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Last Updated on Jul. 20, 2024




  • Comfortable User Interface
  • Surprising Content Database
  • Lots of POV Content


  • Poor Indexing System
  • Extremely Specific Niche
  • Only Okay Video Player


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Despite its average ratings, POVAddict is probably one of the sites that punch above its weight class. This means that while the overall rating may be average, more often than not, POVAddict has pretty good functionality but something about it just doesn’t work as well as you would expect.
On the plus side, POVAddict isn’t missing anything outright (though there are some notable absences in format and presentation). But, there will almost certainly be a couple of “quality of life” features you wish were there but aren’t. Either way, nothing is bad enough to actually be considered “bad,” full stop.

First Impressions

Simple, Clean UI

It’s usually not a great sign when a web page’s user interface is the highest-rated aspect of it, but thankfully, POVAddict didn’t sacrifice anything to achieve it. Oftentimes when a site’s best feature is how it looks, that can bode ill for the rest of its qualities, but POVAddict is at least average everywhere else.

In terms of what makes POVAddict’s user interface good, the word “minimalism” springs to mind as the web page layout is nothing if not simple. Granted, you could argue that POVAddict takes this a bit too far and might even be considered “boring,” but that is far better than a cluttered mess with more than a handful of navigation bars, links, and suggestions.

The only navigation bar sits at the header and contains links to the most relevant groupings– though, some of them just take you to the homepage. Either way, it’s enough to find what you’re looking for with indices to studios, models, and tags. As a final cherry on top, POVAddict also uses a dark background to avoid blinding you with a bright, white backdrop.

Halfway There

While POVAddict may be a niche porn site, it still follows a fairly traditional format that is most similar to a tube site (even if POVAddict lacks a lot of the additional functionality commonly associated with tube sites). This being the case, it’s almost surprising that POVAddict only kind of has an indexing system.

To be clear, POVAddict definitively has an indexing system, and one that’s reasonably robust to boot. Unfortunately, the big problem with POVAddict’s indexing system is that it’s not indexed throughout the entire site– particularly in places where you would normally expect to find the navigable tags.

The most glaring absence in this context is with the video pages themselves as they bear none of the associated tags on them. Presumably, the indexing system exists behind the scenes, linking the videos with their respective tags. Unfortunately, there’s no way to navigate via tags without going to the dedicated index pages.

Good Content

More Than Expected

Whenever you go to a niche site, one thing that is almost always true is that the database will be relatively small– at least when compared to a larger, more generalized “tube site.” Granted, when a tube site just pulls in as much content as it can without real discrimination, this is the only real outcome.

However, just because a site caters to a niche category doesn’t mean that it necessarily has a tiny content catalog. With POVAddict, it may not be able to boast the hundreds of thousands of videos like many of the other, biggest tube sites on the internet, but it still boasts over 10,000 in its own right.

Sure, that may not seem like a whole compared to hundreds of thousands, but when you consider that it’s curated for a niche, it’s a bit more impressive. For someone looking to get their fill of POV porn content, 10,000 videos are more than enough to give you something to watch for years– even if the site never updates again.

Finely Curated

Speaking of curation, it’s worth noting that even beyond the POV niche, POVAddict does a pretty bang-up job with curating its databases in general. For starters, you should just put out of your mind a lot of the major professional studios. Sure, they regularly produce some POV content, but that is usually a one-off or seasonal kind of thing.

Instead, most of the studios that specialize in any niche (not just POV), tend to be a bit smaller with even the most popular niche studios rarely growing larger than mid-size. That said, POVAddict is more about the content’s niche than its creator, meaning that you’ll find most of the POV specialist studios on POVAddicts.

Granted, the catalog is far from “complete” and will lack a lot of any specific studio’s vids, but what POVAddict does have is generally professional. As a bonus, POVAddict seems to have a decent job of collecting vids that play in some form of HD as well– though the overwhelming majority play in 720p.

Some Caveats

So, while POVAddict did a wonderful job of making a porn site with plenty of content for POV aficionados to enjoy, there are still plenty of ways it could improve. Of course, some potential flaws can’t be “fixed” while also keeping the site’s approach intact– especially when it comes to the content database.

For instance, there’s no real way to appeal to other audiences, whether broad or narrow, without also likely removing the self-imposed specialty. So, if you’re looking for something specific that also sits in the POV category, you might not have as many options as you would hope for. There’s likely going to be something, but it may not last for long…

It’s also worth noting that, while POVAddicts does its best to acquire HD videos, there are plenty of videos that appear to be SD vids. Of course, with little to no provided information about any given vid, you have to rely on the eye test. But jumping from a verified HD video to some on POVAddict will show a significant difference…

Mediocre Connectivity

Finicky Video Player

Regardless of the resolution of the vid, one good thing about POVAddict is that its video player will be able to play the max resolution without artifacts or other distortions. Of course, POVAddicts uses the NETU.TV video player which is fairly capable in most respects but still has some issues.

Easily, the biggest problem with the NETU.TV player is that it can be a bit iffy when it comes to connectivity. The good news is that the player won’t crash or fail on its own– not without you having a bad connection on your end. However, jump or skip around too much, to the wrong place, or with the wrong commands, and you’re liable to fall into an endless loading loop.


  • Browse a decent-sized back catalog of content
  • Find a wide range of different POV subgenres
  • Skip and jump around a bit with NETU.TV
  • Fap in comfort with a nice user interface
  • Enjoy content from medium-sized studios


  • User Interface: **** 4/5
  • Ease of Use: *** 3/5
  • Content: *** 3/5
  • Connectivity: *** 3/5
  • Overall: ***¼ 3.25/5

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, POVAddict is unlikely to be the kind of porn site that everyone will find to be a reliable stop on their way to Fap Town. Granted, this site almost certainly has something that you’ll enjoy, but if you’re not looking for POV porn specifically, your mileage may vary as it has a decent database for its niche.

Still, you shouldn’t have reservations about, at least, checking POVAddict out– especially since you shouldn’t have to worry about trying to navigate it or the brightness of your screen. Granted, you may not be able to find it easily while browsing, but the index pages are easy to find and use.

One thing that might bring you back around again (even if you’re not particularly drawn to POV porn) is that you can often find content that’s not as common on other sites. Since POV is itself a bit niche, a lot of the studios that specialize in POV content are themselves niche, and POVAddict offers a lot of that less common content.


  • Comfortable User Interface
  • Surprising Content Database
  • Lots of POV Content


  • Poor Indexing System
  • Extremely Specific Niche
  • Only Okay Video Player