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Last Updated on Jul. 20, 2024

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  • Good User Interface
  • Numerous Video Players
  • Mostly Good Connectivity


  • Smaller Content Catalog
  • Poor Indexing System
  • No Content Backup


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InternetChicks might seem like a site you can skip if you just look at the overall score and judge the entirety of the experience by a single set of numbers. But, digging deeper into the numbers reveals a nuanced story where InternetChicks fails in many of the same ways as a lot of its peers do.
While failure is never the goal, regardless of whether it’s fairly common in a given field or not, what you fail at matters as much, if not sometimes more than whether you fail at all. Failing at something that can be circumvented or still ultimately allows for a positive experience isn’t ideal, but neither is it a death sentence.

In this instance, InternetChicks might make some big missteps or have some glaring absences, but what is there is pretty solid– and often superior to what a lot of the competition trots out. The question is if you’re willing to sift through the bad aspects of the site and dig a bit to find the diamond in the rough.

First Impressions

Wonderful User Interface

Man, it sure is nice to hit a website’s landing page and not have to worry about a bad user interface giving a negative first impression and potentially pushing you to look elsewhere from the very beginning. Thankfully, that’s exactly the case with InternetChicks as pretty much every aspect of the user interface is well done.

Once you get streaming the videos are good quality…

For starters, you should have no trouble navigating the page as it supports only a single header bar that is easy to read and provides the primary links you expect to find. On top of that, the thumbnails are large with good resolution and detailed titles that provide all of the relevant information necessary to know what you’re watching.

That might seem like a bit of a low bar– the website providing you with all of the info you need to know whether or not you want to check a video out– but it’s becoming less and less common… Another nice aspect of the user interface that seems to be going the way of the dinosaur is the page layout.

With so many new sites, especially the sites that focus on amateur, influencer content, the infinity scroll web page design seems to be the newest fad. But it’s worse for anyone who might want to backtrack. Finally, InternetChicks makes the easy layup by employing a black background, so you don’t have to worry about a bright white light blinding you.

Substandard Indexing System

While it’s justifiable to praise InternetChicks for all of the things it does well– especially when compared to its cohort of similar, new sites– it’s just as reasonable to condemn it when it falters– especially when it falters in the same ways as many of its cohort of similar, new sites.

It begs the question as to who this kind of indexing system benefits. Like with a lot of other amateur influencer-focused sites out there, InternetChicks only technically has an indexing system– though this one fails in a slightly different way than you might expect. InternetChicks isn’t hyper-specific.

That tends to be the issue with most of these newer influencer-centric sites. Instead of a hyper-specific indexing system, InternetChicks has a ridiculously sparse one. Outside of some pretty specific influencer niches, the only categorical indexing InternetChicks offers is based on the source of the content (be it OnlyFans, ManyVids, etc).

The one good element about InternetChicks’ indexing system is the model page– though it’s got its user interface issues. At least there are a lot of models tagged to make it easier to find your favorite, but they’re listed without much differentiation or structure, making little more than a wall of linked text.

Decent Content

Limited Supply

If InternetChicks has one flaw that can’t be ignored, it’s the content catalog. Keep in mind that this makes no statement regarding the quality of InternetChicks’ content, simply the quantity. Depending on your interests, this may not even ever end up being a problem as there are still hundreds of different videos.

The chicks are hot and videos are fresh…is that Jason?

However, if you’re looking for a particular niche or category outside of simply amateur, influencer content, you might have some trouble. It’s worth noting that while amateur, influencer content may be one of the hottest categories around right now, the “amateur” tag also tends to limit the additional niches to an extent.

Not being “professionals,” many amateurs don’t push themselves to the limit that professionals do and will often not perform some of the more taxing or extreme acts. That said, the site updates pretty frequently, so there’s a reasonable chance that something to your taste will pop up before too long regardless.

High-Quality Content

This one can be seen as a bit surprising depending on how familiar you are with both amateur and influencer content. This is because both of those tags mean that you’re often dealing with less professional equipment. If an influencer films all of their content on their phone, there’s a good chance that it won’t be the best quality.

In fairness, even if an influencer has good equipment, there’s still probably a reasonable chance that they don’t have the same lighting design, movement blocking, camera work, etc. This can lead to a lot of content that, when compared to professional production, pales in comparison to what a major studio might put out.

Thankfully, InternetChicks either gets lucky or is more discerning than a lot of other similar sites as it often boasts some of the highest-quality videos made by the biggest names in the amateur influencer market. As such, not only is this the content you’re most likely looking for, but it also tends to carry a higher production value than the niche average.

Backlog Limitations

This isn’t the biggest issue. To be fair, it can be a pretty big issue, but it’s an issue that virtually every porn site faces at some point in time. Major studios (and now amateur influencers) use bots to find and send copyright strikes to porn sites hosting the videos illegally. This means that, out of the already limited amount of content of InternetChicks, a lot of the earliest posts likely won’t work.

Great Connectivity

Decisions, Decisions

The overwhelming majority of the time, you go to a site, cross your fingers, and hope and pray. If the site managers care and know what they’re doing, they’ll use a solid video player that allows for advanced controls and can handle skipping around without crashing or falling into an endless loading loop.

Arg…the ads do get in the way sometimes though…

The good news is that InternetChicks achieves that goal, but it gets even better as this is one of the few porn sites around that provides multiple video players. Aside from the redundancy to prevent InternetChicks from losing content altogether, it also allows you to find the video player that works the best for you.


  • Surf comfortably with a good user interface
  • Enjoy plenty of content from amateur influencer models
  • Find the right video player for your setup
  • Watch high-quality, HD influencer porn
  • Skip around without worry thanks to great connectivity


User Interface: ****½ 4.5/5
Ease of Use: ** 2/5
Content: *** 3/5
Connectivity: ***** 5/5
Overall: **¾ 2.75/5

Final Thoughts

In the end, the new crop of amateur influencer porn sites often carries with it some warts that you either just have to ignore or skip the site altogether. While this is technically true for InternetChicks, the good news is that the warts you’re overlooking generally aren’t bad enough to make you want to skip the site altogether.

However, with everything that InternetChicks does well, its middling score belies its actual value. For starters, you get great content quality organized in a pleasant and convenient layout that makes it easy to watch and browse. Speaking of which, the numerous video players and great connectivity make watching an even better experience.


  • Good User Interface
  • Numerous Video Players
  • Mostly Good Connectivity


  • Smaller Content Catalog
  • Poor Indexing System
  • No Content Backup