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Last Updated on Jul. 20, 2024

VISIT HypnoPorn

VISIT HypnoPorn


  • Great “Mind-Control” Content
  • Mostly Full HD Videos
  • Download Every Video


  • Smaller Video Collection
  • More Niche than Most
  • Poorly Designed UX


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HypnoPorn Mind Control Videos

HypnoPorn doesn’t beat down the door with bells and whistles and loads of features like some of the bigger, more popular porn sites do. As you can tell from the ratings, HypnoPorn doesn’t come out on top for a whole lot of different things, but that’s not to say it’s all bad.
It’s more that when you stack up HypnoPorn against the competition, it seems like HypnoPorn lags far behind most of its contemporaries. You’re not going to find anything that allows you to connect and interact with other people (which also means no amateur or homemade content either).

But, if you have a craving for mind control porn, there are not too many other options out there that can satisfy the way HypnoPorn can. So, if you’re looking to scratch that particular itch, then look no further– just buckle and be prepared for a bumpy ride, because this is not the best or most well-designed porn site on the internet– it’s just extremely specific.

Disappointing First Impressions

Spic and Span UI

This is one of the few good things that don’t involve HypnoPorn’s niche, though it can also be seen as a bit of a curse. While the interface is easy to read, there’s not much going on and even less to tell you how to find anything else out. To top it all off, HypnoPorn is one of the sites that apparently hasn’t gotten the message and switched over or allowed a dark mode.

Substandard Indexing

After the meager offerings, this is likely the biggest flaw and disappointment of HypnoPorn. There’s a header and sidebar with links to various common mind control porn studios. However, trying to navigate the site outside of that is a pain. Granted, there’s a search bar, but it’s more of a keyword searcher rather than having a proper index behind the scenes.

Small but Specialized Content

Multiple Video Players

Depending on the site, most porn websites use either a single player from all of the vids or use whatever player the embedded vid uses. For the former, you’re left to the mercy of the site, hoping it uses a good one, while the latter defers that responsibility to another site that hosts the content.

This is one of the few areas where HypnoPorn stands out above much of the competition by hosting their own vids (well, Clips4Sale’s) with multiple players. This provides you some options depending on how your GPU and video codecs respond to one player or the other, ensuring you should be able to watch the vid one way or another.

Even better, both of the players used are high-quality, able to skip around without too much issue, and excellent players for HD content. However, not every video gets this treatment with plenty of vids only available with one of the players or the other. Thankfully, both players are up to the challenge.

High-Quality HD Videos

These days, most porn sites offer HD videos– though the specific resolution can vary wildly from one site to the next. Even the biggest and most popular sites out there are lucky if they have a 50/50 split between videos with some kind of HD resolution (even 720p) and those with an SD resolution.

That said, HypnoPorn, in expected fashion, affords limited information and doesn’t tell you whether or not a video plays in HD. Even though the players HypnoPorn uses are some of the best out there, they’re regularly used for playing seamless HD streams without issue.

Super Narrow Niche

This is the whole crux of HypnoPorn, the one main thing that it hangs its hat on– though, it’s not that unreasonable of a choice. When trying to break into the porn market, not only does a company have to worry about acquiring content, it has to worry about the competition as well.

One way to avoid competition is by targeting a smaller audience with a specific “good” that can be difficult to find elsewhere. That’s exactly what HypnoPorn does by focusing on mind control porn, and it’s not necessarily the worst idea given that mind control porn is one of the less common niches out there.

As such, providing a site that caters to that particular niche is almost guaranteed to garner a predictable audience. The only real downside of this approach (for the viewers like you) is that HypnoPorn doesn’t need to do too much more beyond that– at least, not when you’re favoring such a narrow niche.

Of course, it also doesn’t help much that catering to an extremely small niche means that the overall database of vids to choose from isn’t as big either. However, for HypnoPorn, that is a major understatement since the website doesn’t even host more than a few thousand vids, compared to the millions you can find elsewhere.

Good Player Connectivity

Solid Video Servers

Easily one of the most important aspects of any porn site is the quality of its video player, and HypnoPorn didn’t skimp out here. Aside from the fact that HypnoPorn often provides two different players to choose from, they also made it a point to ensure that both players were high-quality– both in terms of connectivity and performance.

While there’s a good chance that you may not have heard of them, there’s an equally good chance that you’ve watched one of them. That’s because HypnoPorn uses the Dood Stream and Streamtape players, both of which allow the site to not only host the videos but ensure excellent playback quality.

Videos to Keep

While it’s becoming more common these days, the ability to download a favorite vid from a website is still a wonderful option to have. That said, however good the ability to download a vid from a porn site is, it’s even better when that porn site specializes in hosting niche content… kind of like HypnoPorn.

This comes down to the fact that niche porn is, by nature, more difficult to find– and even more difficult to find in one place. However, most of the porn vids online are copyrighted, and the studios that own the rights to those vids will regularly use AI to scan a porn site’s database and automatically issue DMCA takedowns.

For most vids, this isn’t much of a problem since any popular vid will almost certainly have half a dozen mirrors up to keep the vid online… somewhere. However, the same doesn’t apply to niche content which, if it gets taken down by a DMCA strike, might just disappear– at least, from the free sources.


  • Excellent Mind Control Porn Collection
  • Many Videos Are Full HD
  • Every Video Can Be Downloaded
  • Solid Video Connection
  • Part of the Clips4Sale Network
  • Multiple Video Players Provided

Final Thoughts

HypnoPorn most certainly isn’t the right site for everyone– heck, it’s probably not the right site for most people. However, for some people, particularly those interested in mind control videos, HypnoPorn might be the best site on the internet for finding that specific niche of videos in high-quality formats.

That said, for pretty much any and every other reason or aspect you might choose one site over another, there’s a very good chance that this site is not one you’re going to find all that useful. For starters, while this site might offer plenty of mind control content, the other options can seem depressingly limited.

Keep in mind that the entire site only has a catalog of 2347 videos total, so the pickings tend to be a bit on the slim side. On top of that, the complete website is so bare-bones that it’s not that easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for– that is, of course, unless you’re looking for HypnoPorn’s modus operandi.


  • Great “Mind-Control” Content
  • Mostly Full HD Videos
  • Download Every Video


  • Smaller Video Collection
  • More Niche than Most
  • Poorly Designed UX