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May 26, 2021
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Unless the holo sex technology comes to life, we will probably be stuck with webcam sex for the longest time possible. But again, if you think about it, it is not all that bad, given that most people across the world have voyeuristic tendencies deeply rooted in their core. They want to see fully dressed up sexy babes they would probably never in a million years approach in real-life stripping naked for them. They want the attention and to feel sexually craved for, even if it’s all in theory. Well, who is to refute the fact that most cam girls are the perfect image of sexy or that they know exactly what to say to a man and when? What if we told you, you could create a sex doll in the image of your favorite cam girl?

Are You Maximizing Your Webcam Sex Experience?

Let’s first get this straight; the webcam girls are supposed to work their pussies for you and make you want to cum from how good they can provoke you. Otherwise, there is no point tuning in to one and scavenging for their attention with a dozen other pervs across the world who probably have their dicks out for the same girl like you. Many Webcam fans make the mistake of spending the whole live session tipping the girls and making sure their sex toys are on full vibration power. That way, they are always screaming from the countless mind-blowing orgasms or edgy sensations they might be experiencing. But they forget that they, too, deserve an equal measure of sensual explosions.

How To Maximize Your Webcam Experience

Although live sex cams are very entertaining and intuitive to watch, just like porn, there are a ton of ways Webcam users can make sure they are getting the most out of their interactive sex experiences. One thing you can do is…

Having A Sex Doll By Your Side While You Enjoy A Live Sex Cam

Whether you prefer a Fleshlight or full hybrid sex Doll with boobs and pussy, you should have a sex Doll and some lube to literally thrust into and will enhance your experience and make it more realistic. After all, you might not be able to type properly with one hand stroking your cock feverishly. You have to agree that it is easier with your cock balls deep into super tight silicon, almost humanly realistic pussy.

While one might wonder just how realistic a sex doll can be, it is important to note that with technology, everything is possible. In fact, for the right price, you can have a replica of your dream girl with perfect tits and boobs whose sizes you can dictate to your liking. These are made out of silicone or TPE and equipped with robotic features.

Therefore, you can find a doll that is sensitive to touch, one that can moan, emit body heat, have your favorite hair color, a tattoo of your name on their boobs, tits, or pussy, and with extra soft jiggly tits and butt cheeks. The best part is that you can place them in any sex position you wish, given that they are super flexible.

Besides, people with extreme fetishes can practice them on the sex dolls because, unlike human babes, they are totally submissive and highly absolutely resistant to pain, disgust, and surrender. It will also impress you that there are stores in the USA that cater to your custom sex toy needs.

For instance, there is Sex Doll Genie which caters to all sorts of custom sex dolls, including top sex doll brands like AF, IronTech, JY, Sino, and WM. This is particularly impressive because you might as well request for a sex doll that looks exactly like your favorite Webcam model and tweak its physique accordingly.

Get Your Webcam Girl Sex Doll From The Sex Doll Genie Store

Sex Doll Genie understands that there are people across the world who secretly dream of having real sex experiences with some of the most beautiful girls in the world. These might as well be their favorite Webcam girls spread out across the various Webcam platforms across the internet. And the wicked truth about them is that the best you will possibly get out of them is a mere mention of your name on a public live cam chat or exclusive attention during a private show. It is never going to be an actual blowjob nor anal/pussy sex.

For these reasons, the Sex Doll Genie store creates very specific custom sex dolls for you that go beyond the face and boobs/butt sizes. They curate ethnically diverse sex dolls with distinct looks to cater to the European, American, Japanese, Latina, ebony, BBW, elf, pregnant, redheads, brunettes, blackheads, and blonde models fancied by their clients. These can have the face of your favorite girl in the Webcam industry and minor imperfections such as freckles and skin pigmentation to make them seem more human.

You can also brand them with your favorite tattoos and dress them however you like. Imagine the experience of watching your favorite Webcam model on your screen while practically fucking an improved version of them in your home. Isn’t it fantastic just thinking about it? More importantly, the store offers various payment plans for all their guaranteed high-quality sex dolls. You can buy as many as you want, nobody will stand between you and your pleasure.

What Makes Sex Dolls Part Human?

To begin with, just like your favorite webcam models, they have penetrable orifices, and depending on your choice of a doll, they can have a mouth, vagina, and anus. You can also fuck a doll’s super soft tits for those who like them big too. There are sex dolls that can moan and probably even mumble sensually provocative terms in between your fucking session. There are those with flexible or articulated poseable fingers that can even grab your cock exactly the way you would like to be grasped. Not to mention that blowjob dolls have enhanced mouths that perform actions that mimic suction and a moving tongue for the ladies.

All these things make up at least 80 of the characteristics that make your favorite cam girl palatable in your eyes. And if you think about it, they are far easier to maintain, efficient, and more to an individual’s liking. With a sex doll, you will not go through any unpleasant things you might experience with a real-life emotional partner were you to be with your favorite cam girl or any other girl for that matter. Overall, a sex doll will enhance your masturbation sessions by making it more realistic and satisfactory.

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