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Last Updated on Jul. 13, 2024




  • Solid User Interface
  • Good Video Player
  • Unusual Porn Tags


  • Not Much Content
  • Poor Indexing System
  • Varying Content Quality


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FYPTT is a fairly new porn site focused exclusively on content centered on influencers but still recognizes that many of the legacy porn sites learned what works through years of trial and error. Unfortunately, FYPTT doesn’t seem to have taken all lessons to heart and insists on repeating some of the errors legacy sites learned not to do.
That said, when comparing FYPTT to many of its new competitors, the effective industry trends that this site does adhere to work well in its favor and give it a leg up in some regards. It’s also worth noting that even amongst newer porn sites FYPTT is extremely new with only a couple of months of operation.

And while this leaves FYPTT in a great position to quickly make any changes for improvement, it also carries with it some additional caveats. Still, if you’re a fan of influencer porn, FYPTT might be a site that you want to keep your sights on because a year from now it could have taken over the influencer porn niche.

First Impressions

Good User Interface

At least FYPTT gets things started right with a user interface that’s not only easy to understand but comfortable to use. Unlike a lot of newer porn sites (including those centered on influencer porn), FYPTT uses a dark background instead of a blinding bright white one, so you don’t have to squint while fapping.

On top of that, FYPTT also uses a numbered page system as opposed to the infinite scroll page which seems to be becoming more and more popular. Beyond the numbered page system, FYPTT provides large thumbnail previews (though they lack the hover feature for a true preview).

Disappointing Indexing System

It’s not terribly uncommon for new porn sites centered on influencer content to have a poor indexing system. Most of the time, you end up with a set of categories and tags focused on the sites the porn came from or the models. This can make finding porn for specific kinks and niches a bit difficult.

FYPTT doesn’t necessarily fall into that particular trap, but its indexing system still needs a lot of work before it’s convenient enough to be functional from the start. It should be noted ahead of time that, aside from being extremely new, FYPTT also might have an issue with filling out categories.

Because of the relative database size, FYPTT often groups numerous videos that might not have that much in common with one another under common tags. On top of that, most of the videos could include tags that aren’t present. That said, there are some uncommon tags out there (like filters) that you don’t find too many other places.

There’s Technically Content

Growing Catalog

One of the biggest hurdles any porn site just starting out has to clear is the growth and accruing of a large database of content. Since most people have their preferences regarding porn, any porn site that wants to be successful needs to make sure it has a lot of porn on hand.

However, it’s not just a matter of quantity that determines whether or not a new site becomes successful– though, it’s not a simple matter of ensuring good quality either. Sure, a new porn site needs to have high-quality porn, but it’s arguably more important that the amount of porn reaches a broad audience by appealing to different kinks and niches.

To this end, FYPTT is… still working on it. The catalog currently sits at a few hundred vids over one thousand which is a fairly small database of vids compared to legacy sites with millions of videos. Given that there are no user uploads, the fact that the site updates around two or three times a week is decent.

Uncommon Leanings

One thing most people expect to find when they surf the internet for porn is porn– crazy, but true… However, FYPTT might need to look a little harder for the porn its posts or accept being a somewhat niche site. This is because the overwhelming majority of videos on FYPTT are best described as softcore.

However, that might be overstating FYPTT’s content still as the majority of videos don’t even feature penetration of any kind, regardless of the source. All of FYPTT’s content that is more than just nudes can be found under the extremely broad “XXX” category tag which includes everything that simply goes beyond nude.

Basic Quality Caveats

While FYPTT deserves a bit of a pass given that it’s less than a year old, there’s still no getting around the fact that a preponderance of the videos is fairly short. Sometimes FYPTT accounts for this by finding videos that are themselves somewhat of a compilation in their open right, but this depends on the model making a video like that in the first place.

When you consider that many of these compilation videos come from OnlyFans and other similar sites, it seems odd that’s the majority of vids longer than a couple of minutes. That said, without TikTok’s scrolling feature, waiting for an entire page to load just to watch a ten-second clip doesn’t feel justified.

Another issue that FYPTT suffers from is non-HD resolution. For some of the videos like this, there’s not much that FYPTT can do about it given that the model shot the video in SD (often from a smart device). Still, when you combine a short vid with a standard definition, it leaves many of the videos not worth watching.

Good Connectivity

Classic Video Player

The adage “if it isn’t broken, then don’t try to fix it” applies in full force to FYPTT’s video player which is one likely everyone familiar with watching online videos has encountered. Granted, the target demographic may or may not actually remember when this video player sat at its height of use.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the video player in question was so popular for so long for a good reason: it’s fairly reliable. Sure, if you stretch out the length of the videos, you’re likely to encounter more potential problems, but as a site generally focused on short-form influencer porn, that’s usually not an issue.

Regardless, you shouldn’t have to worry about FYPTT’s video player in terms of skipping around– though, with most of the videos as short as they are, you likely have no reason to skip in the first place. Still, extensive stress testing resulted in no endless loading loops let alone even a whiff of crashing.


  • Browse in comfort with an aesthetic black background
  • Perfect for those who prefer softcore and nude content
  • Watch without worry thanks to a decent video player
  • Find uncommon categories in the developing influencer niche


  • User Interface: **** 4/5
  • Ease of Use: ** 2/5
  • Content: ** 2/5
  • Connectivity: **** 4/5
  • Overall: *** 3/5

Final Thoughts

For as new as it is, FYPTT still manages to get a lot of things right. Unfortunately, it seems like there are plenty of established industry trends that FYPTT thinks it can “improve on.” Maybe, in time, it will be able to accomplish that goal, but right now, most of the “improvements” are little more than novelties.

The indexing system might include some interesting tags you don’t often find elsewhere, but it lacks a lot of common tags you find pretty much everywhere. Of course, part of that might have to do with the fact that FYPTT doesn’t have that large of a content catalog, though it updates often enough that it will before too long.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about comfort as FYPTT provides a nice, dark background and all-around good user interface that’s easy to navigate. On top of that, the old-school MP4 video player works as well as it always has with minimal loading times and no crashes or endless loading loops.


  • Solid User Interface
  • Good Video Player
  • Unusual Porn Tags


  • Not Much Content
  • Poor Indexing System
  • Varying Content Quality