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Last Updated on Jul. 20, 2024

VISIT ThotsBay

VISIT ThotsBay


  • Plenty of Content
  • Good User Interactivity
  • Solid User Interface


  • Content Requires Registration
  • Mostly Offsite Content
  • Not the Easiest


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ThotsBay Leaked Nudes Forum

ThotsBay is probably best understood as a forum, rather than a porn site– though the forum itself focuses almost exclusively on adult content. Still, ThotsBay is not a porn site in the traditional sense. There’s no master database hosting the content, thumbnails for easy navigation, or anything that you would normally find on a porn site.
Instead, ThotsBay is a site for people interested in porn– generally influencer porn– to digitally congregate, to find and share whatever influencer content they have or seek. In this regard, ThotsBay is more akin to an aggregator than a porn site. Keep in mind that there are other forums dedicated to porn too.

However, many of those forums allow content to be hosted directly onsite through threads and posts. While ThotsBay provides some modest tools for this purpose, the overwhelming majority of the content sits offsite in various file sharing services which adds even more protection from DMCA copyright strikes.

First Impressions

Decent User Interface

There’s no getting around the fact that a forum site– regardless of whether or not it hosts anything– doesn’t necessarily start with the “best” user interface. However, forum sites at least have the advantage of being fairly straightforward, using a nested folder-like system that makes navigation reasonably easy.

The first girl I clicked looked hot but only few images…

It certainly doesn’t hurt that ThotsBay goes the extra mile by providing various color-coding systems as well as avatars to help you navigate. That last bit might seem like a throwaway feature, but for a site that’s heavily focused on text, it’s always nice to see images to help direct traffic.

Unfortunately, no amount of avatar images or color-coding systems is going to obscure the fact that the forum layout is inherently a bit messy– and ThotsBay adds to this with multiple sidebars. Thankfully, the sidebars are collapsible, but there’s no alternative to those specific navigation tools either.

On an unambiguously positive note, ThotsBay uses a dark grayscale background which is not only comfortable on the eyes but allows the color coding to stand out.

Iffy Indexing System

Based on the ratings, “iffy” might be too kind of a word to apply here, but ThotsBay sits at a somewhat awkward crossroads. Keep in mind that navigating ThotsBay is not terribly difficult– though finding something specific can be. From a traditional perspective, ThotsBay technically has an indexing system, but it’s not the most accessible.

Rather than relying on traditional categories, the clearest breakdown of the site comes from the content’s source which includes premium porn sites, free porn sites, and direct adult sites (among others). Outside of that, your best bet is to either use the “tag cloud” or the search bar– neither of which is ideal.

Beyond that, however, is a potentially bigger issue: offsite hosting. Most porn-centric forums use offsite hosting to keep overhead costs low, but they generally integrate fairly well, allowing the content to post and play directly from the forum thread. Unfortunately, ThotsBay doesn’t follow this model.

Instead, ThotsBay allows users to post outbound links that take users to offsite file hosting and file sharing services (presumably paid for by the members). While this adds another layer of protection from DMCA copyright strikes, it also introduces another level of complexity and even risk.

Up-and-Down Content

Decent Content Haul

Given that it’s not a “traditional” porn site, you can forgive ThotsBay for not having the same kind of massive catalog that you might expect from legacy porn sites. However, when you consider that all of the content is not only user submitted but also user-hosted (in a sense), it’s still a decent collection.

The second onlyfans model had a little more content…

And while the indexing system might not be up to snuff when it comes to navigating the site in general, it’s more than suitable for giving you an idea of the breadth of content that ThotsBay offers. Though, it can be a bit confusing given that a single “thread” can hold links to offsite collections with numerous options.

Multiple Formats

Speaking of options, one thing that ThotsBay gets right is offering multiple types of content, spanning different mediums. The most obvious porn medium these days is video, but still images are making a comeback. With many influencers less adventurous than their professional counterparts, videos are not always the most common form of content for a given model.

In this instance, ThotsBay allows for some modest image hosting– which is a big step up when compared to the video content. That said, even with still images, you shouldn’t expect to find more than a handful onsite. Of course, like with the video content, most of ThotsBay’s porn sits off-site in file storage and sharing services.

Questionable Hosting

With so much of ThotsBay’s content only accessible offsite, it’s worth noting that ThotsBay doesn’t manage much of the content. This means that you’re essentially relying on the good nature of the site’s users. Granted, any member that wishes to remain a member would do well to post in good faith.

That said, whenever the opportunity to sneak malware onto unsuspecting devices arises, there will be people who pop up to take advantage of it. And make no mistake: some of the outbound links on ThotsBay’s forum will trigger anti-malware software– whether via the browser or the device’s anti-malware.

As such, the site’s content takes a huge hit because of the unnecessary risk it places your device in. Sure, the site might disavow all responsibility, but that doesn’t mean you should just ignore the fact that some of its users are using the site as a way to install malware onto other people’s devices.

Unknown Connectivity

Whose Connectivity?

Because so much of ThotsBay sits off-site, it’s a bit difficult to judge the connectivity. For ThotsBay, in particular, you could argue that it has no connectivity since you’re not actually watching its videos onsite. That said, many of the links go to the same file hosting service and use the same video player.

Jack pot!

To that end, ThotsBay provides a decent video player that may take a couple of seconds to load after skipping but doesn’t present the same crashing problems you might encounter elsewhere. In fact, even when skipping to the edge of the preload or using the keyboard, the player doesn’t fall into an infinite loading loop.

That said, when using the keyboard to skip, the loading times are significantly longer– especially if you skip past the preload. In that instance, the loading time can be long enough that it might seem as though the player crashed. But, if you give it about twenty to thirty seconds, the player will eventually catch up.

Solid Interactivity

This is arguably the best part of ThotsBay which, for a porn site, doesn’t necessarily bode well. However, ThotsBay incentivizes interaction which makes this a better feature than you might expect. For starters, it makes it far more likely that any requests you make will be answered by one of the members.

However, since there is a fair bit of offsite action occurring, ThotsBay’s approach also incentivizes getting to know some of the users as well. For instance, some users will post their uploaded content on an encrypted file-sharing site and request users to message for the password.


  • Don’t worry about the content being permanently pulled
  • Watch without the worry of crashes
  • Connect with likeminded fappers
  • Find both video and photo sets
    • Ratings

      • User Interface: *** 3/5
      • Ease of Use: * 1/5
      • Content: *(**) 1(3)/5
      • Connectivity: ** 2/5
      • Interactivity: **** 4/5
      • Overall: **(⅕)⅗ 2.2(2.6)/5
        • Conclusion

          Because it’s not even a standard porn site with thumbnails or various category menus, ThotsBay can be a bit tricky to get a handle on, initially. However, the forum site design combined with outbound links ensures that you don’t have to worry about the content being taken down by DMCA copyright strikes too often.

          ThotsBay is far from the first or only example of its sort, but it might be one of the more secure– in theory. Unfortunately, the moderation of ThotsBay seems to center almost exclusively on ThotsBay itself without regard to the links posted, their health, and the potential risk that they can put your devices under.

          As such, even with a decent catalog and a robust community that remains active and attentive, it’s almost impossible to recommend the site to internet noobs. If you’re confident in your ability to avoid malware and other potential security risks, then it’s good enough– but safer alternatives already exist…


  • Plenty of Content
  • Good User Interactivity
  • Solid User Interface


  • Content Requires Registration
  • Mostly Offsite Content
  • Not the Easiest