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Last Updated on Jul. 13, 2024




  • 0-Day and Pre-releases
  • Mostly HD Content
  • Decent Video Player


  • Lots of Dead Links
  • Poor Indexing System
  • Extremely Barebones Features


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Siska Watch 0-Day Porn

For all of the reasons there may be not to put Siska on your “go-to” list of porn sites to visit, it still ultimately makes the cut. Granted, there are likely other sites you’ll want to keep in rotation as well, but when you get 0-day drops like this, you almost have to come back for more. But, that’s not all.
Siska doesn’t just have 0-day drops, it has pre-release drops too. That’s not something you find everywhere. Heck, 0-day release porn sites may not be uncommon, but they’re not the norm either. However, pre-release drops? Now those are rare, and that alone makes Siska worth the occasional visit– regardless of what other issues it might have.

Unfortunately, those issues aren’t minor nor are they limited in number. From the poor indexing to the lack of maintenance to the almost deceptive advertising, Siska is a porn site that comes with some warts. However, just like a frog prince, there’s more than meets the eye to this site, and your eyes should probably take a look…or two.

First Impressions

Adequate User Interface

For all of the different things that Siska gets wrong, you at least don’t have to worry about an ugly, confusing, or just plain uncomfortable user interface. While not the black background or dark mode that’s becoming more popular, Siska at least doesn’t blind you with a white webpage.

Instead, this page uses various shades of gray to provide enough light and contrast to see clearly without scorching your retinas in the process. Even better, Siska also has a fairly clutter-free design, making it easy to navigate with a page that shows large, high-quality thumbnails.

That said, the Siska layout may be a bit too stark. Granted, that comes down to an absence of links, but that brings you to the next element of user experience: navigation. For whatever benefit Siska’s design might provide, it’s almost certainly undercut by a poor skeleton helping you to find it.

Poor Indexing System

This is easily one of the worst aspects of Siska and can make the site virtually worthless for anyone without a little patience. That’s because Siska has one of the worst indexing systems you’re liable to come across. Granted, at least Siska technically has one, but it’s nowhere near as robust or comprehensive as most other sites out there.

A prime example of this is the categories which number a total of 34. That means that if the porn you’re looking for doesn’t fit into one of those 34 categories, you’re going to have a lot of difficulties finding it. While that’s bad enough, it doesn’t help that each video can only belong to a single category.

This leads to situations where a video qualifies for multiple categories but can only be found in one. And since the videos aren’t user uploads, there’s no option for crowdsourcing to solve that problem. Oddly enough, there are dozens and dozens of different “channel” groups based on the studio that shot the vid.


Amazing New Content

If you’re looking for the newest content out there, Siska is a great place to check. For starters, the 0-day releases are impressive– though it can be a bit tough to tell for older vids given that the poor indexing also neglects an upload date. Still, you will find 0-day releases from a multitude of different studios.

Of course, and as alluded to earlier, you can also find pre-release videos– things that people paying for subscriptions don’t have access to yet. It’s this feature alone that truly saves Siska from the trash heap– though, depending on your patience, it still might be too close to call either way

Lots of HD

Having the newest vids available as they drop or even before is great, but it doesn’t do any good if you have to squint and smear to make out what’s going on. Now, it’s worth noting that Siska doesn’t provide multiple formats for you to choose from– though it does offer the database link for you to download it yourself if you’d like.

However, most of the videos are in HD resolution and have a player made for HD content to boot. This means you shouldn’t have difficulty finding a video with a good enough resolution to get the juices flowing– assuming you can find it in the first place. If nothing else, the search bar and specific keywords still work well enough.

Deceptively Small Catalog

If you just took a quick glance, you’d be forgiven for assuming that Siska hosts a lot of different videos. By the page count, Siska boasts over 470k videos. Unfortunately, this is part of the maintenance that Siska doesn’t do, and instead, you can at least half that number to get a more accurate estimate.

That’s because once you get about halfway through the page count, the links all die. Sometimes the video has been removed from the hosting site and sometimes the entire player is gone. This also shows up with the thumbnails which likewise vacate the premises. Either way, this means while Siska is amazing for new content, don’t bother looking for anything too old.

Wishy-Washy Connectivity

Multiple Players and Mirrors

Now, this can be a good thing, but it all comes down to whether or not the different embedded videos all work. Aside from the fact that most of Siska’s links are dead, half of the embedded players are dead too. Thankfully, that’s apparently what the redundancy is for.

Though, in fairness, that makes sense when you’re talking about new releases. Studios tend to hit those with DMCA strikes the hardest leading up to release and for the first few days after release. As such, even though one mirror might be down, check the player for mirrors if one of them isn’t working.

Decent Video Player

By and large, the video player used is solid but nothing special. The main benefit of the player is its fidelity which allows for HD content without the kind of upscaling or artifacts you might get with some of the other video players out there. If you watch a lot of 0-day and pre-release videos, chances are you’ll be familiar with it.

That said, sometimes Siska has two players in a video– though those tend to be older. On top of that, the third player isn’t the best with slower loading times and serious issues when it comes to skipping around. The player that runs NetuTV-hosted vids is the better of the two options (and usually has two embedded players too).


  • 0-Day and Pre-Releases
  • Lots of HD Content
  • Lots of Full-Length Videos
  • Solid Video Player
  • High-Quality Download Database

Final Thoughts

In the end, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to outright recommend Siska– at least, not if you want to keep your reputation intact. However, you’d be doing yourself a major disservice by simply casting it aside because of that. Quite frankly, the 0-day drops almost make up for all of the flaws.

Take pre-release drops on top of that and you have a bonafide reason to keep Siska as part of your rotation. Of course, unless you’re there for the 0-day and pre-release drops, there’s not much reason to visit. Shoot, Siska doesn’t even have the beginnings of interactivity– there’s not even the option to register.

Compound that with extremely shoddy indexing that makes it difficult to find what you’re looking for, and Siska might seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Still, the layout is at least easy to look at and none of the features are buried in random links. So, check in every so often when something new drops or is about to drop.


  • 0-Day and Pre-releases
  • Mostly HD Content
  • Decent Video Player


  • Lots of Dead Links
  • Poor Indexing System
  • Extremely Barebones Features