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  • Titles Written In Broken English
  • Plenty Of Categories
  • Thousands Of Free Porn Clips


  • Lots Of Pop Ups And Redirects
  • Download Links Don’t Work
  • No Update Schedule


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Sexu Hardcore Porn

Sexu is a massive free porn site that lets you watch as many premium porn videos as you want for free. There are no limits to the numbers of videos that you can stream or download.
If you’re looking for one porn site to get everything you could ever need then this is it. There will never be a need for any other adult sites after you start using this one for all of your porn needs.

Lots of Porn for Free

Hundreds of Studios

The very first thing that’s going to hit you about Sexu is just the sheer number of porn videos that they have for you to watch. They’re almost never ending and it’s clear that they’re not leaving anything out. What’s great about the whole thing is that everything you see is high quality, premium studio porn.

From the homepage it looks like there is some good stuff…

That means that it’s made by professionals who know what porn is supposed to be. There are hundreds of different studios and everything you see from them in totally free. Just click on the Channels button and you’ll see just how many of them there really are.

Wide Range of Niches

That would be fine in itself, but it gets better from there. All of those studios represent any kind of niche that you could ever want to see. Every studio has its own thing going on. That means that with all those hundreds of studios, you also get hundreds of different porn niches.

There are studios with names like NippOnHD, Perv Mom, All Over 30, and Babes. That alone will tell you that there’s a studio to focus on anything you want. There are totally Czech studios like Czech Wife Swap and Czech Massage. Then there are Older/Younger porn studios like 18 Videoz, Perv Mom, Moms Teach Sex, and Sis Loves Me.

You can even get entire studios’ worth of porn dedicated to single sex acts. Just check out channels like Anal Mom, Fucking Machines, Device Bondage, Swallowed, or Teen Tugs. If there’s ever any desire that you happen to have then you can get it taken care of right here. They never shy away from taboo and there’s always going to be a studio with exactly the porn that you’re craving.

Very High Quality Porn

Professionally Shot Videos

Most of the time, when you find a site with so much porn, it’s going to be low quality. That’s just how it usually works out. That’s not the case here at all. All of the porn you see is professionally shot by real studios.'s best videos seem worthwhile checking out…

That means that all of the videos are shot in high definition. It also means that they’re using professional lighting and audio equipment. The end result is real porn that’s the same quality as what you see in the movies. That’s about as rare as it can be when you’re’ talking about massive sites like this.

High Definition Streams

On top of that, you’re also going to be able to stream all of the porn in high definition. You’ll have your choice of resolution right in the video player. You can choose 240p if you don’t have much bandwidth to use. If you’re on a faster connection, you can stream in 480p or 720p.

The resolution that you get is also dependent on the studio. If a studio has higher resolution options, then you’ll be able to use those as well. The one thing that won’t happen is finding a video without a high-definition option. All of the porn is pretty modern, so you never have to worry about that.

Easy Searching and Browsing

Hundreds of Categories

Just like the channels, there are lots and lots of categories that you can use to browse around here. They keep all of the porn organized and that’s no easy feat. If you want to find something specific, then the Categories section is where you’re going to be spending most of your time. Luckily, a lot of work has been put into making it easy to use.

The video quality seems better than most…

Just scroll down the list and you’ll see how specific they really get. You’ll be able to choose categories like Indian, Sister, Teen, or Granny, just to start. You can also choose the type of girl you see based on their experience level. There are categories like Amateur, Virgin, Mature, and Swinger.

Then you can start thinking about the sex acts that you want to see. You can pick from categories like Masturbation, Squirt, Orgy, Doggy, or Blowjob, just to name a few. They just keep going and going from there. There really isn’t anything that you’re not going to be able to find here.

Search for Categories

If you don’t want to have to browse through endless categories, then you can make it easier on yourself. There’s a search feature that you can use to pull up specific ones. This isn’t a search bar for the porn videos, though. When you type in a term, you’re going to get the categories that it matches.

For example, if you type in the word Anal, you’ll be getting all of the categories that have to do with anal sex. You’ll see sections like Anal Masturbation, Anal Gape, Anal Fist, Anal Sex, and Anal Bead. If you type in the word Cum, you’ll get all of the cum related categories.

You’ll see things like Cumshot, Cum on Tits, Cum in Mouth, Cumshot Compilation, and Cum on Face. Then you simply click on the categories you like the most and you’ll get all of the porn that has it. It’s a very easy to way to navigate when there’s just so much porn in one place here.

Any Girls you Want

Every Studio has its Own

Naturally, you’re also going to be able to find any type of girl that you could want here. It only stands to reason when there are so many videos. Each studio is going to have its own collection. Each of those collections will be available to you.

There are brunettes like Dani Daniels, blondes like Amber Alena, and redheads like Mae Olson. Then there are curvy girls like Sophie Dee, skinny girls like Nadya Nabakova, MILFs like Holly Michaels, and teens like Eliza Ibarra.

Model Pages

If you want to find a specific girl and see all of the porn that she’s in, you’re in luck. Each one of them has a model page with exactly that information. Click on a girl like Leigh Darby and you’ll see all of the porn videos that you can watch with her right now.

You’ll see that she’s been in 3x Lesbian Strapon, Slutty Stepmom Threeway, and a whole lot more. It’s the easiest way to make sure that you get as much of your favorite girls as you possibly can. It also takes a lot of time out of searching for the right porn.


  • Thousands of free porn videos to stream or download
  • Channels to organize all the studio porn they have
  • Search within categories to find the perfect videos
  • Hall of Fame for the most watched and highest rated videos
  • Mark any video to send it into your Watch Later folder
  • Every niche of premium porn


  • User Interface: *** 3/5
  • Ease of Use: *** 3/5
  • Content: **** 4/5
  • Responsiveness: **** 4/5
  • Overall: ***1/2 3.5/5


Sexu might just be the last porn site that you ever have to discover. It has more porn videos than you’ll ever be able to watch. All of it comes from studios, so it’s always going to be high quality.

You’ll be able to stream it in high definition, so you never miss out on a single thing. There are hundreds of different studios and thousands of porn videos. It’s all free to stream, so there’s no reason to let it pass you by. They touch on every single niche and genre as well.

You’re never going to need another site to get any of your porn ever again. Take your time and browse through all of the studios and categories when you first get there. That’s the best way to see everything that they have to keep you coming back.


  • Titles Written In Broken English
  • Plenty Of Categories
  • Thousands Of Free Porn Clips


  • Lots Of Pop Ups And Redirects
  • Download Links Don’t Work
  • No Update Schedule