. Keep in mind, the “standard” of FikFap tends to lean pretty heavily toward the more SFW content (though, it’s still a lot of fully nude vids and definitely not safe for work).

It’s not known if there are any idiosyncratic filters that FikFap uses when scraping its content from other sources, but its primary content source boasts a catalog of tens to hundreds of thousands of vids. And while this provides FikFap a large base of content to draw from, it carries with it additional implications as well.

Backed Up Videos

Depending on the platform and device you use, this might be a genuine benefit or it might be a non-factor. Regardless, FikFap is one of several different porn sites backing up its content… though, that might be a bit generous. In truth, FikFap outsources its content from the ever-popular RedGif website.

It’s worth remembering that RedGif is a solid site with all types of content serving all types of categories and niches. Now sure, you could just go to RedGif, but then you’d be stuck figuring out and navigating that site instead. The whole point of FikFap is to be an easy, hassle-free porn site with endless watchability.

As soon as you have to start thinking about what you’re doing, you’ve already messed up one of the biggest advantages FikFap provides. Regardless, the unquestioned good thing about FikFap using RedGif is that bots don’t troll RedGif with DMCA takedown orders, so you don’t have to worry about FikFap content being pulled.

Limited Options

So, despite having a large pool of content to draw from that boasts both professional and amateur content (with a special nod to influencers), FikFap still has some major limitations. By far the most readily apparent limitation comes in the form of video length with the maximum length sitting around the minute mark.

As such, if you’re used to going to a legacy porn site with pages of thumbnails where even the shorter videos tend to run for at least a handful or two of minutes, FikFap will probably feel more like a tease than anything else. If you’re looking for a full-length movie, then you’re fresh out of luck on FikFap.

It’s also worth remembering that while FikFap might provide some modest professional vids, the overwhelming majority of the recommended content comes from influencers and other types of amateurs. Still, if you’re looking for reliable content from professional pornstars, you might be better off going to FikFap’s source.


Uncontrolled Reliability

Because FikFap emulates TikTok’s design, the video player lacks a lot of the controls you would expect to find on most other porn sites’ video players. Thankfully, the backup by RedGif ensures that you’re able to turn HD on and off. Of course, the value of that function heavily depends on if the video in question was even shot in HD.

Still, like with TikTok, one of the best aspects of FikFap is that you don’t have to worry about the video player seizing up and crashing on you. However, that is its own kind of double-edged sword as while the video player may not stutter or skip, neither are you able to jump around the clip and simply have to watch it all the way through.


  • Never run out of vids with an infinite scroll
  • Watch at your leisure with RedGif backups
  • Keep track of your favorite vids and accounts
  • Don’t worry about the video skipping or crashing
  • Enjoy plenty of HD vids from popular models


  • User Interface: *** 3/5
  • Ease of Use: ** 2/5
  • Content: *** 3/5
  • Connectivity: ***** 5/5
  • Overall: ***¼ 3.25/5


Ultimately, FikFap is one of a few TikTok porn clones and does what you expect but doesn’t do it in a meaningfully better way than its competition. The user interface is a bit too simplistic, missing some common features and functionality that would improve your browsing, but is still a comfortable presentation and design.

The absence of easily navigable indexes with tags is a real pain, but there is at least a plethora of content covering a wide range of different interests. Granted, you might be better off just going to RedGif if you’re willing to put in a little extra effort, but it’s hard to beat the convenience and the skip-free video player.


  • No Skipping Issues
  • Content is Backed Up
  • Many Influencer Models


  • Very Little Control
  • Very Little Indexing
  • Inconsistent Video Quality