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Last Updated on Jul. 20, 2024




  • Millions of Vids
  • Lots of Extras
  • Large, Engaged Community


  • Mixed Video Player
  • Best Content Paywalled
  • Nested User Interface


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Pornhub Free Porn Tube

Given that Pornhub sits in such rarified air, it might be a bit surprising to see that it doesn’t boast a perfect score, but it still earns one of the top scores given. Some of the potential issues that dinged Pornhub’s scores could be considered personal taste and may not impact your viewing experience.
That said, Pornhub’s taken a bit of a hit recently, and it didn’t occur because people decided to start watching less porn. However, there’s a good chance that Pornhub will rebound rather quickly when you consider that its interactive and communal elements not only set the bar but continue to raise it.

First Impressions

Pretty Good UI

Pornhub’s seen a few remodels of its user interface over the years, and the current one is pretty good. However, if you’re not an internet native, some of the drop-down features of Pornhub’s user interface can be a bit confusing. That said, a lot of what Pornhub does on the frontend works as well or better than any of its competitors’ displays.

For starters, Pornhub uses a dark background to help maintain privacy and ensure that your fapping comfort won’t be disturbed by a blinding, white light coming from your screen. On top of that, the thumbnails use easily readable text with high-quality images that play clips of the video when you hover over it.

Gold-Standard Indexing System

Despite the subtitle, it should be understood that Pornhub’s indexing system isn’t perfect– either in theory or practice. However, it does a much better job, on average, than most of the other competing site’s indexing systems (even if they’re largely pretty similar). But the accuracy at least has recourse for correction.

Specifically, Pornhub is one of the few porn sites out there that allow users to suggest categories. When enough users suggest the same category, that category gets added to the video. However, it’s worth noting that Pornhub’s list of categories and tags is not nearly as robust as some of the sites that allow users to add their own categories altogether.

Good-to-Great Content

So Many Vids

You can definitively remove Pornhub from contention for the biggest porn collection on the internet. Granted, that’s because the site removed all potentially illegal or unverified content from its servers (while those sites with currently larger back catalogs have not…). But with more than three million vids, Pornhub isn’t exactly hurting for videos either.

For virtually any mainstream niche (explicitly excluding some of the more taboo kinks), you can find thousands of videos. Even better, Pornhub hosts hundreds of thousands of videos in HD resolutions. The pluralization of that last word is important because Pornhub even hosts videos in 4k.

Amateur or Pro?

This isn’t a serious question, because Pornhub provides access to high-quality content from both types of sources. Instead, it might be better to pose this question in terms of preference since you don’t need to just choose one. Though in terms of distinction, Pornhub gets more points for its amateur content.

That’s not to suggest that Pornhub drops the ball when it comes to professional content. On the contrary, thanks to Pornhub’s Content Partner Program, you can watch tens of thousands of full-length videos made by the biggest porn studios. However, most of that content sits behind a paywall.

But there’s just no getting around the fact that Pornhub spearheaded the current explosion in amateur porn. Though, as times continue to progress, a lot of those amateurs end up using Pornhub to advertise their OnlyFans or ManyVids sites. Even professional pornstars are getting in on the action, setting up verified Pornhub pages to post exclusive content.

More Than Vids

As impressive as Pornhub’s collection of videos might be, it’s nice that the site offers other types of adult media for you to enjoy as well. As is fairly standard for any serious online porn site, Pornhub hosts a wide range of different photo sets. But, Pornhub has the advantage of a large roster of amateurs contributing to the stills as well.

Beyond photos, Pornhub also boasts a large collection of adult gifs with the option of making a gif yourself. As if that were not enough, Pornhub also works hand in glove MindGeek’s live streaming cam site LiveHDCams. That said, LiveHDCams is a third-party site and not technically part of Pornhub.

Premium or Free?

For those still waiting on all of the full-length, HD content from the biggest porn studios today, the adage “nothing in life comes free” applies. Despite all of the free porn videos available, if you’re looking for the whole kit and kaboodle, you’re going to have to sign up for a Pornhub premium subscription.

You can get a Pornhub premium subscription for $14.99/mo every month or $11.99/mo on a yearly subscription. One thing that’s worth noting is that a premium subscription doesn’t also include access to amateur’s premium content. You have to purchase amateur vids and fan club subscriptions separately.

Decent Connectivity

Finicky Video Player

It’s not accurate to say that Pornhub’s video player is downright “bad,” but it wouldn’t be true to say that it’s unequivocally “good” either. Instead, your personal usage will have a big impact on how Pornhub’s video player performs in real life. Sadly, gone are the days when Pornhub’s video player performed close to as well as YouTube’s.

To be clear, Pornhub’s video player is still pretty good in most instances and allows you to watch videos in real-time without the need to buffer– mostly. This issue comes when you want to skip around. In this instance, skipping to the video’s pre-load limit will regularly send the video player into an endless loading loop.

While that’s fairly common, one thing that’s a real kick in the pants is that skipping well past the pre-load can regularly create this kind of feedback loop as well. On the positive side, Pornhub’s video player is fairly advanced with the ability to track a playlist, include indexed scene jumps, and numerous image adjustments.


Robust Community

This is a sneaky-good aspect of Pornhub’s experience and shouldn’t be overlooked. Anyone familiar with Pornhub memes will likely chuckle when they remember that people have gotten the solutions to advanced math questions answered in Pornhub’s comments section.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg with Pornhub’s interactive offerings that sees regular people able to connect with their favorite stars through the platform. On top of that, many people can develop a sense of camaraderie by finding a safe space to share their enthusiasm for adult entertainment with other like-minded individuals.


  • Find whatever you’re looking for with a good indexing system
  • Never run dry with a massive back catalog of videos
  • Enjoy many full-length vids in up to 4k resolution
  • Find porn from both the biggest amateurs and studios
  • Stick around for lots of extras and a large, thriving community


  • User Interface: ****(*) 4(5)/5
  • Ease of Use: ****(*) 4(5)/5
  • Content: ****(*) 4(5)/5
  • Connectivity: ***(*) 3(4)/5
  • Interactivity: ***** 5/5
  • Overall: ****(⅖) 4(4.8)/5

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, whatever minor slips or stumbles that Pornhub experienced due to its “pornpocalypse” is likely a temporary trend. It’s still hard to deny the power that Pornhub holds in the online porn market or the value that it provides its viewers. That said, Pornhub is far from a perfect site.

Given everything that Pornhub has done to improve itself and stave off stiff competition, it’s surprising that the aspect that slips the most is connectivity. Considering there was a time when it was virtually impossible to crash Pornhub’s video player, having to be a bit more conscious when watching is a bit of a disappointment.

Still, when you factor in Pornhub’s community which includes both verified amateurs as well as members interacting with each other, there’s more than porn to keep on-site. Of course, it certainly doesn’t hurt that even after losing 80% of its content, Pornhub still boasts a massive catalog of over three million videos.


  • Millions of Vids
  • Lots of Extras
  • Large, Engaged Community


  • Mixed Video Player
  • Best Content Paywalled
  • Nested User Interface