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Last Updated on Jul. 13, 2024




  • Lots of Models
  • Numerous Show Types
  • Comfortable User Interface


  • Below-Average Indexing System
  • Only Okay Interaction
  • Fewer Live Shows


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Loading... Live Sex Cams (formally known as Streamray) has been around for well over a decade, and in that time, the site became one of the top 5 cam porn sites on the internet. Part of that almost certainly has to do with its presence inspiring a sense of reliability. You know what you’re going to get when you work with a site that’s been through it all.

However, doesn’t get everything right, and you’ll have to keep reading to see if its few flaws are deal breakers for you or not.

First Impressions

Nice User Interface isn’t breaking the mold with its web page design, but it does enough things right to make your viewing experience that much more pleasant. For starters, bucks the trend of a black or white background and instead opts for a dark blue that maintains comfort and privacy.

When looking for a model, you shouldn’t have to worry too much either as the thumbnails are high-quality and large enough to see clearly. That said, makes a bit of a misstep with an infinite scroll approach that can leave the page packed with a long list of thumbnails, making it difficult to find a specific model.

Disappointing Indexing System

It’s worth noting that’s indexing system isn’t the worst out there, but it leaves a lot on the table. It doesn’t help that other cam sites often pick up the slack that put down. Regardless, there’s no getting past the fact that has an extremely small list of different niche tags.

Keep in mind that this is already on top of an absence of a Couples category– even though plenty of models perform with a partner. That said, at least you don’t have to worry about the models’ tags being circumscribed to a limited number, and the models can add tags to their profiles that aren’t indexed.

Solid Content

Plenty of Models

It might be a bit surprising considering how long has been around, but this site doesn’t boast an astounding roster of models. However, that’s not to suggest that has few models either. Instead, sports a solid collection of around 50k models– though how many of them are inactive is unknown.

Regardless, the majority of the time, has 300+ models waiting for you to watch them. For cam site aficionados, this might seem like a few models (and it can feel like that if you’re looking for something specific). However, if you’re not as particular, you shouldn’t have any issue finding someone that you like.

It’s worth noting that’s substandard indexing system rears its head once again here with the model index buried at the bottom of the page in extremely small print. One more disappointing aspect of is that it doesn’t include a “Couples” model category– though plenty of models perform with a partner.

Numerous Show Types

This isn’t necessarily a unique feature of, though some issues might turn people off. Specifically, the models on don’t do anything for free outside of hangout in their studio or room and chat. Even getting naked is its own kind of show, though those, at least, don’t cost anything.

Instead, the Nude Shows only require that you sign up for the free registration– but that’s still one more step than a lot of the other cam sites require. Outside of the Nude shows, Private shows are, of course, on the list of options. The specific model determines the cost of Private shows.

Outside of that, there are also Party shows which are similar to a private show but split the costs among multiple members. If you’d like to watch a private show but aren’t thrilled about receiving any extra attention, you can always participate in a Voyeur View. Finally, if you need something a bit more interactive, some models allow for Cam2Cam shows.

Okay Payment Options doesn’t have the worst pricing models for cam porn sites out there, but it doesn’t have the best either. One thing that stands out– and not in a good way– is that when you purchase tokens in bulk, you get a worse value than if you purchased the smaller bundles.

This is practically unheard of where many of the top cam sites give you a discount when you purchase the site’s premium currency in larger amounts. At the low end, you can purchase tokens for $0.06/token with a maximum cost of $0.10/token for the “high roller” bundles.

You can also subscribe to's premium membership, called the “Premiere” membership, for $19.99/mo or $41.97 for 3 months (or $13.99/mo). The Premiere membership entitles you to a 10% discount on live streams, free saved videos, and access to premium galleries.

Great Connectivity

Impressive Video Player

Cam sites in general only have so much that they can do to make sure that your connection with the model remains uninterrupted. This applies to as well which makes sure that so long as both you and the model have a good connection, you shouldn’t have issues connecting through

Assuming that the aforementioned applies, stress testing of presented no instances of buffering (let alone a dreaded crash). Granted, you may stumble across a model that doesn’t have a great streaming setup, but is pretty good about credit refunds in those instances.

It’s also worth noting that the quality of the stream is dependent on the model’s setup, but handles any HD adjustment automatically. As a final bonus,’s video player also employs an automatic popout feature if you scroll past the player, so you can keep watching your favorite models.

Decent Interactivity

Common Interactive Features

Despite being around almost as long as cam sites have, doesn’t boast any special type of interaction you can have with the models. That said, offers plenty of interaction types that are fairly common amongst cam sites, so you won’t have to shout into the void.

The most obvious type of interaction is in the chat room where models tend to favor chatting or not without much in between. Some models don’t want to chat or interact with viewers, but they’re pretty clear about that in their bio. Other models might chat with everyone at the expense of the show.

Outside of chatting, any further form of interaction is going to cost you– though not in the way most cam sites do. Whereas you generally need to pay the model to interact with them directly, allows you to sign up for their Premiere membership which then allows you to text or email them.


  • Find who you want with a good-sized model roster
  • Watch a variety of ways with many different types of show
  • Connect directly with your favorite models in different ways
  • Enjoy a fairly consistent stream with a good video player
  • Browse back catalogs of past vids and photo sets


  • User Interface: ***(*) 3(4)/5
  • Ease of Use: *** 3/5
  • Content: ***(*) 3(4)/5
  • Connectivity: ****(*) 4(5)/5
  • Interactivity: *** 3/5
  • Overall: ***⅕(⅘) 3.2(3.8)/5

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, hits close to the middle in terms of what it provides compared to what you can get elsewhere from other cam sites. While there aren’t any major flaws that should prevent you from having a good fap, there’s nothing that should drive you to choose over another cam site– well, not what you’d expect anyway.

While boasts a large catalog of models catering to a wide variety of tastes, it certainly doesn’t have the largest collection. On top of that, there is no “couples” category of a model which means you’re going to be fairly limited when it comes to genuinely “hardcore” content (unless you count sex machines).

That said, displays a pleasant aesthetic that is both private and sensual with a web page design that’s easy to navigate. It also doesn’t hurt that you won’t have to worry about your viewing experience being interrupted with buffering (assuming the model has a good setup on their end).


  • Lots of Models
  • Numerous Show Types
  • Comfortable User Interface


  • Below-Average Indexing System
  • Only Okay Interaction
  • Fewer Live Shows