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Last Updated on Jul. 12, 2024

VISIT PalmTube

VISIT PalmTube


  • Lots of Content
  • High-Quality HD Videos
  • Good Indexing Backend


  • Almost Exclusively Clips
  • Subpar User Interface
  • Frustrating Index Application


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PalmTube Free Porn Tube

So, taking a quick gander at the ratings doesn’t leave one with a feeling of excitement but neither does it impose a portent of concern. Like all things average, it kinda sits in the middle, but that can be a bit deceptive as the average score is more of a composite for all of the individual components covered by the broad rating terms.
As such, just because a single rating might be average, there can still be elements within that rating that are better or worse than the rating’s more general average score. So, just because PalmTube appears very much on the surface to be a rank-average tube-like porn site doesn’t mean there’s still not anything worth checking out.

However, PalmTube might be somewhat unique in this regard as even within the broader categories, the elements that shift from the middle are fewer and farther between than with many other sites. However, whether or not you should spend your valuable time on the site or not is another matter…

First Impressions

Okay User Interface

So, the rating told you the majority of the story: PalmTube’s user interface is not going to actively make using the site more difficult, but it definitely can stand to improve. However, it’s worth noting that the overall user interface manages to accomplish everything that it’s supposed to without any significant issues.

The video page loads quickly with minimal ads…

If you have to nitpick– which is a big part of what this review does– one aspect to knock is the background which uses a bright, white backdrop. While this is bad enough due to the blinding effect it can have on a fapper in a dark room… it doesn’t help that PalmTube lacks any kind of dark mode– something a bit odd for a site as old as it is.

Still, looking at the thumbnails, you should have a pretty good idea of what you’re in store for should you click the link. Granted, there’s no preview when you hover over the thumbnail, but the thumbnails are large and high-quality with appropriate text– though the text can be a bit misleading if cut off, something that’s more common than not.

Just Missed Indexing System

As with all things related to PalmTube, the site’s indexing system is a bit of a mixed bag with some good things and some not-so-good things. Keep in mind that, if nothing else, PalmTube at least boasts a solid indexing system– which is more than can be said for a lot of porn sites out, though not tube porn sites.

Regardless, PalmTube meets the minimum standards by not only having an indexing system but having a whole page (or two) dedicated to the various indexing tags. What makes this even better is that PalmTube includes a fair number of tags that you might not expect– extending well beyond the basic setup.

However, this then brings us to the nitpick that prevents PalmTube from earning a better score in this category: application. While a solid indexing system will help make finding what you want and navigating to that content easier, it’s only as good as its application. Unfortunately, this is where PalmTube falls a bit flat, often omitting appropriate tags, leaving some content unfound.


Lots of Content

So, one thing that might strike some as odd is that, despite the fact you may not have heard of it, Pal Tube has been around for a while– years. And not “years” in the sense of a lot of newer porn sites that have been around for a few years but are still relatively new. PalmTube can trace its origins back well over half a decade ago.

The videos are super high quality…no cap…

Granted, this doesn’t necessarily speak well for a site– it having been around for so long but still sitting in relative obscurity. Of course, chances are that has more to do with its competition– the big legacy porn tube sites like Pornhub, XVideos, and others– than it does with PalmTube itself and its average ranking.

Still, there’s no getting around the fact that PalmTube boasts a solid repertoire of videos that include many older videos that might be hard to find on other sites. Granted, it doesn’t harbor the same kind of motherlode you might find on some of the bigger sites, but with almost 50k movies to choose from, it’s still a decent selection.

High-Quality Content

Of course, having a lot of content is only part of the equation for this aspect of a porn site. There’s a pretty strong argument for quality over quantity– though, obviously, it’s ideal if a porn site offers both. However, as just mentioned, PalmTube provides a solid catalog, but not one that will wow you– not by sheer quantity at least.

Thankfully, PalmTube goes the extra mile to ensure that it offers plenty of quality porn to go along with its solid quantity as well. A big part of this starts with the sheer amount of porn videos in PalmTube’s catalog that play in some kind of HD resolution. Granted, this resolution hits 720p far more often than 1080p, but HD is better than SD– regardless of its actual resolution.

However, lots of amateurs film their homemade movies in HD these days, and, while that might be a hot niche right now, a lot of those videos are tamer than professional movies. That’s why PalmTube’s inclusion of videos from major studios and starring the hottest professional models makes such a difference.

Limited Content

That said, it’s time to get to the part of PalmTube’s content ratings that seems to accompany all of the site’s ratings: the downsides. For PalmTube, the downsides may not be universally bad for every viewer. Some people will prefer PalmTube’s content because of, and not despite it, aspects others might consider shortcomings.

By far, the biggest issue here is that PalmTube offers no full-length scenes whatsoever. Now, this isn’t that uncommon when you’re talking about full releases or new releases, as a lot of the major porn studios use AI bots to scrape the internet for copyrighted content to send out DMCA copyright strikes to take the content down.

However, *all* of PalmTube’s content comes in some form of clip format. Now, some people prefer this format– especially when the videos skip all of the preamble of narrative films and just get right to the good parts. That said, most people generally prefer their porn videos to include the entire scene if they can find it…

Great Connectivity

Solid Video Player

So, as noted prior, PalmTube includes a fair number of videos that play in some form of HD resolution. As nice as this feature might be, it also carries with it the onus of the site (and your internet connection) to be able to keep up with streaming videos in HD. While there’s nothing anyone else can do about the latter, PalmTube at least does its part for the former.

The downside is that the video player doesn't have theater mode…

As such, you shouldn’t have to worry at all about the video buffering or crashing– the latter of which never occurred once during rigorous stress testing. Even skipping through the videos while they’re still playing didn’t slow down PalmTube too often. However, if you have a lot of tabs open, that can change this.

Part of this is because PalmTube employs an auto-start feature, which can be a bit annoying– especially if you prefer to take your time rather than getting right to it. Regardless, the video player works exceptionally well at maintaining connection– even if it otherwise lacks a lot of functionality you might find on different video players (like the ability to adjust the resolution).


  • Enjoy plenty of videos played in HD
  • Don’t worry about loading or crashes with good connectivity
  • Browse forever with plenty of content
  • Find what you want with a robust indexing system
  • Watch your favorite model and studio videos

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, PalmTube is a decent tube porn site that’s worth a look– especially if you’re into clip porn. Of course, if you require full-length scenes or, heaven forbid, full-length movies, you’ll probably leave disappointed. Regardless, this site does a few things exceptionally well and/or poorly, but it still might find a way to slide into your rotation.


  • Lots of Content
  • High-Quality HD Videos
  • Good Indexing Backend


  • Almost Exclusively Clips
  • Subpar User Interface
  • Frustrating Index Application